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Issue # 8       June 1998       Editor: Robert W. Finnan
Bayport Beat
Welcome to the Bayport Times.

This month's issue features collectible discoveries, news, letters, a review of Slam Dunk Sabotage & more!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Wayne Sheldrick for the cover scans he provided for the latest addition to my Hardy Boys Home Page: The Hardy Boys Cover Art Gallery. The Gallery is now complete and open to the public!

Hardy Boys News
  • New collectible discoveries:
    image 2 8-TRACKS (!) of Shawn Cassidy albums.
    Several teen magazines from the 70's featuring the Boys.
    One mag in particular caught my eye (and my winning bid!):
    Teen Beat's Super Special Shaun & Parker - November 1977
    A whole mag full of photos & sappy articles on the Boys such as:
    • Shaun Cassidy's Life Story
    • Parker Stevenson's Life Story
    • What Shaun & Parker Say About Each Other In Private
    • Things That Make Shaun & Parker Blush
    • Spend A Day On The Set With Shaun & Parker
    • Pull-out "Date Book"
    • Spend A Weekend With Shaun
    • Share A Date With Parker
    • Win Your Own Hardy Boys Mystery Books
    • Mysteries To Solve
    • How To Write A Love Letter to Shaun (and) Parker
    • If We Had 3 Wishes (by, who else, Shaun & Parker)
    • "Fax Pax" on Shaun & Parker
    • How To Get Into Parker & Shaun's Dressing Rooms
    Even included a little (very little!) info on Edward Stratemeyer & the Syndicate!
    Keep an eye out for one of these - makes a nice collectible.
  • Some eBay auction results:
    Dell Comic $42
    Crisscross Shadow 1st edition in DJ $36
    Wildcat Swamp 1st edition in DJ $15
    Tower Treasure w/ Rogers art DJ $43
    Shawn Cassidy Scrapbook $10
    Set of Greycastle PC Casefiles $132
    Set of Applewood repros (1-6) $62
    Canadian version of the 1960 Treasure Game $55
    "Frank" costume $52
    "Joe" costume $28
    Shore Road Mystery - 1937 in DJ $100
    Hardy Boys & Tom Swift - Time Bomb - used $40, another one $10 - go figure!
    A bunch of 1st edition red covers with DJ's were seen this month, all selling for several hundred dollars each.
The 3 in 1 Casefiles have made it to the book stores and
The latest digest, "#150 - The Crisscross Crime", has hit the stores and
The latest Supermystery, "Process Of Elimination", is in the stores and
Tony Carpentieri has informed me that the third edition of his excellent reference book, Hardy & Hardy Investigations, is about to go to press.
Scarce Hardy Boys PC Editions

As the baby boomer generation slips into middle-age and longs to relive the simple pleasures of youth, early picture cover (PC) Hardy Boys books, particularly the original text editions, are more in demand and are getting hard to find. In fact, some are downright scarce!
The "key" books to a collection of original text PC's are: The Secret Of The Old Mill, The Missing Chums, A Figure In Hiding & The Disappearing Floor but all the original text books listed here are very hard to find.
Original text editions of The Tower Treasure, The House On The Cliff, While The Clocked Ticked & The Hidden Harbor Mystery were never published in the PC format.
All PC original text books through volume 40 come with the brown multi-scenes endpapers.
Revised texts of Tower Treasure & House On The Cliff did come in the PC format with the brown endpapers and you can amuse yourself and amaze your friends by rebinding original texts into these covers!
As I have written elsewhere, 1st editions of revised texts & 1st editions of new cover art command a premium. Consult a guide book (like Hardy & Hardy Investigations) to identify these editions.

Here are some of the ones to look out for:

  • Any book with the so-called "Dollar Box" printed on the upper right corner of the front cover. Some of these are extremely difficult to locate.
  • 1st edition PC's - These normally list to volume 40 on the back cover and to volume 41 on the inside list (for the older ones). Newer PC 1st editions generally list to themselves both inside and out.
  • Any book with blank endpapers.
  • Any book lacking the white printing on the back cover.
  • Any book that is bound upside down or has the wrong book bound inside.
  • Any book which lists to the Hardy Boys Detective Magazine on the back cover.
  • Red Page Tops - Found on 1973 revised text editions of The Tower Treasure, The House On The Cliff & The Secret Of The Old Mill.
  • Secret Of The Old Mill - there were only 2 printings of the original text in PC. These are a darker blue than normal.
  • Missing Chums - There was only 1 printing of the original text. Like Old Mill, this book is a darker shade of blue. The hardest of all the original text books to find in PC format.
  • Secret Of The Caves - Only 4 original text printings.
  • While The Clock Ticked - The 1st PC edition (which is the revised text) that lists to volume 41 on the inside list and is dark blue (ala Tom Swift).
  • Footprints Under The Window - Only 3 original text printings.
  • Mark On The Door - 1970 revised text with Gillies cover art.
  • A Figure In Hiding - Only 2 original text printings.
  • Secret Warning - Only 3 original text printings.
  • Twisted Claw - 1970 revised text with Nancy Drew title list on back cover.
  • Disappearing Floor - Only 2 original text printings and, for reasons unknown to me, very difficult to locate.
  • Clue Of The Broken Blade - This is a strange one. The second cover art went through 4 printings and is hard to find. The third cover art (of four) had only 3 printings and is even tougher to find.
  • Short-Wave Mystery - Only 3 original text printings.
  • Secret Of Skull Mountain - Only 4 original text printings.
  • Wailing Siren Mystery - 1st revised text printing lacks author name on spine.
  • Ghost At Skeleton Rock - 1st revised text printing using old cover art.
  • Sting Of The Scorpion - Any edition with a plug for Night Of The Werewolf at the end of the story.
The Mystery of the Substitute Hardys

By Dave Hallemann (AKA
    "M-i-l-d-r-e-d!" Her shrill voice responded throughout the house.
    A moment later the boys mother, a slender, graceful woman, came down the stairs.  "What is it Gertrude?  Has anything gone wrong?"
    "A gang of burglars just robbed us, he ran out the back door and down the street toward the railroad tracks!" Gertrude related.
    Frank Hardy older of the two boys who just finished tying his necktie said "Joe I'll go over to Seaview Bluff, it's only about a two hour walk if I go along the railroad tracks!"
    Joe Hardy, blond and a year younger than his brother stated " I'll run and get the Sleuth and meet you there!" The Sleuth was the boys fast speedboat they had berthed at the Yacht Club Pier.  "Aunt Gertrude quick, call Dad and Chief Finch and tell him what happened!"
    Joe picked Frank up at Seaview Bluff.  Neither had any luck locating the villains.
    "Joe lets go back to Dad's office, maybe he has a lead." Frank stated.
    "Come in you two young rapscallions!"
    "Hello Dad," the boys exclaimed softly as they entered and fastened the door.
    Smiling broadly, Fenton Hardy doffed his flowing beard.  "I'm glad you came, boys.  We've plenty to do, so let's not waste time."
    "We're ready, Dad." Frank nodded.
      "The burglar is at the Bayport Hotel, just across the hall in room 37 from room 38 that I have taken.  I want you to get me a Dictaphone tonight so I can wire his room before he comes in. He's at the movies now, I happened to find out."
      "You know what to do."
      Joe came in with a package. 
      His father beamed.  "Good work Joe. Now we'll have to hurry.  The movies will be over in about twenty minutes."
     Expertly the boys went to work, first opening the flimsy locked Room Thirty-Seven with a piece of wire.  In exactly fifteen minutes and just as heavy footsteps sounded on the staircase, they returned to Mr. Hardy's room, grinning triumphantly.
     "Meet me in my office later and don't let anyone follow you.  I'll assign Detective Kelly to help."
     Later at the elder Hardy's office, Detective Kelly stated to Joe. "Saw a fellow following Frank earlier, anyhow, I managed to steer the fellow away from Frank," Kelly went on with a significant tap on the pocket where he kept a small blackjack.
     Joe smiled knowingly.
      "I had a phone call from your Dad," Kelly continued. "Seems your Aunt Gertrude tossed a monkey wrench into things."
       "As Usual," Joe smiled grimly.  "What did she do?"
       "It seems that when yore Dad was talking to Frank on the phone, well the old lady-excuse me, I mean yore Aunt Gertrude-comes in to bawl your Dad out for lettin' you two gallivant around."
       Joe smiled again. "That's nothing unusual."
       "While she's waiting for him to finish talkin' a man comes into the office. Aunt Gertrude thinks he's about to murder your Dad, so she whacks him over the head with her umbrella, Wham!"
        What is going on you might ask?  How can this be.  Frank and Joe, breaking and entering, bugging rooms, and knowing how to use blackjacks! 
        Fenton Hardy with a beard, Laura Hardy called "Mildred", Chief Collig named Finch, and Aunt Gertrude a raving psychotic bully!
        Am I in an alternate reality?
        I wove the quotes into a story to grab your attention.  The book is #20 The Mystery of the Flying Express. Written in 1941 by John Button to Harriet Stratemeyer outline, it is one of the most unusual books of the series.
        I grew up with the blue Picture Cover books. However these come in original text and revised text.    
        When I was young most of the books I purchased new were revised text.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to read the original text versions of these books. Of course if you read Dust Jacketed versions you know what I mean.
        The original text were written in the style of the times and offer a glimpse into a time period before some of us were born.
        I would like to encourage everyone to read both the original text and revised text versions of this wonderful series.

Where is Bayport?

From: (Paul Tyrrell)
Just finished rereading "What Happened at Midnight" and they made two references that may shed some light on where Bayport is. On page 135, the diamond gang in New York says that Taffy Marr is "lying low down shore..." The reference to down or south is interesting. On page 139, after the Hardy's have been robbed, they start hitchhiking home. They estimate that it is about "two hundred miles" and they hope their shoes hold out. So fellow fans. 200 miles down the coast from New York city. What do you think? This is from the 1931 version.
Editor: WHAM probably supplies more info on Bayport's location than any other story.

From: (Frank Dachille)
I live in Bayport, NY and it's an ideal location for the Hardy Boys to live. It's on the south shore of Long Island and it has all the beautiful homes and a Shore Road. The only thing missing is the cliffs, which are only found on the north shore. The cliffs may be a bit of literary license. Everything else fits. Come visit!
Editor: Is there a Bayport HS? Wouldn't mind getting a Bayport High team jacket or t-shirt!

Hey Readers! You are invited to write in and share your opinion on this burning issue!

Hardys In Review

This Month: Slam Dunk Sabotage

A Five Star Review
by Ted Magilley

#140 in the series.
Published October 1996 by Minstrel Books
The Plot: WHAM! Joe is elbowed during the big game which results in a foul shot that wins the game! The Bayport Bombers are in the conference championship. Yes, in between mysteries and casefiles the Hardy boys have had time to take their high school basketball team to the top. Their friends have helped, of course. Biff is a valuable teammate, Chet is the coaches' assistant, and Iola is a cheerleader. Poor Callie gets to sit in the bleachers with Mrs. Hardy and Aunt Gertrude while new friend Jamal (from #135 and #144) is on the losing team. Also on the losing team is Glen Revelle, the player that clocked Joe, too bad Glen's father clocked him. Who wants to give a scholarship to a sore loser? Then a threatening phone call is made to the Hardy home which Joe *69's to the local rec center- just where Glen was heading. BAM! Frank is attacked while jogging behind the rec center the next night. What gives? Is someone trying to hurt Bayport's MVP's. If they win mega-millionaire Marvin Coates will buy Bayport High a state of the art score board. But why does his computer wiz nephew hate him and freak when the Hardy boys are around? SLAM! Right into Fenton Hardy's big case of ATM fraud, all the little guys are rounded up but who is the king-pin? The Hardy's sort through clues and come up with an explanation, but can they stop the king-pin in a helicopter chase along the coast?
Comments: The Hardy Boys meet Chip Hilton (kind of) in this sports mystery. All the clues are presented along the way (it's almost too easy to spot them) and the puzzle can be solved using a little brain power. This is another strong story that starts out small and keeps building and building. The best part though is the interaction between the Hardy Boys and their friends. They sort through clues at the pizza parlor as close friends (like Chet) give their input. Then when the Hardys realize their case is connected with their father's they all have a heart-to-heart in the kitchen over Aunt Gertrude's sandwiches. Very nice touch. The writing is strong but seemes to be aimed at very young readers at times. Overall very good and I really liked the cover!
Hardy Facts: Joe bench presses 225 lbs. (pg 41); Aunt Gertrude likes to bowl to relax (pg6)
Grade: **** out of 5
Buy this Book From Amazon: Slam Dunk Sabotage
Bayport Mail Bag

From: (Paul Tyrrell)
Just a note to express my continued thanks and best wishes for both your site and the "Bayport Times". I read it immediately when your email update comes through. I do have a few thoughts. I really love your reviews and news on the original series stories. 1927 through about 1945 with the Melted Coins. Speaking just for myself, I have little or no interest in the rewrites after 1969, This is strictly my opinion and I realize that you must appeal to many interests. It just seems that there is so much that can be covered with the originals that I would love to see more reviews of them. I agreed with your review of both House on the Cliff, it was great, and the Disappearing Floor, it was awful. Your review of the Floor was hilarious. "Who in the hell was Harry Tanwick"? Do you really think Melted Coins was worse the Disappearing Floor? I would love to see if the rest of your enthusiastic readers agree with me about the old books versus the new rewritten ones. By the was, the cover art site was fantastic. Thanks again for all of your fine efforts.
Editor's reply: Of the original canon, FLOOR is the worst written (just edging out "Secret Agent On Flight 101"), however, the plot premise of COINS is absolutely inane and destroys an otherwise fair story. For those of you unfamiliar with the plot of the original COINS, it involves a gang stealing rare silver coins so they can melt them down (at the time, a Federal crime) and make counterfeit coins (then, as now, a Federal crime!). Bear in mind, that at the time this story was written, silver was used for all circulating coinage (10 & up) and the thieves could have easily used this for their nefarious plot. But then, why bother using expensive silver for counterfeits at all? Why not fence those expensive, rare coins? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

From: (Eva)
I just found your Hardy Boys site and have a few questions. First, a brief bit about me:
I'm a 20 year old girl, and I read teh HBCFs fanatically when I was about 11. (Do you find that there are many female fans? I always thought I was one of the few; any idea whether that's true?) I read the first 50 or so, and then drifted away from them. Anyway, now that I'm in college, I'm finding myself drifting back to my junior higher days, and part of that movement was my move back to the Casefiles. I love #29 the best, and Frank is my favorite. Other favorites are #80, #103, and #57. I have six Casefiles and the 3-in-one Casefile edition.
Okay, what I wanted to ask: do you have a copy of HBCF #11 you will sell to me? I've put in an order through and am keeping an eye out at use bookstores, but it is of course hit and miss, since #11 is out of print.
Next- I can't contribute much to the Hardy Boys stuff on the net, since you've covered so much that I'd only be copying. But I do have an extremely silly HBCF parody I'd like to put up on my site, and I'd love to have a couple scanned pics to go with it. Can you/will you scan the covers of HBCF #29 and #80 for me? I can provide an alternate e-mail where .jpgs or .gifs can be sent. I'd like to use these two pics on my site, and I would provide a link to your page. My parody is clean and kid-friendly, so it's not objectionable, though its literary/humor merit is certainly in the eye of the beholder. It pokes fun at the "that *always* happens!" plotlines. Once I have it online, I'll let you know, and if you like it, will you link to it from your site?
Please let me know whether you can help me out. Thanks for providing a site where I can see just how huge the Hardys canon is! I'm really just a Casefiles fan, and haven't even read all the Casefiles there are, but I'd like to be able to contribute a little to the info available on the net.
Editor's Note: Can any Hardy fan out there give Eva a hand?

From: (Tara Shank)
I love the Hardy Boys, maybe more than life itself. I would do anything for them! It's weird, though. I am female, and almost 20 years old! I have been reading the Hardy Boys since I was 7, and still read them to this day. I read my entire collection (a whooping 20 books or so) every month. When I don't read them, I get very depressed, and unsociable. Oh well. Let me know what you would like. I'd be glad to make a comment on the books.
Editor: Who would have thought the Boys were such a babe magnet?

From: (Joe Pandur)
There was a recent article describing the Boys' mother and her name as Laura. I believe in one instance her name was given as Laura Mildred Hardy. In one book ( of which I don't remember) Aunt Gertrude was calling through the house for M-I-L-D-R-E-D. Any help with this would be appreciated.
Also as to where is Bayport? I would side with the "north of New York City" location and particularly like the Long Island resort town description as detailed in Issue #7.. Also if you take every book in the series and note the surrounding towns, highways, street names, etc., you can arrive at a pretty good sized city with surrounding "suburbs."

Readers - This is your forum to tell the world your thoughts on the Hardys!
Letters may be edited for content, spelling etc. but, then again, maybe not!

The Great Hardy Boys Search

Is there a Hardy Boys item you simply must have for your collection?
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2 in 1 Book Club PC: Secret Warning/Twisted Claw
#11 - While The Clock Ticked - White Spine DJ in Red Binding
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Meet The Mad Scientist
British Collins picture cover Hardy Boys titles #48-56
Several titles for his Hardy Boys research. Contact him for info.
Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Be A Detective Mysteries Vols. 2-5
GAF View-Master - The Hardy Boys
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