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Issue # 1     November 1997     Editor: Robert W. Finnan

The End Of The Hardy Boys?

Could the end be in sight for our heroes?
Can Simon & Schuster do what 70 years of thugs, thieves and crooks couldn't?
Recent reports indicate that Simon & Schuster is planning to drop both series of Hardy Boys books (Mysteries & Casefiles). Tony Carpentieri reports that no new artwork is being commissioned.
The fate of The Clues Brothers remains unknown but my own investigation at local book stores indicates that sales of this series is very slow.

Hardy Boys News

Just this month, I picked up 2 Hardy Boys collectibles previously unknown to me:
45 RPM records manufactured by RCA in 1970 as promotional (not for sale) records plugging the "Wheels" album from the animated series. These type of records were sent to radio stations gratis, to promote air play (which didn't seem to work in this case.)
Sha-La-La / Wheels (RCA 9795)
Love Train / Good, Good Lovin' (RCA 9831)

The December issues of the Hardy Boys Mysteries and the Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Super Mysteries have hit the book stores.

Hardys In Review

This Month: While The Clock Ticked

#11 in the series.
First published in 1932 and written by the great Leslie McFarlane.
Revised in 1962 by James Buechler.
The Plot: Raymond Dalrymple has been receiving death threats left in the secret locked room of the spooky old Purdy mansion on the Shore Road, which he recently purchased. He seeks Fenton Hardy's aid but Fenton's conveniently out of town, so Dalrymple reluctantly allows Frank & Joe to investigate the mystery. Their investigation turns up river thieves using the old Purdy place as a hideout. The mystery deepens as Hurd Applegate claims Dalrymple stole some of his valuable stamps. Finally, while at the Purdy place on a wild and stormy night, the Boys get captured by crazed inventor, Amos Wandy. To right a perceived wrong to him by Dalrymple years before, Wandy plans to blow both the Boys and Dalrymple to bits with a time bomb. Saved at the last minute by Hurd Applegate, the Boys pursue Wandy, who falls off the roof and dies the next day. His confederates, including Dalrymple's doppleganger, Jenson, are captured, the mystery of the locked room is solved and Applegate's stamps are restored to him.
Comments: This is one of the better Hardy Boys stories. The revision sticks pretty close to the original but Buechler's prose lacks the flair of McFarlane's original story. Aunt Gertrude's role as a psychotic nag is considerably toned down in the revision.
Rating: Original text: B+   Revised text: C+

The Great Hardy Boys Search!

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#19 - The Disappearing Floor - Original Text in Picture Cover Binding

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