Volume 1 - The Tower Treasure - Major Format Types
Hardy Boys Cover Art Hardy Boys Cover Art Hardy Boys Cover Art Hardy Boys Cover Art Hardy Boys Cover Art
B1932 Brown Brown Gretta
C1932   Orange Gretta
D1932   rev. Rogers 
F1941-43  Yellow  
G1944-50   Scott 
H1951-59 Tan   
I1959    Brown multi scene
J1959-61Revised WrapNappi 
K1962-71 PCBlue  
L1971-79    White multi scene
M1979-87    Cameo
N1987-Date Flashlight PC  Blank
O2016 New ArtBlackBrian Edward Miller 
Major Variants
1959 - off-center cut, dark brown multi scene ep's
1962 - "$1 Box" on cover
1973 - red page tops
1992 - Scholastic Books edition

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Revised Edition People & Places
    Regular Characters
  • Phil Cohen
  • Chief Collig
  • Jerry Gilroy
  • Fenton Hardy
  • Frank Hardy
  • Joe Hardy
  • Laura Hardy
  • Biff Hooper
  • Chet Morton
  • Iola Morton
  • Mr. Morton
  • Mrs. Morton
  • Tony Prito
  • Con Riley
  • Callie Shaw
  • Oscar Smuff
    Other Characters
  • Adelia Applegate, sister of Hurd and fellow occupant of Applegate Mansion
  • Hurd Applegate, occupant of Applegate Mansion
  • Major Applegate, builder of Applegate Mansion (mentioned only)
  • Henry J. Brown, a tourist from New York
  • Launcelot Gobbo (mentioned only)
  • Mike Halley, railroad flagman
  • Ike Harrity, Bayport ferryboat's ticket seller
  • John "Red" Jackley, an ex-con from New York
  • Hobo Johnny, a homeless man from Cherryville
  • Jake, the station agent
  • Kauffman, an expert wigmaker
  • Harold Morley, a Skakespearean actor
  • Henry Robinson, caretaker of Applegate Mansion
  • Mrs. Robinson, Henry's wife
  • Paula Robinson, Henry's daughter and Tessie's twin
  • Perry "Slim" Robinson, Henry's son and friend of the Hardys
  • Tessie Robinson, Henry's daughter and Paula's twin
  • Mr. Rocco, fruit store owner
  • Rosa Rocco (mentioned only)
  • Melvin Schuster, a former Bayport High student (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Schwartz, costume shop owner
  • Albany
  • Bayport
    • Bayport High
    • Bayport Police Station
    • Bayport railroad station
    • Elm Street
    • The Hardy home
    • Main Street
    • Market Street
    • The Morton farm
    • Pine Street
    • Renshaw Avenue
  • The Shaw home
  • Tower Mansion
  • Cherryville
  • Ducksworth
  • New York City
    • Crescent Theater
  • Thornton (mentioned only)
  • Willow Grove
  • Willowville (mentioned only)

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