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Disney Series

Hardy Boys Mickey Mouse Club Record

1956 - 78 RPM record: Gold Doubloons / Pieces of Eight
Disney label - In a picture sleeve.
Sung by: Sandpipers, Mike Stewart, Mitch Miller & His Orchestra

1956 - 45 RPM record: Gold Doubloons And Pieces of Eight
Disney label - Flip side:That Crazy Place In Outer Space.
Sung by Annette & the Jet's Quartet

Hardy Boys Mickey Mouse Club Record AlbumHardy Boys Mickey Mouse Club Record1957 - 45 RPM ep record: Songs From Walt Disney's TV Serials
Disney label

1957 - 33 RPM album: Songs From Annette And Other Walt Disney Serials
Disney label

1961 - 33 RPM album: Songs From The Mickey Mouse Club Serials
Disney label

Walt Disney Hardy Boys Comic #1Walt Disney Hardy Boys Comic #2Walt Disney Hardy Boys Comic #3Walt Disney Hardy Boys Comic #4
Dell - Four Color Comics
The Hardy Boys - 4 issues - December 1956 - January 1959

#760 - December 1956 - The Mystery Of The Applegate Treasure
#830 - August 1957 - The Secret Of The Old Mill
#887 - January 1958 - The Mystery Of Ghost Farm
#964 - January 1959 - The Mystery Of The Caves

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Magazine Volume 2 #2Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Magazine Volume 2 #5

February 1957 Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Magazine
Volume 2 #2
Contains a condensed & revised version of The Shore Road Mystery

August 1957 Walt Disney's Magazine
Volume 2 #5
Contains a condensed & revised version of The House On The Cliff

Hardy Boys Coloring Book

1957 - The Hardy Boys Coloring Book - Whitman Publishing

Hardy Boys Treasure game
1957 - The Hardy Boys Treasure Game
Manufactured by Parker Brothers.
Canadian version of 1960 game (pictured) exists.
This game was re-issued in 1960 with new cover art that no longer featured the stars of the Disney series.

Hardy Boys Promotional Book Wrapper
1957 - Grosset & Dunlap placed a removable wrapper around the dust jackets of some books promoting the Hardy Boys serial on the Mickey Mouse Club. VERY RARE

Hardy Boys Promotional Poster
1957 - Grosset & Dunlap Promotional material for in-store use. EXTREMELY RARE

Hardy Boys Ring
Hardy Boys RingHardy Boys RingHardy Boys RingHardy Boys Ring

1956 - Plastic Ring - Promotional item for Weather Bird Shoes. RARE
"Gold" plated center section has Hardy Boys on one side, 1808 Spanish dollar on the other and removes to reveal "secret" compartment containg a "treasure" map.

1959 - Flicker Ring - Manufacturer unknown. VERY RARE

Animated Series

Hardy Boys Game From Animated Series

1969 - The Hardy Boys Game
Manufactured by Milton Bradley

Hardy Boys Corgi Rolls Royce
1969 - Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
Manufactured by Corgi Toys
Includes small figures of the band.
Models in complete original packaging command a stiff premium.

Hardy Boys Fan Club Card1970 - The Hardy Boys Fan Club Kit
Consists of the following:
1: Plastic membership card.
2: Set of small black & white photos of each band member & the Hardy Boys band logo.
3: Set of stamps (pictured below). Five of each band member. The pictures are the same as the small photos.
4: 4 page newsletter that has a lot of photos of the band & some bio info about each band member. It also contains a page of shameless huckstering for the show & records.
5: 45rpm record in which the band members talk about themselves and encourage the listener to promote the band.
Special thanks to Rick Kelsey for the information, scans & copies he provided.
Hardy Boys Collector Stamps

Here Come The Hardy Boys albumHere Come The Hardy Boys tape1969 - Stereo LP: Here Come The Hardy Boys
Manufactured by RCA. LSP-4217
This was also released on cassette, 4-track reel-to-reel tape and 8-Track tape and is very scarce in those formats.
Producers: Bill Traut & Jim Golden for Dunwich Productions Ltd.
Songs: Here Come The Hardys; Those Country Girls; One Time In A Million; That's That; (I Want You To) Be My Baby; Sink Or Swim; Namby-Pamby; My Little Sweetpea; Sha-La-La; Feels So Good; Love And Let Love
Note: Be My Baby should not be confused with the Ronettes' hit of the same name nor should Sha-La-La be confused with the Mannfred Mann ditty!

Hardy Boys Wheels album1970 - Stereo LP: Wheels/The Hardy Boys
Manufactured by RCA. LSP-4315
Produced by: Bill Traut & Jim Golden for Dunwich Productions Ltd. Associate Producer: Bob Schiff
Songs: Wheels; Old Man Moses' Front Porch Rhythm Band; Carnival Time; Good, Good Lovin'; Let The Sun Shine Down; Long, Long Way To Nashville; Love Train; Archie Brown; Where Would I Be; I Hear The Grass Singin'; Baby, This Is The Last Time

Hardy Boys Sheet MusicHardy Boys Sheet Music
1970 - Sheet Music
Love And Let Love

Published by Fox Fanfare Music - RARE
Words & Music by Ricky Sheldon & Ed Fournier
Cover price was $.90

Hardy Boys 45 RecordHardy Boys 45 Record1970 - 45 RPM records
The Hardy Boys

Manufactured by RCA - RARE

RCA 47-9795
Wheels / Sha-La-La

RCA 47-9831
Love Train / Good, Good Lovin

RCA 74-0228
Love And Let Love / Sink or Swim

Note: Sha-La-La is slightly different & shorter than the album version.
Promotional 45 RPM records were also issued.
The promo records are slightly easier to locate than the actual production copies but all are tough to find.

Hardy Boys ViewMasterHardy Boys ViewMaster
1969/1970 - GAF View-Master Set #B547 - The Mystery Of The Caves
Contains: Envelope, 3 reels, 16 page story booklet & View-Master catalog.
2 Envelope Styles: 1969 (left), 1970 (center)
A special 1 reel "Preview" reel also exists.

Hardy Boys Wanda CostumeHardy Boys Costume
1969 - Halloween Costume
Manufactured by Collegeville Flag & Mfg. Co.
Various sizes available.
Known costumes: Frank, Joe, Wanda Kay.

Gold Key Hardy Boys Comic #1Gold Key Hardy Boys Comic #2Gold Key Hardy Boys Comic #3Gold Key Hardy Boys Comic #4
Gold Key Comics
The Hardy Boys - 4 issues - April 1970 - January 1971

April 1970 - Secret Of The Orinda Star; The Dart-Riddle Rumble
July 1970 - Mystery Of The Catacombs; Secret Mission
October 1970 - Mystery Of Wildcat Swamp; The Headless Horseman
January 1971 - Paddle Wheel Peril; The Guise Of Medusa

The Hardy Boys band
Animation cels from this series have been seen on the market.
16MM films of several episodes are known to exist.
ABC also licensed Topps Gum to produce "trading stamps".
I've never seen any examples of these and don't know if they were ever produced.

70's Series

Hardy Boys lunch box & thermos1977 - Lunch Box & Thermos
Metal box with plastic thermos.
Manufactured by King Seely Thermos Co.
Next to the "Thunder Mountain Game", probably the most common collectible from the show and, along with the Frank & Joe dolls, the most popular with collectors.

Hardy Boys Disco Amp

1977 - Disco Amplifier
Manufactured by Vanity Fair - RARE
Battery operated.
Very difficult to locate with original packaging.
There are 2 styles of boxes: plain and one with "VF" printed all over it.

Hardy Boys RadioHardy Boys Radio
1977 - AM Radio
Manufactured by Vanity Fair
At least 2 different photos used on front.
Various colors seen (red, green, black, blue)
Extremely difficult to locate in the original box.

TV Guide Hardy Boys issue1977 - TV Guide November 5
There were also large matted proof photos of the cover distributed to the regional offices of TV Guide and a few have made it into the hands of collectors. These photos are extremely rare as there were probably only a dozen or so to begin with.
There is also a Canadian TV Guide with a different cover photo.
Additionally, many locally produced TV directories of the period featured articles and/or covers on the Boys.

Hardy Boys pin1977/78 - Pin Back Button
Manufactured by Sun Unlimited Inc.
In addition, I've seen many home-made buttons.

Hardy Boys Fan Club Kit
1978 - Fan Club Kit
RARE - For $5.00 you got the following:
Color photos: 2 8x12 "autographed"; 1 5x7; 1 4x5; 6 wallet size, Biography, Full color folder, Quarterly Fan Club Newsletter, Fan Club Membership Scroll, 16x20 full color poster, Personalized Fan Club Membership Card In Holder (2 types of cards have been seen: the earlier one with embossed member name & number, the later one with name & number typed in.)Hardy Boys UkeleleHardy Boys Guitar
Kits also came with several advertising flyers for Hardy Boys shirts & posters and other non-Hardy related items.
If you joined the Nancy Drew Fan Club at the same time, you received a Door Banner!

1978 - Guitar / Ukelele
Manufactured by Carnival Toys - SCARCE
Finding copies in their original packaging is extremely difficult.
The ukelele is much rarer than the guitar.

Hardy Boys DollHardy Boys Doll1978 - Dolls
Manufactured by Kenner
1 each of Frank & Joe.
Not that hard to find but extreme popularity with collectors keeps the price up.
Dolls without box are worth far less.

Hardy Boys Greeting Card Kit
1978 - Greeting Cards Kit
Manufactured by Cartoonarama

Hardy Boys JewelryHardy Boys Charm Bracelet
Hardy Boys Jewelry Stand1978 - Jewelry
By Media Classics Corp./Weingeroff Enterprises, Providence RI
Gold-tone charm bracelet, necklace, ring & stickpin.
Items were sold separately or in sets.
Some items have also been seen with heart-shaped rather than oval-shaped charms.
The stick pin is the hardest to locate, the ring the easiest.
There is also a display stand made for in-store use.

Hardy Boys CostumeHardy Boys Costume
1978 - Halloween Costume
Manufactured by Collegeville Flag & Mfg. Co.
Various sizes available.
Both Frank and Joe versions were made.
Comes in a box or on a cardboard hanger.
SCARCEHardy Boys jeans

1978 - Hardy Boys Clothing
Distributed by Sears - RARE
Jeans, Pullover Shirts (long & short sleeve), Satin Jacket.
Available only in children's sizes.
Jeans seen in blue and tan. Jacket is light blue. Shirts seen in peach, blue, white.
Most have Shaun's picture with illustration of either surfer or guitar player although a shirt with both Shaun & Parker has been seen.

Hardy Boys Pocket FlixHardy Boys Van Kit
1978 - Hardy Boys Van Model Kit
Manufactured by Revell - SCARCE

1978 - Pocket Flix Cassette
Manufactured by Ideal - SCARCE
Finding a viewer is difficult.

Hardy Boys Thunder Mountain Game1978 - The Secret Of Thunder Mountain Game
Manufactured by Parker Brothers
American & Canadian versions exist.
The American version is by far the most common collectible from the show, it's EVERYWHERE!
The Canadian version is much harder to locate.
Hardy Boys Poster
1978 - Posters
Manufactured by Bi-Rite Enterprises, Pro Arts Inc. & Fan Club Corporation of America among others
Many different seen, usually of Cassidy.
Many of the photographs used in these posters were shot by Tony Costa.

1978 - Poster Coloring Kit
Manufactured by Craft House Inc. - RARE
Comes with magic markers, coloring poster and full color poster of Shaun & Parker.

1978 - The Hardy Boys And Nancy Drew Meet Dracula
Published by Grosset & Dunlap - SCARCEHardy Boys-Nancy Drew: The Haunted House / Flight To Nowhere

1978 - Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew:
The Haunted House / Flight To Nowhere

Published by Grosset & Dunlap - SCARCE
Armada (UK) issued a 3 in 1 volume containing these two and the Dracula story.

Hardy Boys Promotional Coloring BookHardy Boys Cereal Box
1978 - Promotional Coloring Books
Small fold-out coloring books distributed in specially marked boxes of Cookie Crisp (and possibly other) Cereal made by Ralston-Purina. - EXTREMELY RARE
Copyright 1978 by The Stratemeyer Syndicate.
Illustrations copyright 1978 by Grosset and Dunlap.
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Meet The Mad Scientist
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Secret Cave
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Sea Monsters
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Eerie Castle
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Cursed Jewels
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Visitors From Tomorrow

The specially marked box is nearly impossible to find and may be the rarest of all Hardy collectibles.
Highly sought after due to the Nancy Drew cross-over.

1978 - US Magazine - April 18
Parker Stevenson - The Other Hardy Boy article.
Parker must have had his press agent working overtime to combat the flood of Cassidy promotions.
That's OK though, he wound up getting married to Kirstie Alley but, sadly, they divorced in 1997.

Hardy Boys Record Album1978 - Stereo LP: The Hardy Boys
Manufactured by Wonderland Records (#WLP-320) - RARE
Contains 2 stories: The Disco Conspiracy & The Mystery Of The Missing Iceman.
Cast: Stephen Alfieri, Richard Goemann, Dyan Forest, Tom Cipolla, Herb Duncan, Jan Leighton
Produced by Ralph Stein; Script by David Dann; Conception: Bob Goemann
This album is so incredibly, laughably bad and amateurish that it has to be heard to be believed!
Was there a script? Did the actors ever see it? Is this a rehearsal? Are they sober?
Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine!
Mercifully, none of these people have been heard of again.
Although the cover has picture of Cassidy & Stevenson, they wisely chose to forego performing here.

Hardy Boys Puzzle Hardy Boys Puzzle Hardy Boys Puzzle 1978 - Jigsaw Puzzles
Manufactured by American Publishing Company.
A couple of others feature Shaun only.

Hardy Boys Phonograph1978 - Sing-A-Long Record Player
Manufactured by Vanity Fair - SCARCE
Comes with a microphone.
Normally these players have seen rough use and pristine condition players are quite rare.
Finding these with the original boxes is extremely difficult.

Hardy Boys Record Case1978 - Record Cases
Manufactured by Vanity Fair - SCARCE
1 each for LP's & 45's

Hardy Boys Watch1978 - Wristwatch
Manufactured by M.Z. Berger - VERY RARE

1978 - Stationery Set
Manufacturer unknown.
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew - Paper & Envelopes - RARE

British Hardy Boys AnnualBritish Hardy Boys Annual
Various Dates - Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Annuals
Published in Great Britain in the late 70's and early 80's.

Hardy Boys Stickers

Date Unknown - Photo Stickers
Manufacturer unknown.
Several different styles seen, all the same size (approx. 8"x10")
Appears to be a modern repackaging of old stickers.

Hardy Boys Iron On Transfer
Date Unknown - Iron On Transfer
Manufacturer unknown.
May be modern reproductions.

T-Shirt Advertisement from TV Guide of October 1, 1977

Teen magazines (Dynamite, Tiger Beat etc.), kid's magazines (Jack & Jill), local newspaper Sunday supplements and TV directories of the era have countless articles, usually about teen heart-throb Cassidy.
Known examples are: Tiger Beat 8/78, 5/79, 8/79; Tiger Beat Star 10/78, 7/79; Teen Favorites 6/77; Young Miss 4/78
Shaun also recorded a couple of record albums (also released on 8-Track).
Some collectibles listed focus on Mr. Cassidy and mention the Hardy Boys in passing, if at all.

The Hardy Boys in the Mystery of the Haunted House1993 - The Hardy Boys in the Mystery of the Haunted House
Adapted by Jon Klein from The House on the Cliff

Presented by Seattle Childrens Theatre
Ace amateur detectives Frank and Joe Hardy find themselves embroiled in a dangerous and perplexing caper that turns the tranquil town of Bayport upside down! This time, suspicious circumstances surround an eerie mansion on the edge of Barmet Bay, the setting for an international smuggling operation. Frank and Joe's father is placed in jeopardy as the smugglers execute their devious schemes. Will the Hardy Boys reach their dad in time?! This first-ever stage adaptation of the classic detective series was a box-office blockbuster during SCT's 1993-94 season.
The Hardy Boys in the Secret of Skullbone Island1997 - The Hardy Boys in the Secret of Skullbone Island
Adapted by Jon Klein from The Secret Warning

Presented by Seattle Childrens Theatre
The boys are back! Following the huge success of The Mystery of the Haunted House, SCT commissioned a new Frank and Joe mystery. Eerie Skullbone Island is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Redbeard, a notorious pirate whose ship was sunk in a fierce battle. Frank and Joe hardly believe in ghosts, but when a ship sinks in Barmet Bay with a solid gold Pharaoh's head in its cargo, Redbeard suddenly reappears, wreaking havoc on the sleepy town of Bayport. The plot thickens when a mysterious art dealer enters the picture, and Frank and Joe, with their crime-solving friend Callie Shaw, are hot on the trail of another whodunit!
Hardy Boys - The Secret Of The Old Queen1999 - The Secret Of The Old Queen
A musical parody of the Hardy Boys mystery stories.
Book by Timothy Cope, Music & Lyrics by Paul Boesing
Set Design: Robert G. Smith   Costume Design: Randall Leurquin
Lighting Design: Kevin Geiger   Properties Design: Kathryn T. McNeil
Presented by Stage Left Theatre Projects.
Musical Numbers: The Skies Are Always Blue In Bayport; Boys Are Made For Danger; I Haven't Got A Clue; You Need To Tell A Woman From A Man; The Usual Suspects; My Old Queen; Chums; Accessories; The Drag; The Plot Thickens; Uniform; Dance With Me; Patriarchal View; The Brownie Song; Just The Way You Are

The Stratemeyer Syndicate apparently wanted to produce a Hardy Boys play in the late 1930's. A letter to the Syndicate from Fanchon & Marco Stage Shows dated 11/24/39 accompanying some returned scripts states: "We have never been able to dent the market on this because of the similarity to the current Judge Hardy series of pictures." (Note: Presumably refers to the Andy Hardy series with Mickey Rooney)

National Lampoon Hardy Boys EditionGhost Of The Hardy Boys

1971 - National Lampoon - September - Chums In The Dark
X-Rated parody, not for the kiddies.

1976 - The Ghost Of The Hardy Boys - The autobiography of Leslie McFarlane, ghostwriter of the first 20 or so Hardy Boys stories. Published by Methuen/Two Continents.

1976 - Rolling Stone - Sept. 9 - The Great Hardy Boys Whodunit
Nice article about the Boys.
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys

1977 - Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys by Peggy Herz - Scholastic
Reissued with slight modifications in 1978 as The Hardy Boys And Nancy Drew.

1978 - Jack and Jill Magazine - February - Article about the Hardy Boys TV show

1980 - Family Circle - Dec. 16 - Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys Solve A Christmas Mystery
This story was reprinted (without the color illustrations) in the first volume of the Super Sleuths series.Hardy Boys Digest Cassette

1985 - Cassette Book Co. - The Hardy Boys: The Mystery Of Smugglers Cove
A 2 cassette set narrated by Cam Clarke of the King Family.
Produced by Peter Kline.
Not a bad version but some of Mr. Clarke's voice characterizations (particulary Biff's, which sounds like a cross between Leo Gorcey & Jerry Lewis) are hysterically bad. The cover has a copyright of 1985 but Mr. Clarke announces a 1983 copyright on the first tape and the tapes carry a 1983 copyright. This is still available from

1985 - National Lampoon - July - The Undiscovered Notebooks Of Franklin W. Dixon parody.

1987 - Simon & Schuster gave away a 64 page sampler of chapters from the first four Casefiles.

Scarlet Street Magazine Hardy Boys Issue1993 - Scarlet Street - #10 - Spring - Mystery In Mouseland: Disney's The Hardy Boys
Some in-depth interviews with the show's stars and an article.
Back Issues AvailableBooks about hardy Boys author Leslie McFarlane

1997 - Hardy Boys T-Shirt available from (blush) ME! (SOLD OUT!)

1997 - A couple of paperback books about Hardy Boys ghostwriter, Leslie McFarlane.

2002 - Hardy Boys Guide To Life, a mini-book of aphorisms collected from various Hardy Boys stories.
The House On The Point: A Tribute To Franklin W Dixon And The Hardy Boys by Benjamin Hoff.
2007 - Mini-edition of The Hardy Boys Guide To Life published by Running Press Books.

Current: Hobby Builders Supplies produces a miniature copy of the Applewood reprint of The Secret Of The Old Mill. This one inch high wonder has a complete DJ with flaps and the 1927 text. Very well done.

Current: Jacqueline's Miniature Dollhouse Books. PC cover art only of Tower Treasure, Missing Chums, Cabin Island, Figure In Hiding

Current: Well-heeled collectors can purchase original cover art from the newer Hardy books from various dealers. While very attractive, these items tend to be extremely pricey.

CD-ROM Games

Buy A Nancy Drew CD-ROM Game Today Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon
You, as Nancy Drew, tag along with detective pals, Frank and Joe Hardy, on a mysterious train adventure that starts in Chicago and heads west. The train ride is hosted by Lori Girard, a prominent and beautiful socialite, who has gathered a group of top detectives to help her unravel a century-old secret.

The Creature Of Kapu Cave
You, as Nancy Drew, go to Hawaii to serve as a research assistant to Dr. Quigley Kim. A devastating scourge is destroying the pineapple crop causing residents to whisper that a local research compound has awoken the legendary Kone 'Okala. Upon arriving, she discovers the camp ravaged with Dr. Kim missing. Coincidentally, the Hardy Boys are also on the Island to complete top secret mission, but it's up to Nancy to uncover this intricate web of mysteries.

The Hidden Theft PC Game

NHardy Boys PC Game

The Hidden Theft
by Dreamcatcher

The vault of the Spencer Mansion is robbed, and the Bayport Police call on the Hardy Boys to help tie up some loose ends, but they soon find themselves in the middle of a major criminal investigation that takes them on an adventure all over Bayport, and even into New York City. But the pieces don't add up, and Frank and Joe find themselves embroiled in a drama of sinister proportions. Is the recent theft linked to something from the past? Can Frank and Joe find and decipher the clues in time to prevent another crime from happening?

Features the voice and likeness of Hollywood teen stars Jesse McCartney and Cody Linley as Frank and Joe Hardy.
Play as Two of History's Most Famous Literary Detectives and interact with Fenton and Laura Hardy, the Hardy Boys' friend Chet Morton and others.
Experience the Hardy World on your PC - the literary world of the Hardy's is brought to life! Check out the Hardy Home, Bayport Police Station and the various places most have only experienced through the pages of a book.
Cell Phone Feature - use your cell phone to give pal Nancy Drew and other characters a call and get insight on the case. Search For Clues - super-sleuth your way to solving the small mysteries along the way as you help Bayport Police catch the culprit.
Mystery Solving Mini-Games - each mini-game solved throughout the investigation gives players valuable pieces of evidence to help solve the case. Choose Your Dialogue - choose from a variety of responses to make your Hardy Boy's experience your own!

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