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Jenn Fisher's Nancy Drew page.

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Lets put this thing into the proper perspective.
Maybe we should start with the fact that a charged body traversing a magnetic field experiences a force consisting of its charge times the cross product vector of its velocity and the magnetic field acting on it.
At the same time, since the charged body, by virtue of the Lorentz force, is drawn into a curved trajectory, it also experiences a secondary force that is its mass multiplied by the square of its velocity and divided by the radius of path curvature.
Sure, mv**2/r = q(vXB) you say, but, you may well ask, what does that mean to me?
Well, obviously nothing to a neanderthal, athlete, Republican, or Judy Bolton fan, but to the rest of us it tells a lot.
However, I'm more concerned with the threat of global warming and the effects thereof.
Most of us realize that global warming is a fact (except for a few obstinate scientists who have problems going along with the crowd).
Given this, we must prepare.
Be sure to store lots of Tang and Perrier Water... five hundred gallons would not be too much... plus a bit of Gin and Vodka to give it a bit of flavor.
Two or three hundred cases of Bud long necks wouldn't hurt a bit either. It may be long dry spell...
Don't forget extra batteries for the flashlight.