The Hardy Boys Be A Detective Series

Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Be-A-Detective Cover Art Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys appeared together in this series of mysteries in which the reader controls the outcome of the story by choosing different options of advancing the plot.
Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon are listed as co-authors and each book contains a forward by them.
Published by Simon & Schuster under their Wanderer Books imprint.
Volumes 5 & 6 were printed on cheap paper which tended to brown rapidly.
Cover Art: Hector Garrido (1-6)
Internal Illustrations: Paul Frame (1-6)
Cover Design: William Naegels (1-4); Michaelis/Carpelis Design (5-6)
Design: Stanley S. Drate (1-6)

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1: The Secret Of The Knight's Sword - 1984 For Sale
In England to discover the secret of the Silver Knight in Bromley Hall, Carson Drew and his daughter Nancy encounter Frank and Joe Hardy in their hotel and the four of them proceed to unravel the mystery.

2: Danger On Ice - 1984 For Sale
In Austria to watch a mutual friend participate in an ice skating competition, the Hardy brothers and Nancy Drew find themselves involved in a dangerous international adventure when their friend is kidnapped after winning a gold medal.

3: The Feathered Serpent - 1984 For Sale
Nancy Drew and Joe and Frank Hardy unravel a mystery involving stolen artifacts from Mexico.

4: Secret Cargo - 1984 For Sale
Nancy Drew and the Hardy brothers run into danger when they try to prevent the sabotage of an anti-pollution campaign.

5: The Alaskan Mystery - 1985 For Sale
Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys fly to Alaska to search for a missing newspaper reporter.

6: The Missing Money Mystery - 1985 For Sale
Nancy Drew and the Hardy brothers investigate the disappearance of a suitcase full of money.

Two additional titles were
planned but never released:
7: Jungle Of Evil
8: Ticket To Intrigue

Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Be-A-Detective Cover Art Revision
Initially priced at $2.95, the covers underwent a minor revision by the addition of
publisher info and price on the front upper left side when the priced was raised to $3.50.