January 2014 Update

 Happy New Year!

Paul Mular reported a new box set of 10 Hardy Boys books is available from Costco.
Paul also discovered a printing error on the cover of “The Shattered Helmet”.

15: Ship of Secrets – 08/14 For Sale
Frank and Joe solve a mystery on the high seas in this Hardy Brothers Secret Files adventure.
It’s finally summer vacation, and the Hardy family is headed on a cruise to the Caribbean. As they board the ship with their parents, Frank and Joe can’t believe all the fun that’s in store for them. There are three-story slides, playgrounds, ball pits, four pools, and an arcade. There are concerts and magic shows at night, while jugglers and clowns wander the deck during the day.
In addition to all of the fun, the Hardys discover that former pop idol and lead singer of the Lightening Bolts, Izzy, is now performing on the ship. That night, as the family eats dinner, they hear a commotion at the other end of the massive dining room. Someone has stolen a very valuable and sentimental pocket watch from Izzy. Can Joe and Frank solve the case before the ship docks in the first harbor? Or will time run out on this case?

6: The Battle of Bayport – 06/14
For Sale:
PaperbackHardcoverKindleA reenactment battle marches into Bayport in this Hardy Boys adventure—a fresh approach to a classic series.
Bayport goes back in time when a Revolutionary War-era battleship is discovered, along with a treasure trove of historic artifacts. To celebrate, the town stages a reenactment of the historic Battle of Bayport, complete with antique artillery, canons, and tricorn hats. Even Frank and Joe Hardy are decked out in full Colonial costume, fighting over freedom and taxes on opposite sides of the battle line.
But things get a little too real when a stray shot leaves Bayport’s biggest benefactor, Don Sterling, without a pulse. Wait a minute—weren’t those muskets supposed to be unloaded? And even though the Hardy Boys have technically retired from solving mysteries, they can’t help but get involved, especially when a favorite teacher turns out to be a prime suspect. Is someone trying to frame Mr. Lazin? And who would want Don Sterling dead? Murder by reenactment is one the Hardys haven’t seen before, but don’t think they’re not up for the challenge! 

☼ Spotlite Book ☼

“The Shore Road Mystery”
Original Text Edition For SaleRevised Text Edition For Sale


The Hardy Boys – Lucky Fellows by Phillip M. Pollock

The following is my review on Amazon.com in which I gave it 3 Stars of a possible 5:
The Hardy Boys – Lucky Fellows is a short, illustrated reminiscence of the Hardy Boys mystery series books.
There are pictures of 40 dust-jacket covers in full color, 2 to a page, accompanied by the aforementioned reminiscence.
The author got some of his facts wrong and some of the dust-jackets have seen better days.
If you are a die-hard fan of the Hardy Boys, you will probably enjoy this book.