December 2019 Update

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Season’s Greetings & welcome to the December edition of The Hardy Boys News with a look at upcoming releases and the book of the month, “The Secret of the Lost Tunnel”

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Hardy Boys Adventures #2020: Return to Black Bear Mountain – 02/20
For Sale: PaperbackHardcoverKindleAudio CD
Brother detectives Frank and Joe face the dangers of Black Bear Mountain once again in the twentieth book in the thrilling Hardy Boys Adventures series.

Frank and Joe are back on Black Bear Mountain, the scene of a previous wilderness adventure and mind-bending mystery. This time, the brothers are checking in on Dr. K, a friend they made during their first trip. Dr. K is a fan of living off the grid, but he’s been MIA long enough to cause worry in the small mountain town. And so the teenage detectives Black Bear Mountain relied on before have been called in to help once again.

It’s not a good start to the investigation when Frank and Joe’s ATV is put out of commission by a falling tree. Then their camp, including their radio – their only way to contact the outside world – is destroyed by wildlife searching for food. And when they finally reach Dr. K’s research station, they find his cabin has been cleaned out and abandoned – the only current resident is an angry skunk.

Frank and Joe may have been better prepared for their second Black Bear Mountain adventure, but they’re not having any more luck this time around. In fact, they’ve been downright unlucky. Is someone trying to sabotage their mission? And if they are, how can the brothers stop this invisible foe?

Clue Book #11 11: Bug-Napped – 04/20
For Sale: PaperbackHardcover

Illustrated by Santy Gutierrez

Detective brothers Frank and Joe search for a very special beetle in the eleventh book in the interactive Hardy Boys Clue Book series.

Frank and Joe are taking care of their friend’s super cool pet stag beetle named Izumi for the weekend. Not only is this bug fun to watch, but he is also supposed to bring you luck!

The first night with Izumi, Joe learns that stag beetles like to hiss and chirp.a lot. So, Joe decides to leave Izumi on the front stoop so he can get some sleep. But when Joe goes to get Izumi the next morning, he discovers that his lucky friend isn’t so lucky after all. Because Izumi has gone missing! Izumi’s cage is gone so the boys know he didn’t escape on his own. Did Aki’s pet get bug-napped?

Can the brothers find this special bug before the weekend is over? It’s up to Frank and Joe-and you-to solve the mystery of the missing beetle!

Hardy Boys Adventures #21

21: A Treacherous Tide – 06/20

For Sale: PaperbackHardcover

Brother detectives Frank and Joe dive deep into the Florida Keys to find a missing person in the twenty-first book in the thrilling Hardy Boys Adventures series.

Frank and Joe Hardy have been invited to take part in a conservation mission by a marine biologist at the Bayport Aquarium. The boys get to go on an all-expenses paid trip to the lush and beautiful Florida Keys to help save sharks!

But the trip’s purpose is suddenly sidelined when a paddle boarder goes missing and rumors start that the disappearance is the result of a shark attack. After spending so much time learning about the local shark population, the Hardy Boys aren’t buying the story.

It will take all of Frank and Joe’s recently acquired knowledge about sharks and their habitat to solve this case. Will they be able to discover what’s really going on before it’s too late?

Clue Book #12

12: Sea Life Secrets – 08/20
For Sale: Paperback – Hardcover
Illustrated by Santy Gutierrez
Detective brothers Frank and Joe fish for clues at the Bayport Aquarium in the twelfth book in the interactive Hardy Boys Clue Book series.
Frank and Joe can’t wait for their trip to the Bayport Aquarium. A new tide pool exhibit has just opened where visitors can learn all about horseshoe crabs, rays, jellyfish, and other sea life as they touch and hold the flora and fauna that make up the aquatic ecosystem!
But in the middle of the presentation, an aquarium worker realizes that one of the creatures has gone missing from the tank. It can’t survive for long outside the water, and the clock is ticking.
Can the Hardy Boys follow the clues and find the culprit before the new exhibit sinks?

New Hardy Boys TV Program

Dartmouth’s James Tupper stars in reboot of kids’ mystery classic The Hardy Boys
The Sackville Tribune Post
Published: Nov 06 at 3:47 p.m.
Updated: Nov 07 at 6:49 a.m.

A classic series for young readers gets a Canadian update, with a Dartmouth-raised actor as one of the leads, as a new live-action version of The Hardy Boys goes into production in Ontario.

James Tupper, seen most recently with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman in HBO’s Big Little Lies, will play detective Fenton Hardy to his sleuthing sons Frank (Mech-X4’s Rohan Campbell) and Joe (Alexander Elliot from Detention Adventure). The series of 13 episodes based on the bestselling children’s mystery books will shoot in Toronto and Hamilton until January, and premieres later in 2020 on YTV in Canada and streaming platform Hulu in the U.S.

In this new version, Fenton Hardy investigates the mysterious death of his wife Laura, and their songs Frank and Joe follow leads of their own while staying with their aunt in their mother’s hometown of Bridgeport for the summer.

“While we’re excited to bring a fresh new take on The Hardy Boys, we also wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The series remains true to the quintessential Hardy Boys themes of brotherly love, friendship, and of course, mystery solving,” said Joan Lambur, executive producer and president of Lambur Productions, which is partnering with seasoned Canadian company Nelvana to create this series.

The Hardy Boys books debuted in 1927, created by publisher Edward Stratemeyer and credited to the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon but written by several different authors, including Canadian Leslie McFarlane. Over the years it’s been adapted into a Disney TV series in the 1950s, an animated cartoon series in the late ’60s and the combined Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries series in the 1970s.


November 6, 2019
The Mystery-Drama Series Will Debut on YTV in Canada and Hulu in the U.S. in 2020
For Immediate Release

TORONTO, November 6, 2019 – Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana, along with Lambur Productions, announced today that production is underway on a new live-action Canadian original series, The Hardy Boys (13x60min). Based on Edward Stratemeyer’s bestselling classic children’s books, the mystery-drama features the principal characters in their teen years. Production for the teen series continues to shoot in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area until January 2020.

Slated to premiere on YTV in Canada and premium streaming platform Hulu in the U.S. next year, the hour-long serialized action-packed series stars an all-Canadian main cast including James Tupper (Big Little Lies) as Hardy boys’ father ‘Fenton Hardy,’ Rohan Campbell (Mech-X4) as ‘Frank Hardy,’ and Alexander Elliot (Detention Adventure) as ‘Joe Hardy.’ The Hardy Boys joins Hulu’s established library of licensed and original book-to-television adaptations including The Handmaids Tale, Looking For Alaska, Killing Eve and Friday Night Lights.

“Given today’s trend of reimagining classic series, we realized what a hidden gem The Hardy Boys was within Nelvana’s vast catalogue.” said Pam Westman, President, Nelvana. “YTV and Hulu are the perfect partners to help bring the series back to North American viewers, and we’re excited to be working with them as well as the talented team at Lambur Productions to bring a new take on this beloved coming-of-age story.”

“While we’re excited to bring a fresh new take on The Hardy Boys, we also wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The series remains true to the quintessential Hardy Boys themes of brotherly love, friendship, and of course, mystery solving,” said Joan Lambur, Executive Producer and President, Lambur Productions. “We’re happy to partner with Nelvana and are thrilled with the brilliant performances from our talented cast and incredible creative team.”

After the tragic death of their mother, Frank Hardy, 16, and his brother Joe, 12, are moved from the big city to their mother’s hometown of Bridgeport for the summer. Their father, Fenton, is convinced his wife Laura’s death was no accident and leaves the boys with their aunt as he chases down a lead. Frank and Joe set out to solve the mystery themselves only to find the secret runs deeper than they could have ever imagined. The task of fitting into their new environment is made even harder when the boys begin to believe their mother’s killer is in Bridgeport and suddenly everyone in town is a suspect!

The Hardy Boys is executive produced by Joan Lambur; Peter Mohan, who also serves as head writer; and Jason Stone, who also serves as lead director. Madeleine Lambur serves as creative producer and Paula Smith is Supervising Producer. For Corus and Nelvana, Kathleen Meek is production executive and Doug Murphy, Pam Westman, and Athena Georgaklis are executive producers.

About Nelvana
Nelvana is a world-leading international producer and distributor of children’s animated and live-action content. Nelvana produces a stable of award-winning and globally renowned brands that focus on comedies, preschool

and boys action series and ancillary consumer products programs. Nelvana’s content airs on Corus Entertainment’s kids channels in Canada and in over 160 countries around the world. The Nelvana library has well over 4,000 episodes of programming and has received over 70 major international program awards including Emmys® and Canadian Screen Awards. Visit the Nelvana website at

Follow Nelvana Enterprises on Twitter @NelvanaEnt

About Lambur Productions
Launched in October 2017 by industry leader Joan Lambur, Lambur Productions was established to produce the highest quality children’s and family programming. Building on the strength and experience of its team, Lambur Productions works with broadcasters, creators, writers and other creative talent to develop and produce internationally successful product for partners around the globe. Visit the Lambur Productions website at

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April Lim
Associate Publicist, Corus Entertainment

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Sr. Publicity Manager, Corus Entertainment

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Unit Publicist, The Hardy Boys

Book of the Month: The Secret Of The Lost Tunnel

Hardy Boys Cover Art 

29: The Secret Of The Lost Tunnel – Collectible Editions For Sale
Original: 1950 Andrew Svenson (210 pages)
Outline: Harriet Adams
Revised: 1968 David Grambs, June Dunn & Priscilla Baker-Carr (174 pages) – For Sale
Outline: None – Grambs, Dunn & Baker-Carr edited the original manuscript.
Revision: Slightly Altered
Art: 1950 Bill Gillies
Art: 1968 Rudy Nappi
Notes: Pre-1987 PC editions with blank endpapers are scarce.
The Hardy Boys find a missing Civil War treasure and clear the family name of General Smith.
Description of current edition: Difficult assignments are nothing new to the Hardy boys and this one that takes them to the Deep South is particularly challenging. Their mission: to vindicate a long-dead Confederate general, disgraced during the Civil War because he was accused of stealing hidden gold belonging to a bank. Skillfully avoiding booby traps and flying bullets, the boys persevere in their perilous quest. The arduous search is full of surprises that will thrill all fans of the Hardy boys.

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