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Answers to many Frequently Asked Questions about the Hardy Boys.
History, Authors, Who's Who, Checklist, Guides to Cover Art, Scarce Editions, First Editions, Revisions and Reference Books. Information about Edward Stratemeyer and Leslie McFarlane + More.
Original Series
A guide to each of the 58 original books and the 38 revisions.
The authors, artists, publication and revision dates, brief plot summaries & other information.
An illustrated guide to all the Hardy Boys books released in paperback.
Undercover Brothers, Casefiles, Digests, Clues Brothers, Supermysteries and other paperbacks.
Plot summaries, cover art, publishing information & more.
Hardy Boys News
All the latest Hardy Boys news, reviews and more!
Detailed illustrated information on the 1955-1958 Disney Mickey Mouse Club Serials, the failed live-action pilot show from 1967, the 1969-1971 Animated Series, the 1977-1979 Shaun Cassidy-Parker Stevenson series and the 1995 syndicated series.

Other Media
Detailed illustrated information on all the memorabilia and collectible items such as games, comic books, records, video tapes, toys, jewelry, action figures, activity books and much more.
Here you will also find books that aren't listed on the Original Series and Paperbacks pages.
Cover Art
Cover art for the Original Series, Digest, Case Files, Undercover Brothers, Super Mysteries & Clues Brothers
Links to other Hardy Boys sites.
British Editions
A detailed guide to the Hardy Boys books published in Great Britain.
Includes a British Cover Art Gallery.
Bayport Times
The Hardy Boys Webzine - Founded 1997.
Hardy Boys reviews, articles, humor and more!
The latest releases, collectible discoveries & other Hardy Boys news.
Social Media
Discuss The Hardy Boys with other fans from around the world.
Keep up-to-date on all the latest Hardy Boys news.
Groups on Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter!!!
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