Hardy Boys
Hardy Boys
Issue # 24            May 2000            Editor: Bob Finnan

  Bayport Beat 
Welcome to the Bayport Times.
This month highlighting the Clues Brothers series with my mini-review of Clues Brothers #17 The Bike Race Ruckus and a Clues Brothers quiz.
Plus new collectible discoveries, letters, the Mike Humbert Department and more!
Hardy Boys Musical in San Francisco
As mentioned a few issues ago, Bay area residents should make room on their calendars for the new production of the Tim Cope & Paul Boesing Hardy Boys musical The Secret of the Old Queen in San Francisco (official poster at right).
Presented by KaliyugaArts, reviews will begin at the New Conservatory Theatre Center on June 1 and the official opening is June 10, running Thursdays-Sundays until July 16.
This play was a hit during it's Chicago run and a review of that production may be found in The Bayport Times Issue 18.
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The Hardy's Latest Venture?

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New Collectible Discoveries

Metal Hardy Boys Street Signs
Metal signs - probably for those zany wrestling fans.
  Hardy Boys Stained Glass Panel
Contact: Jeanine Moffett
Nancy Drew panel also available.

New On The Shelves
Recent additions to the Hardy canon
A Game Called Chaos (#160)
TrainingFor Trouble (#161)
TheEnd Of The Trail (#162)
Clues Brothers
Slip,Slide and Slap Shot (#15)
Fish-FacedMask Of Mystery (#16)
TheBike Race Ruckus (#17)

3 In 1 Editions with Dust Jacket
3in 1 Special Edition (Vol. 1)
Tower Treasure, HouseOn The Cliff, Secret Of The Old Mill
3in 1 Special Edition (Vol. 2)
Missing Chums;Hunting For Hidden Gold; Shore Road Mystery

Applewood 1st Edition Reproductions
TheMystery Of Cabin Island (#8)
TheGreat Airport Mystery (#9)
WhatHappened At Midnight (#10)

  Hardys In Review 

This Month: The Bike Race Ruckus
Volume 17 of The Clues BrothersSeries - 2000

The Plot: From the back cover: Lots of kids are planning toenter the Bike Jamboree. There will be cross-country riding, an obstacle course, and even a contest for funniest bike. Bully Zack Jackson and his buddy Brett call the Hardys wimps. But is someone playing dirty to win the grand prize--a supercool twenty-speed mountain bike?
   Frank and Joe are determined to be good sports, but it's no go. First Brett finds gum on his brake pad. Then somebody messes with Joe's bikeseat. Who's behind the nasty tricks? Frank and Joe gear up to find out--before the big bike race ends in a big disaster!

   And that, my friends, just about says it all!

Comments: What can one say about this or any other book in theClues Brothers series? That they are poorly written and atrociously edited? That the mysteries are absurdly simple? Of course, the booksare geared to young readers but still, one could wish for the publishers to exert a bit more effort. When one reads the early versions of the original series and realizes that those books were initially geared to an audience just a year or two older than are these stories, it's almost impossible to believe that reading standards could have sunk to such depths in a mere 73 years.
    After this book, the series is slated to be discontinued. That's unfortunate since this series didn't die, it was murdered by an utter and callous disregard to any standards of literary quality by the publishers. Furthermore, this series underwent three cover format changes in it's brief existence, thereby rendering it nearly impossible to find on the shelves of the book store.
    The Hardy Boys have been with us since 1927 but their future appears bleak. Simon & Schuster is monkeying around with the Digests (again!) and frankly, it seems to me that they are ready to give up on what was once the premier boys series. Maybe the day of serialized juvenile fiction has passed. After all, can we really expect kids to want to sit down and read a book when they have computers, Gameboys, Playstations et al to occupy their free time? Especially when the books are slapped together as carelessly as they are now?
   Perhaps it is time for Frank and Joe to go to the great series book Valhalla along with Tom Swift, Rick Brant, the Rover Boys and the dozensof other youthful heroes whose adventures sparked the imaginations ofmillions of boys over the last century. Perhaps that is progress and perhaps that is the way of the world. Nevertheless, once gone, what will be left to inspire new generations to dream of adventure and mystery?  

  The Great Clues Brothers Quiz! 

Fans of the Clues Brothers know that even though Frank & Joe don't get to travel around the world bringing terrorists to justice in this series, they have no trouble solving the mysteries that present themselves right around good old Bayport.
Can you match the story to the plot?
01: The Gross Ghost MysteryA: Crazy inventions
02: The Karate ClueB: Stolen model
03: First Day, Worst DayC: Stolen book
04: Jump Shot DetectivesD: Camping trip
05: Dinosaur DisasterE: Stolen black belt
06: Who Took The Book?F: Haunted house
07: The Abracadabra CaseG: Stolen recipe
08: The Doggone DetectivesH: Stolen sword
09: The Pumped-Up Pizza ProblemI: Buried treasure
10: The Walking SnowmanJ: Stolen good-luck charm
11: The Monster In The LakeK: Stolen kung fu video tape
12: King For A DayL: School projects destroyed
13: Pirates Ahoy!M: Stolen tryout video tape
14. All Eyes On First PrizeN: False fire alarm
15: Slip, Slide and Slap ShotO: Stolen snowman
Answers at bottom ofpage.

Pilgrimage to Haileybury
Leslie McFarlane Tribute
By: Norm Knott& Rob Chicorli

    On July 17 &18th, 1998, the town of Haileybury, Ontario,Canada honored the first ghostwriter of the Hardy Boy's, the late Leslie McFarlane (the original Franklin W. Dixon). A granite lectern was unveiled at he Haileybury waterfront in his honor.
    So, where in the world is Haileybury? It is approximately 325 miles north of Toronto Ontario. It is one of the Tri-Towns which consist of New Liskeard, Haileybury and Cobalt. All three lie on the shores of scenic Lake Temiskiming, which separate Ontario and Quebec.
    On July 16, we left Thunder Bay, which is on the northwest shore of Lake Superior and drove over the top of the lake some 300 miles east to Wawa. For those of you who have never driven the north shore of Lake Superior, the scenery is breath taking. The highway ribbons through virgin forests, massive rock cuts and over raging rivers. Commanding views of the lake are available at every turn. Leaving the lake at Wawa, we drove directly east to spend the night at Chapleau after travelling 380 miles. Next day we continued east for another 270 miles to Haileybury.
    Upon entering Haieleybury, Hardy Boy clues abound. The first thing you notice is that you are in fact travelling on the real Shore Road. The similarities are scary. Shortly thereafter, you come to Radley Road(does anyone remember Fenton's operative Sam Radley)and Dixon Creek. We checked into the Leisure Inn and met the chair of theHardy Boy committee, Peter Rivet. During the afternoon, we had time to golf at the beautiful Haileybury Golf Club, built in 1909. The course is situated high above Lake Timiskiming and every hole affords a panoramic view of the lake. This jewel of a golf course is well worth the trip.
    That evening, we had the opportunity to sit down with Brian McFarlane, son of Leslie to talk "shop". Brian was very approachable, pleasant and co-operative. A noted Canadian writer and broadcaster in his own right, Brian autographed several of our Hardy Boy books as well as some of his own publications. The motherlode came though, when he provided us with his Dad's handwritten record of all the books and articles he wrote(listing number of words,publisher and fee received),from 1924 to part of 1943. This list is pure gold! Unfortunately the list ends after 1943. After meeting Brian, we then met Scott McFarlane, Leslie's great nephew, who we had corresponded with by email for about 2 months prior to the event. Scott was born in Haileybury, now lives in Kentucky and proved to be an excellent tour guide for us during our stay.
    We toured the Haileybury Heritage Museum, which naturally has a large area devoted to Leslie McFarlane. Pictures, books and the actual typewriter he wrote many early Hardy Boy books were on display, as well as the newspaper article Leslie wrote detailing the great fire of 1922 which destroyed Haileybury and 650 square miles of surrounding countryside. We then toured the 3 houses Leslie lived in while in Haileybury and saw the building where he set up his first office.
    At 1pm on Saturday, the granite lectern was unveiled and dedicated by the mayor of Haileybury, the local Member of Parliament, Brian McFarlane, his wife and his sister Nora. A large crowd was on hand. The highlight was the banquet at the Country Club on Saturday night, which was attended by approximately 120 people, some from as far as Washington state, Kentucky, California, New York and various points in Canada. We sat with Robert Nelson from Marysville Washington, who has had several articles published in Yellowback. Brian McFarlane's after dinner speech was a work of art. He is a mesmerizing orator who reviewed his father's career as Canada's most prolific author. Brian could have talked for hours as he mixed humor and fact with the ease of a natural rhetorician. He emphasized that his Dad would be extremely pleased, honored and somewhat surprised at the continued depth and enjoyment the Hardy Boy's have given so many over the decades. Brian's sister Nora, also a writer of note,briefly addressed the crowd and then it was time to mingle and get acquainted. After the Country Club, we went to a dance at the Haileybury Hockey Arena, which was attended by several hundred as it was also a part of the celebrations. Had a good time there and topped off the night by hoisting a few at the legendary Matabanick Hotel with Scott McFarlane.
    Sunday morning arrived all too quickly as we said ourgood-byes to the McFarlane family. Brian thanked us warmly for coming and showing such interest in his father's career. The town of Haileybury was no doubt the inspiration for many of the sights and sounds of Bayport.From the shady tree-lined streets, rugged coastline, turn of the century architecture and bustling waterfront, the feeling that you are actually in Bayport is eerie. I urge all Hardy Boy fans to make the pilgrimage for yourself. After all of the fun, we started our long 650 mile trek backwest to Thunder Bay.

  Survey Results 
I recently conducted a survey asking readers to vote for their favorite
Hardy Boys story among the first 25 volumes. Herewith are the results.
Tower Treasure1 2.22% Hidden Harbor Mystery 0 0.00%
House On The Cliff 4 8.89% Sinister Sign Post 0 0.00%
Secret Of The Old Mill 1 2.22% Figure In Hiding 0 0.00%
Missing Chums 3 6.67% Secret Warning 1 2.22%
Hunting For Hidden Gold 4 8.89% Twisted Claw 1 2.22%
Shore Road Mystery 2 4.44% Disappearing Floor 1 2.22%
Secret Of The Caves 0 0.00% Mystery Of The Flying Express 0 0.00%
Mystery Of Cabin Island 11 24.44% Clue Of The Broken Blade 0 0.00%
Great Airport Mystery 1 2.22% Flickering Torch Mystery 1 2.22%
What Happened At Midnight 5 11.11% Melted Coins 0 0.00%
While The Clock Ticked 3 6.67% Short-Wave Mystery 1 2.22%
Footprints Under The Window 2 4.44% Secret Panel 2 4.44%
Mark On The Door 1 2.22% T

  Bayport Map? 

From an old Disneycomic. Hard to figure out where the 50,000 inhabitants live!

  Bayport Mail Bag 

I thought you might get a kick out of this little bit of alternate artwork I did on The Arctic Patrol Mystery. Now we know the real reason the Hardy Boys plane crashed on that glacier. - Bob Nelson

First off, kudos on a great site. I finally feel that I have the time to contribute to your fine publication. The first posting I feel your readers may findi nteresting is a synopsis of our trip to Haileybury Ontario. It has been published in Yellowback, but many of your readers may not get it so hopefully they will enjoy it. Keep up the good work and I will try to be aregular contributor. - Rob Chicorli

You do an excellent job on your Hardy Boys' site; it is entertaining and informative, and I thank youfor your diligent service. It is obviously a labor of love, and one to be proud of.
Alas, at times it appears you let your emotions get the best of you. To wit, re your review of "The Haunted Fort," among other derogatory comments:
"Suitable only for masochists, long-suffering reviewers or diehard Hardy fans who have read every other story (twice)!"
I'm no masochist, am by no means long-suffering, and wouldn't call myself a diehard Hardys fan. Nor am I an unobservant, ignorant fool (most Ph. Ds, like myself, are not) {Editor: The jury is still out on that!}. I like "The Haunted Fort" just fine - I did when I first read it, and I do now. In fairness, it is not the best work in the series by far. But it certainly isn't as bad as you make it out to be, either.
Ultimately, it is clear, you are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine. I can't say, though, that I was prepared to have mine quite so insulted! I trust that as I have come to respect yours, as an informed reader of the Hardy Boys' series, you will afford me and others the same respect you would desire for yourself and your own viewpoints. - Dr. Timothy J. Holian, Missouri Western State College
EDITOR'S RESPONSE: So let's see, you respect my opinion as long as it agrees with yours? Or are you saying that you think that I somehow knew of your great love for "Haunted Fort" BEFORE I wrote the review and deliberately slated it to annoy you? Must be a wonderful thing to have the whole wide world revolve around you!

Readers - This is your forum to tell the world your thoughts onthe Hardys!
Letters may be edited for content, spelling etc. but,then again, maybe not!
Full name & e-mail address required foryour letter to appear here.

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I recently won a book being sold by on a well-known online auction service.
The ad was as follows:
Now I naturally assumed this was one of the Wanderer hardcovers that came with a DJ but I assumed wrong.
What I got was an ex-lib library rebinding, wrapped in a sheet of newspaper and sent in an unpadded manilla envelope.
I once before bought a book from these people and it too was shipped in this manner but I figured it was their inexperience and decided to give them another chance. BIG MISTAKE!
Judging from their feedback, many buyers seem satisfied with these people. I, on the other hand, was not and I'm taking this opportunity to alert others that, since the seller doesn't post scans of their items, they should question this seller very closely and demand decent packing before they part with their hard-earned bucks! I would never, ever, under any circumstances buy another book from these people.

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