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Issue # 6       April 1998       Editor: Robert W. Finnan
Bayport Beat
Welcome to the Bayport Times.
This month's issue features collectible discoveries, news, letters, a review of the latest Hardy Boys Digest as well as all the regular features.
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Hardy Boys News
image Those of you seeking Hardy collectibles would do well to check out eBay periodically. Many hard to find items are turning up there. I recently got a Hardy Boys stickpin (featuring Shawn Cassidy) that I didn't even know existed till I saw it there! A perfect companion piece for the equally scarce jewelry set of ring, necklace and bracelet.

Other items found on eBay since last month's issue include: image
A set of 13 publicity slides from the late 1970's show.
A set of proof publicity photos from the Disney production The Secret Of Ghost Farm.
A Canadian version of the Hardy Boys Treasure Game.
A LP album by Shawn Cassidy.
The Shawn Cassidy Scrapbook (mentioned here last month, pictured at left.)
Some hard to find items from the 70's show such as: Guitar, Record Case, Radio and Jigsaw Puzzles, have also turned up.

Early Hardy Boys books with dustjackets continue to command high prices on eBay but not at the previously seen absurd levels.

A good source for hardcover rebindings of some Casefiles & Digest Hardy Boys and Clues Bros. is I bought a Casefile and was very pleased with the high quality. They go for around 9 bucks each + postage. Amazon offers these too, along with some paperback Spanish editions of early digests.

Karen Plunkett-Powell reports:
Fall, 1998 Nostalgia Release Will Focus On Drew/Hardys
In a recent issue of The Bayport Times, it was reported there might be a non-fiction nostalgia title out soon from Simon & Schuster, focusing on Nancy, Joe and Frank. I can confirm this from first-hand experience. Here's a few more details.
The upcoming book is tentatively titled: "Growing Up With Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys". It will fall into the realm of popular culture, with a social commentary focus, and plenty of illustrations. The authors, Carole Kismaric and Marvin Heiferman are writing the book for Look Out, a top-notch New York book packager which published the very successful "Growing Up With Dick and Jane" (Harper Collins, 1996.) The authors are working hard to get the manuscript done by late April, as Simon & Schuster is shooting for a Fall, 1998 release date. I read Kismaric/Heiferman's "Dick and Jane" title, and it was so fabulously done I am really looking forward to the Drew/Hardy title! The Dick and Jane book even had a 24-page mini-sampler of original Dick and Jane stories and cut-out dolls! With Simon & Schuster's marketing staff fully behind this Drew/Hardy book, I am sure it will do well. If their schedule permits, the authors will be attending the South Jersey Series Book gathering on April 25, 1998, where they can provide more details. I will report back after the meeting!
Editor's Note: Karen is the author of the popular & highly informative Nancy Drew Scrapbook, published by St. Martin's Press & now in it's 3rd printing! Available on or at a bookstore near you! Bring your copy to the SJSC meeting & get it signed by Karen!

Scott McFarlane ( reports:
Hi All:
I am re-typing in this post a newspaper article that I recently received. It was a recent special article published in the Temiskaming Speaker (A publication of Temiskaming Printing, Ltd), a weekly newspaper, serving the Tri-Towns and area in Northern Ontario. I believe that I will be there for the event, and thought that perhaps there may be some interest from the folks in this newsgroup. Since I am typing it, I apologize to the original reporter for any typos.
HAILEYBURY (Special) - The date has been set for a special tribute to Leslie McFarlane, original author of the Hardy Boys mystery series.
The former Haileybury resident wrote several of the books in the 1920's under the pen name Franklin W. Dixon before going on to a distinguished career in the literary world.
The Haileybury Hardy Boys Committee, affiliated with the Timiskaming (sic)-Abitibi Heritage Association (TAHA), has been working on a suitable memorial to the noted author. The culmination of its work will result in a weekend celebration to honor the author and his work.
The event will take place the weekend of July 17 and 18, 1998 and organizers are hoping that Hardy Boys' buffs from far and wide will join area residents and those with an interest in local history in commemorating the work of the famous Canadian writer. Committee chair Peter Rivet said that a full lineup of activities will keep participants busy throughout the two days.
Registration will take place on Friday, July 17 at the Haileybury Heritage Museum, along with self-guided tours of the Leslie McFarlane homes and museums in the Tri-Town communities. A brochure will be available to all registrants. A waterfront barbeque at Harbour Place will highlight the first day.
On Saturday, members of the author's families will unveil a granite lectern in his honor Son, Brian McFarlane, a well known hockey broadcaster and writer from the Toronto area will be on hand, along with sister Nora Perez, an author who resides in Youngstown, New York. The McFarlane families will join other guests at a banquet to mark the occasion at the Haileybury Golf Club.
Mr. Rivet said that other activities may be added to the program over the coming months. In the spring, a large laser-etched wooden sign depicting the former homes of Leslie McFarlane, a map and Tri-Town area tourist attractions will be erected near the Haileybury Heritage Museum. Area residents will be invited to attend the unveiling of this very unique sign.
Further information about the event may be obtained from the Hardy Boys Committee, Box 911, Haileybury, ON (Canada) POJ 1KO, or by contacting Mr. Rivet at 705-672-5084 (telephone/fax) or Chris Oslund, Curator - Haileybury Heritage Museum, 705-672-1922.
Additional information is also available about the author on Haileybury's web site at: http//
Note from Scott: I believe that the URL listed is slightly incorrect, but wanted to post it as it was reported/written. Just trace the hierarchy back a little and you will get there.
If anyone plans to attend (it is very far up north - about 350 miles north of Toronto), you can e-mail me for directions and local advice.
Editor's Note: Scott is the nephew of the great Hardy Boys ghostwriter, Leslie McFarlane.

Ted Magilley reports:
Here's another Hardy Boys boxed set to add to the list:
Box set of Minstrel books using Shadow Killers art.
99 - 2nd printing lists to Tricks of the Trade in the back
100 - 3rd printing lists to Fear on Wheels
101 - 2nd printing lists to Fear on Wheels
102 - 2nd printing lists to Attack of the Video Villians

New Hardy Boys web site:

Stupid Hardy Joke Dep't:
Chet Morton goes to the doctor and the doctor tells him "You're too fat!"
Chet replies "I want a second opinion."
The doctor looks at him again and says "You're ugly too!"

Harry Tanwick is still missing! Last heard of during the case of The Disappearing Floor, Mr. Tanwick has yet to surface despite an intense 58 year manhunt conducted by Fenton Hardy and his sons, Frank & Joe. The mystery deepened when, questioned by reporters, Frank Hardy cryptically replied "Who is Harry Tanwick?" Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Mr. Tanwick is requested to contact Detective Oscar Smuff of the Bayport PD.

Hardy Boys Writer's Outline

image I've been in contact with the ghostwriter of several Casefiles. Due to contractual obligations, he wishes to remain anonymous but he forwarded this scan of the original outline for Casefile 33.
Look for an interview with him in a future issue of The Bayport Times.

Where is Bayport?

From: (Tyler Everitt)
I was reading #10, "What Happened at Midnight" (original text) and found the following:
When the boys were in New York, on P. 139, Frank says that it is "about 200 miles" to Bayport.
Then on P. 153 it is mentioned that the boys were "on the Highway that led down the coast." when they were going back to Bayport.
Finally, on P. 155, when asked where they were heading, Frank responds that they are going "down the coast" to "Bayport".
This indicates a location 200 miles south of New York.
This is undeniable proof of the exact location of Bayport, at least for this episode. It leaves me wondering (because it is a fictional town) if there are refrences to Bayport being in another location in another book. It would not be the first inconsistency of the series.

From: (BEAHAN,Helen)
I once spent a lot of time trying to work out where Bayport was. I always assumed north of New York City, but I seem to recall (I could be wrong) that when they were sailing the junk from New York to Bayport in "The Chinese Junk", they turned south when they reached the ocean. (Maybe they went the long way?) However, the biggest problem for me was that Barmet Bay froze over in "Cabin Island", which would seem to place them somewhere in Greenland. (What kind of an idiot builds a port in a place that freezes over in the winter, anyway?)
Apart from the above anomalies, I think New York State is a safe bet, some cozy little out-of-the way place that has a large seaport, an airport, a Coast Guard station, it's own TV and radio stations, occasionally get hit by a hurricane or tornado, and has the highest crime rate outside South-Central LA.

Hardys In Review

This Month: The Chase for the Mystery Twister

A Five Star Review by Ted Magilley

#149 in the Digest series.
Published April 1998 by Minstrel Books
The Plot: The chase is on as the Hardys fly to Twister Alley (aka Oklahoma) to visit Phil Cohen who has the lucky job of interning with a storm chaser. Phil's electronic expertise secured him the position with famous author Lemar Jensen and his team, who track and study tornadoes. If the path of a tornado is unpredictable at least it's debris pattern is (that's where it dumps all the stuck it sucks up!) But there is that case of the twister in New Mexico that dumped debris everywhere. Frank dubs it the "Mystery Twister" and the name sticks. Then the team, along with the Hardy Boys, follow the radar report of a twister in the vicinity, too bad by the time they arrive it has changed course and headed right for them! A quick trip to Snowdon Parlette's storm cellar saves the day, if not his barn, which is destroyed. Oh well, the insurance will cover it. But when the Hardy's take Snowdon into town they find his insurance man gone and his office ransacked. Has Toby Gill been kidnapped, hog tied, or plum just left town. Then the mystery twister strikes. It jams radar! It destroys precious works of art! And it leaves a suspicious debris trail! The Hardys have their doubts, can you say "insurance fraud".
Storm chasing soon gives way to chasing insurance men. Who is Toby Gill? Did Snowdon's grandpa have anything to do with it (because of that nasty old grudge?) And what about the mysterious man with the black mustache? In the end the Hardy boys piece together the clues and come up with a solution, too bad a F5 tornado is heading right for them!
Comments: I thought this book was going to be a cheap ploy at using the success of the movie "Twister" to sell a Hardy Boys book. I was dreading the thought of reading it. Glad I was wrong. The writing is very good and the dialog flawless, Joe is actually funny and everyone acts the way they should. The supporting cast are interesting and three dimensional, not just names on paper. The best part, though, is the plot. Though I guessed some of it, overall it was pretty ingenious and much better then the title (or lousy cover) would suggest. A better title would be In the Shadow of the Twister, which was the second chapter's name (kind of).
Grade: **** out of 5
Buy This Book From Amazon: The Chase for the Mystery Twister

A Possible Real-Life Idea For The Four-Headed Dragon

by Bob Nelson, Special Correspondent to The Bayport Times

I saw a show tonight on A&E about the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. I am sure that this true story must have been the inspiration for the Hardy Boys story, The Four-Headed Dragon. The mansion even looked almost exactly like the one depicted on the original Wanderer cover illustration. There were just too many similarities between the real life story, and the one in the book for it to be just a mere coincidence.
The show mentioned how Sarah would sleep in a different room every night to elude the spirits that were haunting her, and would ring a bell every night at midnight. She was also fascinated by the number 13. The architecture and mysterious layout of the house, which includes staircases that lead nowhere, secret passages, bizzare turrets, balconies, doors that open up to 15 foot drops to the pavement outside, etc. have a startling resemblance to the mysterious mansion described in the Hardy Boys story.
More info:
Bayport Mail Bag (Kyle Windsor) writes:
Thanks for this great web site. We are currently reading book #11... in your review you state:
The mystery deepens as Hurd Applegate claims Dalrymple stole some of his valuable stamps
Actually, Hurd Applegate stamps were stolen in book #1 (The Tower Treasure). In book #11, Hurd Applegate's JADE was stolen....
Editor's Note: Applegate's jade was stolen in the revised text but in the original it was his stamps. Contrary to popular belief, Applegate's stamps weren't stolen in either the original or the revised "The Tower Treasure". (It was securities and jewelry.) Stolen stamps, but not Applegate's, figure in "The Mystery Of Cabin Island" (Jim Pollard) writes:
I just visited your page after not having done so for a few months and was very impressed with Bayport Times. (Dan Brantley) writes:
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Congratulations on a great site!
Nothing like the Hardy's to bring back memories. I have always read them, although I always checked them out from the library. I was thrilled when the checkout limit was raised from 5 books at a time to 10! A big regret for me was losing track of a 1923? edition of Hunting For Hidden Gold, once owned by my father. It was that book, since I had read the 1950's version earlier, that clued me in to the revisions over the years. First the boys walk, then bikes, then motorcycles, then sportscars, etc. A sociologist could do a paper on what the Hardy's revealed about culture over the years. (Mike Davidson) writes:
I am 38 years old and have been a fan of The Hardy Boys books since I was in the 6th grade. I do not like the t.v. shows, nor do I like the books which have been published since the last original hardcover book, The Sting Of The Scorpion. I have managed to acquire all of the original first edition hardcover reprints which have been published by Applewood Books, so far. I never realized until several years ago that there were earlier and entirely different editions published than the ones I grew up with. I certainly was surprised to learn that they were first published in 1927! My favorite book is: The House On The Cliff. I feel that most of the earlier books are superior to the later ones. My favorite of the later books is: The Arctic Patrol Mystery. I personally believe that Bayport would have to be in New York state since Fenton Hardy was once a New York City police detective. Also, since the boys and their father made frequent trips there. I look forward to your updates and keep up the good work! Thank you! (Adam Chamberlin) writes:
Greetings from Down Under!
Stumbled across your site in a nostalgic hunt for my mis-spent youth! Frank and Joe were my heroes when I was growing up(1970's)...I still have about 50 or so stuffed in a box with moth balls somewhere...and I'm going to drag them out tonight! Have come across a couple of really old issues in op-shops (2nd hand stores) every now and then and will start keeping an eye out for more from now on!
Faves include "The Mark on the Door" and "Hunting for Hidden Gold" (Of which I have two different versions, From memory they travel on a train in the old version and a chopper in the new...)
Drinking game tip...Drink every time Chet Morton has a new "hobby"!
Keep up the good work and congrats on a grouse site! (Paul Tyrrell) writes:
Hi. Just wanted to write again and compliment you on a great newsletter. I certainly agree with your review of House on the Cliff. It was a great book. I also loved Cabin Island and Missing Chums. I have always thought that Bayport was either on Long Island or somewhere in Northern New Jersey. Your review on A Figure in Hiding reminded me of my thoughts when I first read it when I was 11 years old. I thought I was too stupid to follow the plot. Now at 38, I realize, with you, that there was no plot. Please keep me updated on all Hardy activities. I have owned the entire collection of both originals and reprints since 1978. Unlike that poor soul in this issue, I will NOT sell them for $5.00. Best wishes and thanks for your efforts.

The Great Hardy Boys Search
Is there a Hardy Boys item you simply must have for your collection?
Let me know and I'll publish it right here in the very next issue!
One line per reader please!
2in1 PC's: Sinister Signpost/Figure In Hiding & Secret Warning/Twisted Claw
#11 - While The Clock Ticked - White Spine DJ in Red Binding
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Meet The Mad Scientist
British Collins picture cover Hardy Boys titles #48-56
Several titles for his Hardy Boys research. Contact him for info.
Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Be A Detective Mysteries Vols. 2-5
GAF View-Master - The Hardy Boys
Hardys For Sale
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