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Issue # 19             August 1999             Editor: Bob Finnan
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Welcome to the Bayport Times.
This month featuring new collectible discoveries, letters, a guest review of the first Casefile and more!
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I need a scan of the Tower Treasure first art for the "Cover Art Gallery".
I'm currently using a scan from the Applewood book and would like to replace it with a scan of the original.
Volunteers needed to write articles and reviews of Hardy Boys books for future issues of The Bayport Times.
I need your help to locate the following books for my personal collection:
2 in 1 editions: #8 Sinister Signpost/Figure In Hiding; #9 Secret Warning/Twisted Claw
Hardy Boys Classic: Treasure Island
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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New Collectible Discoveries
image Shaun Cassidy/Parker Stevenson Notebooks

Publicity photo from the 70's show.

Marvel "Pizzazz" magazine

Shaun - Hardy Boys Pennant

New On The Shelves

The London Deception (Digest #158)

All Eyes On First Prize (Clues Brothers #14)

The Great Airport Mystery (Applewood Reprint #9)

Slip, Slide and Slap Shot (Clues Brother #15)

3 in 1 Special Edition (1st 3 titles) with DUSTJACKET (!)

  Hardys In Review  
imageThis month: Hardy Boyšs Casefile #1 - Dead on Target

Reviewed By: Ben Schmitt

The Plot: The Casefiles start out with a bang(excuse the pun) with the Hardy Boyšs Casefile #1 Dead on Target. The Boys are thrown into this one without any warning, they are not even on a case.
    In the first chapter, actually, the first paragraph, you obviously know that itšs a serious situation with Joe trying to rescue his girlfriend(Iola) while Frank is preventing Joe from going into the flames to rescue her.
    Earlier they are inside the mall passing out pamphlets for an upcoming political campaign to be held there at the mall. Joe is flirting with an attractive blond when Iola walks over to him. She asks Joe to go get some pamphlets out of the Hardyšs car. Joe proceeds to tease her until she snatches the car keys away. She angrily walks off while Frank talks to Joe. He asks Joe why he is flirting with her, then they walk after Iola. Their car was inside the parking garage. Joe calls after Iola only to have her walk faster. She opens the car door and the car blows up right in front of Frank and Joe. The car burst into flames as Joe starts to run towards the car. Frank runs after him and holds Joe back until Frank has to karate chop Joe to keep him from hurting not only himself but Joe. At the end of the explosion and after Bayportšs cops check out the scene they come to the conclusion that there is no sign of Iola.
    Joe promises to track down Iolašs killers and of course Frank agrees to help. This throws them into one of the best casefiles ever, arguably. They meet the Network and the Gray man and tangle with the Assassins, a deadly, evil corporation. There is a plane hijacking with the boys and the Gray man taking part in capturing the disguised Assassins. There is constant action throughout the book. They finally have a show down with Iolašs killer, Sam Butler a.k.a. Al-Rousasa an Assassin. Butler was the detective handling Iolašs case.
    The showdown is in Bayportšs mall during the political campaign which the boys and there friends had passed out pamphlets earlier, on the day of Iolašs death. Fenton Hardy is in control of security over Philip Walker the president-elect and Al-Rousasa is planning on killing Walker.
    Frank and Joe catch up with Al-Rousasa on the third floor of the mall as Al-Rousasa aims an Uzi at Walker. The only problem is that the Hardys are across the mall from him. As Joe spots a lighting cable hanging from the ceiling, an idea quickly forms in his head. He steps back a few feet and runs toward the cable. Joe grabs the cable and swings across the huge gap of the third floor to the other side!
    Al-Rousasa looks up in surprise but is not quick enough to avoid Joešs feet being planted into his chest. Joe lands safely but Al-Rousasa jumps up quickly to fight back! His uzi was knocked away but he pulls a large knife out of his clothing. He slices at Joe but Joe is able to move out of the way, the second time hešs not so lucky. The knife slices the side of his palm, drawing blood. Joe grits his teeth in pain but continues to fight back.
    They fight until Joe is able to flip him away. Al-Rousasa starts to fall over the edge but is able to grasp the edge of the floor! Joe looks at him with hate in his heart and he knows all it would take is one stomp of his shoe on Al-Rousasašs hands and he would fall to his deserved death. But no, Joe knew if he did that, he would be no better than Iolašs killer. Joe stretched out his hand to help him up. Al-Rousasa reached and grabbed Joešs hand, and with an evil grin, pulls Joe over the rail! Joe starts to fall over the side but Frank is there to grab Joe before he falls to his death.
    Al-Rousasa is not so fortunate though, the hand that Joe had stretched out was his bloody hand. Al-Rousasa slipped by the blood that he had drawn and fell three stories to his death. The boys get a reward and buy a van and some sophisticated detecting equipment.

Comments: I think that this Casefile was one of the best Casefiles written with plenty of action and hair-raising escapes by the Hardys and their friends. I especially like the encounters with the mysterious Gray Man and the Network. I also found that #100 True Thriller in the Casefiles dealt with the Assassins and the Gray man. It was kind of a similar plot. Also #80 Dead of Night in the Hardy Boyšs Casefiles series contained the ŗreappearing˛ of Iola haunting Joe. I would give this book an A+ for continuous excitement and excellent writing especially for the first Hardy Boys Casefile.

  The Great Hardy Boys Quiz  
Friends & Enemies
Over the years, the Hardy Boys have encountered dozens of new friends and enemies that appeared in only one story.
Can you match the character to the story? (Beware of trick questions!)
Answers are based on the unrevised versions.
01: Nick The Greek A: The Secret of the Old Mill
02: Sam Bates B: The Twisted Claw
03: Sam Lee C: What Happened at Midnight
04: Runt D: The Missing Chums
05: Polly Shaw E: The Melted Coins
06: Ollie Jacobs F: The Shore Road Mystery
07: Charles Norton G: The House on the Cliff
08: Ferdinand Arezo     H: The Mystery of the Flying Express    
09: Weather-Eye I: The Great Airport Mystery
10: Long Jim J: The Mark on the Door
11: Red Hawkins K: A Figure in Hiding
12: Judge Keene L: Footprints Under the Window
13: Rocco M: Hunting for Hidden Gold
14. Paul Zane N: The Tower Treasure
15: Sr. Bario O: The Disappearing Floor
Answers at bottom of page.

  Bayport Mail Bag  

From: Tony Carpentieri (
It's now apparent that Kingsport didn't produce all of G&D's series books, despite their claims. Of course, your bookplate pretty much dispelled that theorey. However, neither Donnelley nor Cadillac has records going back 35 years. Swell.
It seems as though Donnelley/Cadillac used the single page endpapers, while Kingsport used the split endpapers. D/C also used better bindings and thicker paper. There's still some inconsistencies with this, but it's what we have to work with. To start with, Paul and I are going through Volumes #10 (orig PC) and #41 (all PC) to see differences - most of which are pretty minute. For example, there definitely were two sets of plates for Owl. If you have a PC copy, check the two page picture of Simon throwing a rock at the boys (can't recall the page off hand). On most books, there's a period in the field on the right page, about two inches up and one inch in from the spine. The period is absent on, we think, the Donnelley books.
Then there's the note in the Kingsport cards that mentions a text change in Owl in 1962... I've struggled through five copies of the stupid thing, but have yet to find any change.

From: Kevin Murphy (
I was pleased to see the art work added to the article (Kevin's article in issue 18). It looks good. I never dreamed, when reading the HB mysteries in the late 1940's-early 1950's, that one day they and I would share space in a haven for their memory. I feel that I have, at last, "arrived." As someone else observed in the readers' message board, they may not have been the greatest literature, but they opened up the world of reading and literature for many of us.

From: (Phil Mandryk)
Is it possible to be put on the list to receive the Bayport Times? I've loved the Hardy Boys Mysteries for years, starting at 10 years old until now. It's exciting to read about a community, albeit fictitious, like Bayport. Thieves, crooks and robbers. And all in one little town! The boys have their work cut out for them. It's nice to take a break from this fast paced world and pickup a book where boys outsmart the Police and your Mom's only goal in life is to make sandwiches.

From: (Wes Connally)
I originally read the Hardy Boys in late 40's and early 50's. Sort of drifted away to Tom Swifts, JRs, and Rick Brants. Still had a half dozen of brown and some light gray boards with orange Gretta end papers form child hood. Recently have reread these after I would guess about 50 years. Actually better than I remembered.
Now I am contemplating finishing out the collection or perhaps buying an existing collection. I have noticed that entire collections are sometimes posted on the Internet. Sometimes they have what are called old blue picture covers. Are these the original stories, or are they rewritten?
Obviously I am a green horn in this area. Any suggestions. I don't mind picture covers, but guessing I should stick with the stories as I read them as a child.

Readers - This is your forum to tell the world your thoughts on the Hardys!
Letters may be edited for content, spelling etc. but, then again, maybe not!
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