October 2014 Update

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“The Sinister Sign Post”
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Original: 1936 Leslie McFarlane (215 pages) – For Sale
Revised: 1968 Tom Mulvey (175 pages) – For Sale>
Revised Outline: Tom Mulvey
Revision: Completely Different
Art: 1936 J. Clemens Gretter (Gretta)
Art: 1950 Bill Gillies (frontispiece: Gretta)
Art: 1968 Rudy Nappi
Notes: McFarlane was originally going to pass on writing this novel but changed his mind when he realized that no other author had as yet written a Hardy Boys book.
In 1940 the text on page 213 was altered to include the title of the next book.
Revised text title changed to The Sinister Signpost.
The Hardy Boys locate a missing race horse and thwart the destructive plans of the insane Vilnoff.
Revision: The Boys investigate mysterious auto racing accidents and the kidnapping of a race horse.

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