Running On Fumes (U.B. #2)

Running On Fumes finds Frank and Joe investigating possible eco-terrorists living in a hippie-like commune in the California desert.
They infiltrate the group to investigate the charismatic group leader Arthur Stench (take off a half a star if you find that name ridiculous too!).
There’s plenty of action taking place in this story, right up to the surprising conclusion!
I enjoyed this story and like the new Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series so far. I just hope the stories will remain as good.

Boardwalk Bust (U.B. #3)

Boardwalk Bust finds Frank and Joe down at the New Jersey shore investigating a rash of jewelry store robberies.
Along the way they are almost buried alive and drowned!
Nevertheless, the Boys overcome all obstacles in tracking down the culprit amid a slew of likely suspects.
Plenty of action and some decent detecting make this story another winner in the new “Undercover Brothers” series.

Thrill Ride (U.B. #4)

Thrill Ride finds Frank and Joe in Massachusetts investigating the mysterious death of a woman at Uncle Bernie’s Fun Park.
During the course of their investigation it seems like every ride in the park is a death trap waiting to kill them.
Is it sabotage or just bad luck?
Finally the Boys are trapped in the dungeon of the haunted house by their mysterious enemy and…
This is another good story in this new series with plenty of action, mystery and good detective work.

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