The Hardy Boys Casefiles Series

Hardy Boys Casefiles Cover Art Styles

The Casefiles were aimed at early-to-mid teen readers and had more mature, espionage based themes. The new direction the series would take was promptly illustrated in the first volume, Dead On Target. A bomb planted in the Boys car blows Joe's longtime girlfriend, Iola Morton, to smithereens in the first chapter. Oddly enough, Iola remained alive and well in the Digests, thereby creating two different Hardy "worlds".

At times working with the mysterious Gray Man and his shadowy spy organization combating the forces of the Assassins, an evil international criminal organization, the Boys were now fighting far more serious crime, traveling undercover throughout the country and around the world.

In general, there is more action and much more violence in this series than as is in either the Digest or the original series. Both the Hardys show far more interest in the opposite sex, especially Joe, who apparently overcame his grief and became quite the little skirt chaser.

Simon & Schuster released the first two Casefiles under their Archway imprint in April 1987 and continued to release a new title monthly until November 1997. In January 1998 the last Casefile, #127 Dead In The Water, was released. At this time, no new Casefile stories are planned, however, nine of the old stories were reprinted in three Collector's Edition books.

In an effort to promote the new series, Simon & Schuster gave away a 64 page paperback sampler containing chapters from the first four Casefiles in 1987.

In 1988, the first ten titles were also published in large-type PC hardcovers by Grey Castle Press, some of which were bound into library editions by Gareth Stevens Publishing. The Stevens volumes have heavier, more thickly laminated covers and have a "GS" logo on the spine over the Grey Castle logo. All these volumes are quite difficult to find, particularly Stevens volumes which have not seen library usage. Also in the late 1980's, volumes 7 Deathgame and 33 Collision Course were released in hardbound picture cover editions as part of the Weekly Reader Just For Boys series.

None of the books have internal illustrations. Hardy Boys British 3 in 1 Casefile The first 66 volumes had yellow page edging, after that the edges were plain. Some variations of the back cover where the white box for the bar code number has been left blank have been observed. Some volumes were reissued with different ISBN numbers.
Volumes 64-66 form the Operation Phoenix trilogy.
Volumes 76-78 form the Ring Of Evil trilogy.

Several different Gift Sets were offered, usually containing 5 Casefiles or 4 Casefiles & 1 Nancy Drew-Hardy Boys Supermystery.

Hardcover rebindings, primarily for library use, made by Demco and others have been observed.

As of September 2003, Armada (UK) continues to publish the existing Casefiles in Great Britain. Their editions used either modified U.S. or a completely new cover art. Several 2 In 1 and 3 In 1 editions were also released.

In late 2005 Simon & Schuster released the "Collector's Edition" volume 2 in a hardcover with a "Digest" style cover featuring modified art from Digest #152 Danger In The Extreme

Starting in 2005, Armada (UK) reprinted some Casefiles as part of the Undercover Brothers series.

Cover Art: Morgan Kane (1-2), Brian Kotsky (3-104), Nelvana Limited/Marathon (105-121), John Youssi (122-127)
Photographs of the stars of the 1995 Hardy Boys TV show graced the covers of Casefiles 105-121.
Susan & Bill Albert - 21, 31; Gary Cohn - 47, 92, 104; Larry Mike Garmon - 27, 36, 39, 43, 46, 126; Ron Goulart - 23, 30, 44
Steven Grant - 3, 6, 14, 19, 29, 62; Chris Lampton - 65; Francess Lantz - 79; Peter Lerangis - 9, 13, 18, 37
Bill McKay - 1; Rick Oliver - 33, 40, 45, 50, 59, 69, 76, 77, 85, 88, 93, 98, 100; David Robbins - 57
Barbara Steiner - 20; Stephen D. Sullivan - 124; Bruce Whitehill - 17;
Author records for other volumes are not available at this time.

Hardy Boys Case File 128 Unpublished Manuscript
I have a copy of the manuscript of the unpublished Case File #128, "Explosive Force" with editor's comments but missing pages 90, 132-137, 149.
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Titles In The Casefiles Series
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01: Dead On Target - 4/87 For Sale
When Joe's Girlfriend, Iola, is blown to bits by a bomb meant for Joe and Frank, the two brothers vow to punish her murderer. The killer is still on their trail, but before Joe and Frank can turn the tables on him, they're snatched up by the Network, a secret government agency that desperately wants the Hardys under wraps for their own good. Then they learn that Iola's killers are "The Assassins," an infamous international terrorist group. Joe and Frank are just their warm-up for a larger target -- one whose destruction will rock the world. To stop them, they've got to slip out of the clutches of the Network...and challenge the Assassins face-to-face.
02: Evil, Inc. - 4/87 For Sale
When Frank and Joe grab one of the Network's cases, the secret government agency tells them they're on their own. Then they hustle themselves on a one-way ticket to France, expecting a little action. But after they penetrate the sady world of Reynard and Company, the largest organized crime ring on earth, the Hardys begin to expect something more -- murder. Maybe their own. Posing as gun dealers, Frank and Joe immediately run into trouble with the French police. Soon they're fugitives with no one to turn tobut the criminals they've sworn to expose. Caught in a deadly web of enemies and betrayed by a beautiful girl, Frank and Joemust use every once of cunning they possess to defeat a foe whose icy fingers tighten over the entire world.
03: Cult Of Crime - 5/87 For Sale
High in the untamed Adirondack Mountains lurks one of the most fiendish plots Frank and Joe Hardy have ever encountered. On a mission to rescue their good friend Holly from the cult of the lunatic Rajah, the boys unwittingly become the main event in one of the madman's deadly rituals -- human sacrifice. Fleeing from the gun-wielding "religious" zealots and riding a danger-infested train through the wilderness, Frank and Joe arrive home to find the worst has happened. The rajah and his followers have invaded Bayport. As their hometown is about to go up in flames, the boys look to Holly for help. But Holly has plans of her own, and one deadly secret....
04: The Lazarus Plot - 6/87 For Sale
Camped out in the Main woods, the Hardy boys get a real jolt when they glimpse Joe's old girlfriend, Iola Morton. Can it really be the same girl who was blown to bits before their very eyes by a terrorist bomb? Frantically searching for, Frank and Joe are trapped in the lair of the most diabolical team of scientists ever assembled. Twisting technology to their own ends, the criminals create perfect replicas of the brothers. Now the survival of a top-secret government intelligence organization is at stake. Frank and Joe must discover the bizarre truth about Iola and face their doubles alone --- before the scientists unleash one final, deadly experiement.
05: Edge Of Destruction - 7/87 For Sale
In the middle of a gala political banquet, Fenton Hardy is kidnapped. Then a mysterious caller outlines his terrifying demand: unless he receives twenty million dollars, Fenton Hardy -- along with many thousands of innocent victms -- will be infected with a fatal virus. New York City will turn into a ghost town! Police Chief Sam Peterson, Hardy's ex-partner in the NYPD, immediately takes charge. His first official act is to order Frank and Joe off the case. But the brother detectives are too worried about their father to heed the chief's warning -- even if it means entering a strange underground world far below the city streets. A world where darkness rules, the mob is the only law, and murder lurks behind every shadow...
06: The Crowning Of Terror - 8/87 For Sale
When Frank and Joe join their uncle for lunch, the main course turns out to be a bizarre kidnap plot. After a violent scuffle, Uncle Hugh is whisked away, and the boys suddenly find themselves in deep trouble with a U.S. espionage unit. Special Agent Starkey is out to prove Hugh is a traitor and accuses the boys of helping him escape. To complicate things, a beautiful mystery woman called Charity is also on their uncle's trail. Meanwhile Frank and Joe are stranded in a strange city far from home, being hunted down by two desperate gangs -- with orders to shoot to kill....
07: Deathgame - 9/87 For Sale
Where is Biff Hooper? The Hardy's friend secretly went off to a survival game camp in Georgia -- and never came back. But before leaving he did tell Joe. So when Orville Brand, the camp director, claims Biff was never there, the Hardy boys suspect foul play. Under cover of darkness Frank and Joe break into the camp grounds. To their amazement they find the Ultimo Survival Camp is actually a training site for an elite corps of attack troops, led by a shadowy strongman named Hammerlock. Suddenly the brothers are trapped in a real-life struggle for survival against the toughest enemy they've ever had to face....
08: See No Evil - 10/87 For Sale
Frank Hardy's girlfriend Callie Shaw is determined to join him and Joe in solving crimes. So when she bumps into a mailman and mistakenly recovers a top-secret codebook, Callie thinks she's found the perfect case. She challenges the brother detectives to help her break the code. Trouble is, the real owner is deadly serious about getting it back. Joe is knocked cold during a daring burglary, and when he comes to, the black book is missing. But not before Frank has uncovered a link to a secret network of fraud, corruption, and murder. It seems Callie has stumbled on to a major scandal -- Will Frank and Joe end up taking the fall?
09: The Genius Thieves - 11/87 For Sale
A Daring million-dollar bank robbery leads Frank and Joe to Chartwell Academy. Certain that the high-tech thief is someone at the exclusive prep school, Frank enrolls as a student, and Joe gets a job as a janitor. But going undercover on the secluded campus proves extremely dangerous. From battling a raging dorm fire, to being hunted through a graveyard by a masked gunman -- the brother detectives find they're up against a brainy enemy who's intent on making a twin killing.
10: Hostages Of Hate - 12/87 For Sale
An anti-terror convention in Washington D.C. is rocked by a real-life hijacker -- and Frank Hardy's girlfriend, Callie Shaw, is among the hostages. When Callie appears on the TV news she sends the Hardy's a coded message. Trouble is, the government doesn't believe them. Agent O'Neill orders Frank and Joe off the case, forcing them to try a rescue on their own. Suddenly the brother sleuths are running from the law, straight into a terrorist trap -- while Callie watches her life tick away.
11: Brother Against Brother - 1/88 For Sale
A federal witness is being hunted by an unknown hit man. In an effort to warn the witness, detective Fenton Hardy sends Joe on a secret mission. With frightening swiftness the killer ambushes Joe before he can deliver his message. Joe manages to survive but loses his memory! Joe can't remember his name or his mission. Worst of all, he thinks Frank is his enemy. Meanwhile a deadly killer lies in wait -- selling death on the family plan.
12: Perfect Getaway - 2/88 For Sale
It's the ultimate criminal operation. For a huge fee Perfect Getaway Travel, Ltd. will provide a clean escape from the long arm of the law. To crack the ring, Frank and Joe pose as a pair of crooks looking for a safe hideout. But when they finally manage to reach the end of the line, the brother detectives find themselves trapped in a private kingdom. A garden of evil, ruled by a murderous crimelord -- where an exit visa costs a cool five million dollars....
13: The Borgia Dagger - 3/88 For Sale
Beautiful, rich, and very spoiled, Tessa Carpenter is all trouble from the moment she sideswipes Callie Shaw's car -- and meets Frank Hardy. She invites Frank and Joe to a party for a close-up look at her priceless treasure, the Borgia dagger. But in the middle of the party the lights go out and Tessa is almost killed. Fearing the ancient curse on the jeweled dagger, Tessa asks the brother detectives to protect her. The question is -- will two bodyguards be enough for someone with enemies on both sides of the grave?
14: Too Many Traitors - 4/88 For Sale
When Frank wins an all-expense-paid vacation to Spain's Costa del Sol, the brother detectives are set for some good times in the sunny paradise. But instead of flamenco music and bullfights, Frank and Joe find themselves running from the law. It seems their official tour guide has been murdered, and the evidence points directly at them. To make things worse, the Hardys are also being hunted as spies by the KGB -- and as traitors by the Network. Trapped in very tight spots, Frank and Joe need every ounce of daring and keep from being shipped home in matching boxes.
15: Blood Relations - 5/88 For Sale
Frank and Joe Hardy are enjoying time off when the two new boys intown, Greg and Mike Rawley, convince them to investigate their stepfather, Walter. Greg and Mike suspect him of plotting to kill their mother, Linda. But there's a hitch: Walter Rawley is one of Fenton Hardy's oldest friends and an upstanding citizen of Bayport. With the Rawley boys' help, the Hardy brothers check out the contents of Linda Rawley's safe, looking for the diary of Walter's first wife, which contains the murderous evidence. Then Linda is kidnapped. Using themselves as bait, the Hardy boys flush out the kidnappers -- only to find they are mere pawns in an elaborate scheme against their father's old friend.
16: Line Of Fire - 6/88 For Sale
Frank and Joe take on the case of Denny Payson, a friend who suspects that his father was murdered in a chemical plant fire five years ago. Lucius Cromwell, owner of the plant, has taken care of Denny and his mother since the accident, but Denny is convinced that the fire was a cover-up for the factory's dirty secret. Now Cromwell is running for public office, and Denny, an expert sports marksman, is determined to have his revenge. Nothing Frank and Joe say can convince him to give up his murderous plan. But another crack marksman -- a hit man -- is after Denny. Can the Hardy's save Denny before he turns on them.
17: The Number File - 7/88 For Sale
Frank and Joe are soaking up some sun in Bermuda and doing a little sleuthing on the side. Their father wants them to check out a shady character named Bernhard Krugar, the suspected kingpin of a big credit card scam. But the brothers aren't making any headway -- so far Krugar is clean. When the Hardy's spy on Krugar's villa, one of his thugs spots them. Before they know it, they're being tailed by a black sedan and run off the road into the ocean! This is not the act of an innocent man. Their vacation shot, Frank and Joe resolve to nail Krugar. But he's on to them, and he has other plans -- like arranging for the brothers to vanish in the Bermuda Triangle.
18: A Killing In The Market - 8/88 For Sale
Frank and Joe investigate the disappearance of Cyril Bayard, a shady investment counselor who's been dating the boy's aunt Gertrude and to whom she entrusted her life savings. His clerk has just been found murdered, and it looks like the bullet was meant for Bayard. The boys visit his house, but he's gone and the place is trashed. When Aunt Gertrude is fingered as the chief suspect, the Hardy's have to act fast. They head for Manhattan to call on Bayard's business associates. But before they know it, they're drawn into a treacherous chase through a world they know nothing about -- the dark underside of Wall Street.
19: Nightmare In Angel City - 9/88 For Sale
Callie Shaw disappears while shooting a video for her summer class at UCLA. Frank and Joe drop everything and fly out to look for her. The moment they start to investigate, the situation explodes. During their search of Callie's room, someone greets then with a firebomb. Finally, the brother detectives track Callie to an abandoned factory, where she's hiding out among a band of street people. But finding Callie is just the beginning of a desperate race to uncover a killer. From Hollywood movie studios to the haunts of the street people, Frank and Joe follow a trail of blood money -- until it comes to a dead end!
20: Witness To Murder - 10/88 For Sale
While trying to help Annie Shea, the pretty new girl in town, Joe accidentally runs down her old boyfriend, Phil. Joe's in a tight spot, but Annie seems afraid to help. Then the Hardy's learn that Phil is the prime suspect in a million-dollar diamond robbery and Annie may be involved. But when Annie is kidnapped the brother detectives swing into action. They follow her to the lair of America's most infamous gem thief, Cutter. Outnumbered, the Hardys take on the diamond man's gang in an all-out effort to save Annie -- and clear Joe of murder.
21: Street Spies - 11/88 For Sale
Frank and Joe go undercover as big-city bicycle messengers to crack a gang of high-tech thieves. Millions of dollars in computer secrets have already been stolen, and the brother detectives are hot on the trail. Zipping through New York traffic at top speeds is dangerous enough, but one of their fellow messengers is out for their blood. Joe's bike is rigged with a time bomb, then a dispatcher is shot down. Unless the Hardy's come up with a lead quickly, life in the fast lane could very easily turn to death....
22: Double Exposure - 12/88 For Sale
When Frank and Joe decide to meet their father's latest contact on their own, they get more than they bargained for. The young detectives come face-to-face with their long-lost brother, Chris Hardy! But a hail of bullets cuts their meeting short. Suddenly Frank and Joe find themselves trapped in a deadly cross fire between a brutal gang of spies and a high-tech computer scam. Odds are their new brother is the triggerman -- aiming to wipe out an old family debt.
23: Disaster For Hire - 1/89 For Sale
Frank and Joe race Seattle to help their father Fenton, who stands accused of murder! In their father's rented house, they're met by burglars, who try to gun them down. When the brother detectives follow their trail, they learn that valuable timber is being destroyed by a deadly virus. They also find an entire town has been sealed off to prevent a mysterious flu epidemic. Meanwhile Fenton Hardy is the hostage of a sinister scientist with a formula for certain death. And if the brother team can't reach him in time -- he'll become the victim in a doomsday experiment.
24: Scene Of The Crime - 2/89 For Sale
Frank and Joe go undercover as apprentice stuntmen on a major movie. They've been asked to investigate a number of serious accidents that have delayed filming. Right from the first scene the action gets rough. Frank's stunt misfires, and the next one turns into a flaming disaster. The Hardys are certain it's deliberate sabotage. But the young detectives find the real drama is off the set when they become involved in a bizarre plot to steal a fortune. Unfortunately, they get themselves arrested! The brothers must break out of jail fast -- or lose their only chance to be cleared of a million-dollar frame-up.
25: The Borderline Case - 3/89 For Sale
A student exchange program brings Frank and Joe to sun-kissed Greece. But the moment they hit the scenic port of Piraeus, they land in deep trouble. What starts as a street fight soon escalates to a hornet's nest of espionage, kidnapping, and diplomatic double cross. Near Yugoslavia, the Hardys find themselves on a mission to rescue someone they don't know, for a cause they barely understand. Only one thing is certain -- if the brother team fails this border run, they'll be ancient history.
26: Trouble In The Pipeline - 4/89 For Sale
Frank and Joe fly to Alaska to trace Scott Sanders, who's supposed to be working on a top-secret project for a mining firm. When company officials claim they've never heard of Scott, the Hardys grow suspicious. They find that some company managers have been selling jobs on the oil pipeline. But before the brother detectives can dig deeper, they're kidnapped and forced to bail out over the arctic wilderness. Stranded, Frank and Joe face their toughest test -- fighting hunger, grizzly bears, and bullets to survive -- while at trail's end a group called the Assassins waits to give them their final exam.
27: Nowhere To Run - 5/89 For Sale
Sparks fly when "Biker" Bob Conway roars into town, looking for Frank and Joe. The motorcycle racer needs their help to prove his innocence in a hijack case. The problem is, Biker just escaped from jail. To make things worse, some very dangerous people are looking for him. One is a bounty hunter; the others are members of a motorcycle gang called the Sinbads. Frank and Joe can't leave a friend in trouble, and they defy their father in taking Biker's case. The brother detectives burn rubber in a high-speed race with both sides of the law -- where murder is the final pit stop.
28: Countdown To Terror - 6/89 For Sale
Frank and Joe fly to Halifax, Canada, to check out an insurance scam. But as they leave the airport their car is sprayed with bullets. Soon the brother detectives discover they're number one on somebody's hit list. First a friend of their father's is seriously hurt in a bomb blast. Then one of their suspects winds up dead. What started out as a white-collar crime has become an all-out war. And unless the young sleuths track down the stunning secret behind the vicious attacks -- they'll be crossing the border in a body bag...
29: Thick As Thieves - 7/89 For Sale
During a daring robbery of rare gems, Frank and Joe spot the thief. Their old enemy Charity has turned up in Bayport -- and once again she manages to slip through their fingers. The Hardys track her to San Diego, where they run smack into a crook's convention. A group of master criminals are planning the crime of the century -- and they think Joe is one of the dishonored guests. Joe joins the gang, but then he disappears in a bomb blast. Frank is left to avenge his brother's death against all odds -- as he tackles a killer tag team with a secret weapon...and a lethal lady named Charity.
30: The Deadliest Dare - 8/89 For Sale
When Bayport is hit by a rash of vicious pranks, Frank and Joe investigate. They aren't sure the tricks are meant to be funny, especially the mysterious phone tip that leads them to a spooky mansion that happens to be on fire. After dousing the blaze, the brother detectives find a vital clue. The trail leads them to a bizarre club dedicated to danger. But the pranks may be only a cover for an ultraserious game plan. Soon the young sleuths find themselves playing straight men for a deadly practical joke -- where the punch line is murder.
31: Without A Trace - 9/89 For Sale
Rancher Roy Carlson asks Frank and Joe to visit his spread in New Mexico after one of his cowboys disappears. While searching the area in an ultralight plane, the Hardys are forced to land. Suddenly the brother detectives are fighting to survive in a vast wilderness -- and along with rattlesnakes and tornadoes a deadly enemy is on their trail. There's a million-dollar bonanza at stake as Frank and Joe uncover the real mystery of the Circle C Ranch. But unless the brothers make their way home, their lives won't be worth a plugged nickel.
32: Blood Money - 10/89 For Sale
Frank and Joe are investigating a series of gangland killings. Crime kingpin Josh Moran is dead and buried, but his murderous legacy lives on. In his will, he left $10 million to be divided among his enemies. The catch is that the money will be paid in three months -- to those who survive! The Hardys find themselves in a deadly race against time, for one of the beneficiaries of Moran's blood money is a former detective for the NYPD -- their own father, Fenton Hardy. Frank and Joe must unmask the triggerman before the dead man's hit list reaches into their own family!
33: Collision Course - 11/89 For Sale
Bayport is hosting its first Grand Prix race, and former world-champion driver Angus McCoy is on hand. But during his qualifying run, McCoy misses a hairpin turn, and his car plunges into the bay. When Frank and Joe try to help investigate, they are beset by violent"accidents," including the destruction of a vital clue. The brother detectives find themselves trapped in a deadly duel of fast cars and freewheeling danger as they chase down the missing link to a murderer. If the Hardys fail to win the rat race, they'll finish in a dead heat with the grim reaper.
34: Final Cut - 12/89 For Sale
When Frank and Joe visit a local movie and TV studio they stumble across a real-life drama -- someone has murdered screenwriter Bennett Fairburn. To track the killer the brother detectives go undercover as gofers at the studio. From the start it's clear the Hardys have been cast as victims in a sinister plot. a series of deadly "accidents" stalk the brother team, and while shooting a TV series Frank and Joe find themselves on the wrong end of some lethal stunts. The clues they need are buried in the script, but unless they uncover the villain fast, the brothers Hardy will be show biz history.
35: The Dead Season - 1/90 For Sale
When Frank and Joe visit a local movie and TV studio they stumble across a real-life drama -- someone has murdered screenwriter Bennett Fairburn. To track the killer the brother detectives go undercover as gofers at the studio. From the start it's clear the Hardys have been cast as victims in a sinister plot. a series of deadly "accidents" stalk the brother team, and while shooting a TV series Frank and Joe find themselves on the wrong end of some lethal stunts. The clues they need are buried in the script, but unless they uncover the villain fast, the brothers Hardy will be show biz history.
36: Running On Empty - 2/90 For Sale
Chet's borrowed Corvette has been hot-wired, and Chet is steamed. But when he tries to nab the crooks, he gets nabbed instead. Frank and Joe put the pedal to the metal, in pursuit of Chet's kidnappers. The brothers go undercover to get the drop on a chopshop ring -- and find themselves riding with some pretty fast company. The hot Caddys, Camaros, and Corvettes are burning up the road, putting the Hardys on a crash course with danger. If they don't hit the curves just right, they'll be eating the care thieves' dust.
37: Danger Zone - 3/90 For Sale
When an ultrasecret project takes Fenton Hardy to Massachusetts, the Hardy Boys come home one afternoon to find that kidnappers have taken their mother. The kidnappers demand to talk to Frank and Joe's father within twenty-four hours -- or the boys may never talk to their mother again! The key to the case is at Prometheus Computing, where Fenton is in charge of security. The company's latest product is a highly advanced computer chip sure to shape the future of artificial intelligence. But to protect the chip and their family, the Hardys will to rely on their natural intelligence and courage. They must find their father and infiltrate the DANGER ZONE before time runs out on their mother!
38: Diplomatic Deceit - 4/90 For Sale
When an ultrasecret project takes Fenton Hardy to Massachusetts, the Hardy Boys come home one afternoon to find that kidnappers have taken their mother. The kidnappers demand to talk to Frank and Joe's father within twenty-four hours -- or the boys may never talk to their mother again! The key to the case is at Prometheus Computing, where Fenton is in charge of security. The company's latest product is a highly advanced computer chip sure to shape the future of artificial intelligence. But to protect the chip and their family, the Hardys will to rely on their natural intelligence and courage. They must find their father and infiltrate the DANGER ZONE before time runs out on their mother!
39: Flesh And Blood - 5/90 For Sale
A tornado has hit Bayport, but the deadliest storm is still brewing -- in the Hardy home. Years ago, Fenton Hardy sent a criminal named Leonard Mock to prison. Now Mock's son has returned to Bayport to seek revenge. He has vowed to put Frank and Joe's father away for good! But Leonard Mock lost his son to adoption when the boy was five. His name was changed, and the only clue to his identity is that he has since befriended the Hardy boys. Then the brothers uncover a shocking and horrifying piece of evidence. The person out to murder their father may very well be none other than Chet Morton -- their best and most trusted friend!
40: Fright Wave - 6/90 For Sale
Surf's up in Hawaii, and the Hardy boys are riding a crime wave into danger! Somebody's trying to deep-six champion surfer Jade Roberts, and Frank and Joe are determined to keep her from going under. From Waikiki to Diamond Head, the Hardys find themselves in hot pursuit of a powerful crime boss. In the face of bullet-spraying motorboats and killer copters, they run the risk of suffering the worst wipeout of their lives!
41: Highway Robbery - 7/90 For Sale
The highway can be a very dangerous place -- especially when you're carrying a heavy cargo. The Hardys have gone undercover, determined to crack a truck hijacking scheme, but a ruthless gang of thugs are just as determined to run them off the road. The hijackers are spreading terror on the interstates, and whoever gets in their way could end up on a one-way dead-end street. Someone's going to eat asphalt, but Frank and Joe are prepared. They're gunning the engines and riding the roads on eighteen wheels of diesel-powered chrome and steel.
42: The Last Laugh - 8/90 For Sale
A San Diego comic book convention tuns into a real blast when guest speaker Barry Johns, legendary publisher of Zenith Comics, is kidnapped. But the Hardys can hardly believe their eyes. Johns is abducted by two characters straight off the illustrated page -- the Human Dreadnought and Flame Fiend! Frank and Joe's investigation leads them into a confrontation with a rogue's gallery of comic book villains come to life, each armed with sinister, super-sophisticated powers. But the boys are determined to have the last laugh by unmasking the criminal mastermind behind the crazy comic book caper.
43: Strategic Moves - 9/90 For Sale
While attending an international summer school at England's Oxford University, the Hardys learn just how much times have changed. Frank's roommate, Pyotr Zigonev, is the USSR Junior chess champ, and he had become a pawn in an international power play. But just as the boys rally to Zigonev, they discover that the CIA has joined forces with the KGB. The American and Soviet spy masters are out to foil a master of terrorism, and Frank and Joe and Zigonev are caught in the middle. One false move and they'll lose the ultimate game -- a danger-packed contest played out in the cold gray shadows of Stonehenge.
44: Castle Fear - 10/90 For Sale
Jed Shannon, a young American movie star on location in England, has received a threat against his life. When the Hardys set out to investigate, they are drawn into a case worthy of Sherlock Holmes -- and a conspiracy as thick as the London Fog. Jillian Seabright, a beautiful British actress befriended by Jed, has vanished. The key to the mystery lies in her resemblance to missing emerald heiress Emily Cornwall. Frank and Joe trace the damsels in distress to a medieval mansion on the moors -- Castle Fear. Dodging bullets and battle-axes, the boys are out to prove that chivalry is not dead -- but one wrong move and they will be!
45: In Self-Defense For Sale
The Hardys pay a visit to Bayport's newest martial arts school and find that someone's trying to run the place out of the neighborhood. The Scorpions, a tough street gang, say the building is on their turf, and the school's students have already felt the Scorpion's sting. The home boys may want to rumble with the Hardy boys, but when high explosives come into the picture, Frank and Joe figure there's more than a street fight at stake. The unknown enemy is willing to use deadly force to destroy the school, and the Hardys will have to get down to business -- and give a lesson of their own.
46: Foul Play - 12/90 For Sale
Someone's embezzling major league money from the minor league Bayport Blues, and retired baseball great, manager Stuart Murphy, is the prime suspect. He wants the Hardy boys to clear his name -- and as a sign of good faith, he gives them a vintage baseball card valued at $100,000! But the boys face a dangerous lineup of hoods and henchmen who want the card at all costs. The game is heating up fast, and every pitch is down and dirty. Frank and Joe are right in the line of fire, and they'll have to come out swinging -- or risk becoming the ultimate victims of foul play.
47: Flight Into Danger - 1/91 For Sale
Frank's old friend Ray Adamec, former ace navy pilot, has been hired to test pilot a superhot, supersleek jet -- the MAX 1. But then Ray disappears, and the MAX 1 is nowhere to be found. Frank's pilot license proves invaluable as the Hardys take control of the MAX 2. Their mission: find Ray and recover the MAX 1 before it falls into dangerous hands. Finding a clue to the whereabouts of the MAX 1 in the Utah desert, the boys set out to investigate. Instead they find themselves outnumbered and outgunned in a high-tech, high-altitude air battle. They've flown into the middle of a subversive plot posing a deadly threat to the top levels of the U.S. space program and the US government!
48: Rock 'N' Revenge - 2/91 For Sale
When Buddy Death brings his heavy metal band to Bayport, danger takes center stage. For while hard rock fans would kill for a ticket, someone's out to kill the star of the show! The Hardys, hired to help set up the concert, soon find themselves working overtime as Buddy Death's bodyguards. But saving Buddy's skin is not an easy job, and Frank and Joe can't afford to miss a single beat. The hot-shot rock star has ore enemies than he does amplifiers -- and every piece of high-tech equipment onstage is a potential Buddy Death trap.
49: Dirty Deeds - 3/91 For Sale
Frank, Joe, and Callie are off to Virginia City, Nevada, heart of the Comstock Lode, to visit Callie's friend Kerry Prescott. Kerry's father, Ted, has developed a system to extract new gold from old mines -- but the deeper Ted digs, the more danger he finds. Someone means to put him down for good! Gold fever is running high, and lives are at stake. But Frank and Joe stake a claim of their own: they're out to put a stop to a gold-digging, gun-toting gang of desperadoes. The Hardys head for a showdown eighty feet underground, where they discover just how wild the Wild West can be.
50: Power Play - 4/91 For Sale
Bright Futures Development has announced the invention of a powerful new solar energy cell, and the Hardy boys have gone undercover to protect it from industrial spies. But the action proves too hot to handle: a company employee assigned to the solar cell lab has turned up dead! Was it an inside job? or was it a rival company out to burn the competition? Frank and Joe follow a trail of deceit and double-dealing and discover that the truth behind the solar power source is much darker than they suspected. Plenty of high-energy action awaits them as they fly straight into a fiery web of danger!
51: Choke Hold - 5/91 For Sale
Professional wrestler Sammy "The Kung Fu King" Rand is in trouble up to his triceps. He's a marked man -- the victim of a series of suspicious ringside accidents. Frank and Joe decide to go undercover to find out who wants to put Sammy down for the count -- for good! The Hardys will have to make some pretty slick moves and take on some pretty rough customers to pin this case down. When the boys square off against such muscle-masters as Tomahawk, the Constrictor, and Major Disaster, they'd better be ready for the match of their lives!
52: Uncivil War - 6/91 For Sale
Historian Andrew Donnell invites the Hardys to Tennessee to join in a reenactment of the battle of Shiloh -- Frank in Confederate gray, Joe in Union blue. But soon both boys are seeing red. Rifles are raised, shots ring out, and Donnell falls to the ground -- cut down by real bullets! The Hardys check out the nearby Civil War theme park, where their fun soon turns to terror. The tunnel of love, the hall of mirrors, and the Rebel Yell roller coaster have been rigged to thrill the boys to death. The war games are over, the true battle begun -- Frank and Joe are directly in the line of fire!
53: Web Of Horror - 7/91 For Sale
The Hardys are working security on the set of the latest film in a cult classic series, Horror House V. Frank and Joe get the chance to appear on-screen as victims of the movie's psycho murderer -- the dreaded Reaper. But the fake fun soon turns to true terror when producer Andrew Warmouth meets a death as horrible as anything captured on film! The movie is being shot on location at an actual haunted house, and the ghastly truth behind the murder is buried within. The investigation leads Frank and Joe into a living nightmare: They must face their worst fears and track down an elusive, cold-blooded killer before he strikes again!
54: Deep Trouble - 8/91 For Sale
Long-lost treasure beckons Frank and Joe to a deep-sea adventure in the Bahamas. The Hardys join a crew of divers seeking to unlock the gold-laden vaults of a long-ago shipwreck. But promise soon turns to peril as the treasure hunters become the hunted -- and the Hardy boys become the targets of sabotage! Frank and Joe discover that beneath the ocean's surface lurk the deepest dangers. They plunge into a world of supercharged speedboat chases and underwater combat and are drawn into a deadly game in which the winners go for the gold and the losers go to the sharks!
55: Beyond The Law - 9/91 For Sale
Scandal rocks the Bayport police force! New commissioner Mark DeCampo has suspended veteran police chief Ezra Collig, saying he has proof Collig was once a bagman in a bribery scheme. Now Collig is on the run, and when DeCampo barely survives a car bomb, the chief is accused of attempted murder! The Hardys have had differences with Collig in the past, but they refuse to believe he's a dirty cop. The boys head to Millerton, the town where Collig began his career, and expose a 35-year-old police cover-up. But they also stir up a new case -- a case of deceit, dishonor, and danger that leads straight back to Bayport!
56: Height Of Danger - 10/91 For Sale
Frank and Joe are working security at the World Snowboarding Championships in Austria, and they're learning fast that the Alps can be as dangerous as they are beautiful -- the perfect setting for sabotage. Ken Gibson is the number-one competitor and the number-one target. Reason: He's been leading a secret life! The race is on, and the stakes are as steep as they get. Frank and Joe discover that both the Network and an underworld gang have gotten into the game. The Hardys are standing on top of a mountain of trouble -- and it's about to explode under their feet!
57: Terror On Track - 11/91 For Sale
Frank and Joe join Andrew Driscoll, the son of a professor, on a critical cross-country train ride. They are acting as decoys in a top-secret plan to transport a deadly virus from San Francisco to Chicago. In the wrong hands, the virus could unleash a biological catastrophe of unimaginable proportions! But the plan goes haywire when Andrew disappears and the shocking truth about the Hardys' mission becomes clear. The boys begin to suspect that they are the ones ticketed for disaster, and that the end of the line -- for both them and the virus -- is dangerously near!
58: Spiked! - 12/91 For Sale
A vacation in Laguna Beach, California, together with a big-time volleyball tournament in the sun and sand, have put the Hardys in seventh heaven. The action promises to be hard and fast and fun -- so what could possibly go wrong? Nothing...until the games begin and murder takes a hand! The Frosty Soft Drink Company is sponsoring the event to promote their new sports drink, Hi-Kick. But the contest has turned into a tournament of terror, and one competitor has already paid with his life. Frank and Joe will have to high kick their game into high gear -- before the cost of a cold drink puts someone else on ice!
59: Open Season - 1/92 For Sale
When you follow the call of the wild, danger is always on the prowl! Frank and Joe take off on a cross-country skiing trip into the Colorado Rockies and soon find themselves facing the greatest challenge of all: a test of survival! They've befriended a conservationist K.D. Becker, a woman dedicated to saving the endangered mountain lion. But K.D.'s been shot -- and now it's her life that hangs in the balance. The boys discover that K.D.'s mission to create a wildlife preserve has stirred up passions as old as the frontier itself. Ranchers, hunters, and native Americans all want the land -- and K.D. stood in the way. The hunt is on, and the Hardys are hot on the trail of suspect. But the shooter's not about to give in without a fight, and now Frank and Joe have become fair game!
60: Deadfall - 2/92 For Sale
Crosscut, Oregon, is a town divided. Two rival lumber mills are in fierce competition, while the tension between pro- and anti-logging forces threatens to tear Crosscut apart. And when an explosion at one mill claims the life of its owner, the police charge Callie Shaw's uncle, environmentalist Stan Shaw, with the murder! Frank and Joe refuse to let Stan take the fall. But the land around Crosscut is rough country -- and the men in it are even rougher. Before the boys can clear Stan's name, they'll have to clear a path through a dangerous world of chain saws and bulldozers, dynamite and double barreled shotguns!
61: Grave Danger - 3/92 For Sale
The Hardy boys come to the Yucatan to take on a gang of grave robbers. Stolen Mexican artifacts have appeared in Bayport, and Frank and Joe intend to cut the smugglers off at the source. But the jungle is full of deception and distraction, including a bevy of beautiful models who have appeared at the site for a photography shoot. A different kind of shooting, though, quickly puts the Hardys back on track. The raiders of the Mayan pyramids are packing automatic weapons, and they're not about to give up their lucrative looting without a fight. They plan to draw Frank and Joe into the jungle and add two deep new chambers to the ancient tombs!
62: Final Gambit - 4/92 For Sale
A cool million in cash can raise temperatures in even the hottest towns, and no city of earth sizzles like Las Vegas, Nevada. The Hardys have come to the Camelot Casino so Frank can compete in the National Computer Chess Championship. But before the first move is made, the boys find themselves pawns in a chilling kidnapping caper. The daughter of a ruthless local businessman is the victim, and Frank and Joe are prime suspects. The only way to clear their name is find the girl and grab her abductors. But the kidnappers are masters of the game. The Hardys must watch their step and make every move count -- or they may end up walking into a deadly desert trap!
63: Cold Sweat - 5/92 For Sale
Will wonders never cease? Chet Morton, the original coach potato, has joined Bayport's new state-of-the-art health club. But the Hardys know what's really on his mind, and her name is Dawn Reynolds, aerobics instructor. One mystery solved, an even bigger one awaits: The boys have found that working out in the club's weight room may be hazardous to their health. Chet ends up in the hospital, and another of the club's members ends up in the bay...dead! Frank and Joe suspect that an underworld gang has muscled in on the action. The Hardys know they're in for the fight of their lives because when push comes to shove, these are the kind of thugs who'll stop pumping iron and start spraying lead!
64: Endangered Species - 6/92 For Sale
The Hardys join their father on an undercover mission into the African wild. On the trail of a multimillion-dollar smuggling operation, they're out to learn the fate of a missing U.S. Customs official. Thrust into a world of poisonous snakes and man-eating lions, the boys soon confront the most dangerous beast of all... Poachers armed with high-powered weapons are devastating herds of endangered species. Shocked by the slaughter, Frank and Joe are dead set on shutting the smugglers down. But they pay a terrible price for the truth: a tragic murder that will lead them out of Africa and into the most painful and perilous investigation of their lives!
65: No Mercy - 7/92 For Sale
For Frank and Joe, a journey in search of justice has turned into a personal mission of revenge. Their intercontinental chase has led them from Kenya to Stockholm, Sweden. Target: Phoenix Enterprises, an international combine of supersmugglers that the Hardys hold responsible for their father's death. But the boys are just beginning to realize how powerful the group is. High-tech weaponry, terrorism, and human suffering are their stock-in-trade. Led on by a beautiful woman, pursued by a trained assassin, the Hardys find danger at every turn. But they'll take any road and any risk to expose the truth -- even if it leads across Europe and into the heart of the deadly Phoenix maze

66: The Phoenix Equation - 8/92 For Sale
The Hardys have come thousands of miles in search of their father's killers and will go to the ends of the earth to complete the job. From Stockholm to Copenhagen to Berlin, the trail is getting hotter by the minute -- and their mission ever more critical. They've uncovered a shocking new piece of evidence: Fenton Hardy may be alive after all! But the boys are working without a net, with no one to trust: not the beautiful Ilsa Khoo, not Interpol, not even the U.S. Government. Someone inside the operation has betrayed the investigation, leaving Frank and Joe out in the cold. They'll have to go it alone and infiltrate Phoenix Enterprises no matter the risks. The time has come to face the truth and face the enemy!
67: Lethal Cargo - 9/92 For Sale
The Hardys have agreed to sail a friend's yacht from the island of Saint Martin to the coast of Florida. But sinister winds are blowing across the Caribbean, and the brothers' voyage is about to take a deadly detour. In the middle of the night, a 5,000-ton cargo ship appears out of the darkness and nearly sends the yacht -- and the boys -- to the bottom of the sea. When Frank and Joe investigate, they discover that the freighter's crew is missing and that they've landed in a shipload of trouble. The ship's secret cargo may have incited a mutiny and may soon ignite the violent overthrow of an island nation. From Puerto Rico to Panama, the boys pursue a gang of black marketeers willing to sell anything -- including human life -- for a price!
68: Rough Riding - 10/92 For Sale
Frank and Joe are learning the true meaning of the words "Wild West." Invited to stay at a ranch in the Texas Panhandle, they arrive just in time to attend the Dry Valley Rodeo. The star of the show is a rugged young cowboy named Buck -- but his day in the sun is about to take a dark turn: he's riding straight into a Texas-size setup! Buck's high-powered performance is abruptly cut short by a high-powered rifle, and the Hardys are determined to find out why. The truth may lie in Buck's shadowy past or in his sudden success, but one thing's for sure: money and lives are at stake. The boys had better learn the rodeo ropes fast, or they may be the ones to bite the dust!
69: Mayhem In Motion - 11/92 For Sale
Vanessa Bender has received a rude welcome to Bayport High -- her car tires have been slashed in the school parking lot. But the Hardys learn that vandalism is the least of the new girl's worries. Vanessa's mother has just opened an animation studio, and her plan to unleash a collection of crazy cartoon canines on prime-time television has set off a deadly chain of events. A fire at the studio and the death of one of the show's creators may send the entire production up in smoke. But Frank and Joe soon bring the big picture into focus: it's a clear case of arson...and murder. Using the art of illusion, the boys hope to draw the culprit out of hiding. The plan has only one flaw -- the killer has already drawn a bead on them!
70: Rigged For Revenge - 12/92 For Sale
The Hardy boys are bound on a perilous trouble-shooting mission. Destination: Deep Six, a floating oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The brothers have gone undercover -- Frank as a helicopter pilot, Joe as a jack-of-all-trades -- to find out who's trying to destroy the operation, putting four giant rigs and their crews at risk. The Hardys learn that an eco-terrorist organization is openly opposed to the rigs. But they also find that bad blood in this business flows as thick as the oil, and that the truth may be as treacherous as a tropical storm. They've landed in the middle of a high-seas battle-ground -- a dirty war that could trigger ecological disaster at any moment!
71: Real Horror - 1/93 For Sale
Mark Stevens is America's king of horror writers, but now someone is trying to knock him off the throne. He's invited two of his biggest fans, Frank and Joe Hardy, into his home -- Nightmare House -- to investigate a bizarre series of threats against his life. The strangest twist of all is that in finishing his new book, Stevens may have written his own obituary! The writer faces his worst nightmare -- the terrors of his imagination have come to life. Evil poltergeists, deadly poisons, and razor-sharp guillotines have risen from the novel's pages to torment Stevens in his own home. If Frank and Joe don't find a way to demolish the plot and defuse the danger, the last chapter could be murder!
72: Screamers - 2/93 For Sale
The Hardy Boys have come to Chicago with the father to attend a meeting of computer experts at the Evanco building. But suddenly, without warning, the 120-story skyscraper is turned into a tower of terror. A gang of gunmen invades the offices, snatches an attractive young college woman, and disappears into the night! Her name is Sarah Evans, daughter of the rich and reclusive owner of Evanco, J.P. Evans, and her kidnapping is the key to a global conspiracy of computer destruction. The world's most powerful computers have been turned into long-distance time bombs, and Frank and Joe are racing the clock -- both to save Sarah and defuse the ultimate high-tech weapon!
73: Bad Rap - 3/93 For Sale
Somebody's ripping off rap artist Randy Rand by counterfeiting copies of his hottest tunes and cutting in on his profits. For Frank and Joe, the case is a piece of cake. The trail leads right to a hustler named Jack Martinelli, and the Hardys catch the con man in the act. But he act turns downright dirty when Martinelli turns up dead. Suddenly rapster Randy faces a murder rap -- and the Hardy boys face deadly danger on the mean streets of New York. They're convinced the real killer is running free, and it's up to them to do their stuff -- no matter how rough it gets. Because if they don't find the dude who did the deed, cool man Randy Rand will soon be cooling his heels in jail!
74: Road Pirates - 4/93 For Sale
Frank and Joe are working on a high-risk, high-stakes undercover operation. A hijacking ring is spreading terror through New York, snatching high-priced cars at gunpoint. Posing as expert thieves, the boys follow the gang from the streets of the city to the islands of the Caribbean -- into the heart of an international black-marketing scheme! But down in the islands, it's open season on the Hardy boys. Cut off from the outside world and from outside help, they discover that their cover has been blown. They're driving a dangerous road -- hard and fast and slick -- and one slip of the wheel could lead to a deadly end. But when Frank and Joe get in gear, there's no turning back.
75: No Way Out - 5/93 For Sale
In the wilderness sport of orienteering, you have only three tools to guide you: a map, a compass, and your instincts. Frank and Joe have come to the mountains of Idaho to learn the game from a master, college champ Rob Niles. But on this particular course, the boys soon find that there's only one instinct that counts -- the instinct for survival. A deadly trap has been set for Rob, and he and the Hardys are headed into treacherous terrain -- a land of rattlesnakes, rock slides, and pinpoint sniper fire. As they blaze a trail to the truth, their courage, resourcefulness, and strength will be tested to the limit. Because if they lose their bearings, they may just lose their lives as well!
76: Tagged For Terror - 6/93 For Sale
A sophisticated ring of luggage thieves has put a choke on Eddings Air, threatening to ground the young airline for good. Working undercover as baggage handlers, the Hardys agree to scope out the airline's center of operation in Atlanta. But their welcome is less than cordial -- Frank and Joe discover that they too may be headed for a crash landing! From the complex of tunnels beneath the airport to the enigmatic pasts of the airline's employees, the boys are drawn into a labyrinth of sabotage and deceit. Picking up clues to a conspiracy extending far beyond a few missing suitcases, they begin to suspect that much more than the future of Eddings Air is at stake. A scheme is in place, a plot about to unfold, in which murder is only the beginning.
77: Survival Run - 7/93 For Sale
Working undercover for an Atlanta airline, the Hardys have uncovered an international terrorist ring -- the Assassins -- bent on high-stakes smuggling and cold-blooded murder. But who is in control? What is their ultimate aim? Who will be the next to die? The dangerous truth lies in the rough and rugged wilderness of faraway Alaska.... The perilous passage north takes Frank and Joe into the heart of a titanic struggle. The Assassins are preparing to square off against the ultrasecret government agency, the Network, and it is a battle in which one is safe -- and no one can be trusted. Caught in a treacherous cross fire, the boys have only one ally, the beautiful Gina Abend, and even she may be leading them into a fatal trap!
78: The Pacific Conspiracy - 8/93 For Sale
From Atlanta to Alaska to the exotic shores of Indonesia, Frank and Joe Hardy have penetrated the inner sanctum of a worldwide terrorist network: the Assassins. Now drawn into the enemy's lair, the Hardys face their greatest challenge and greatest risk -- to uncover the true purpose and power of the violent criminal conspiracy. Trapped deep in the Indonesian jungle, their covers blown, the boys can't afford to turn back. They confront a force so potent, an intelligence so evil, there's no time to seek reinforcements. Braving the heights of terror, Frank and Joe alone will have to defuse an explosive scheme that could erupt into a catastrophe of global proportions!
79: Danger Unlimited - 9/93 For Sale
Joe's girlfriend, Vanessa Bender, has introduced the Hardys to an old friend of her family, Brett Cooper. Brett is the pilot and designer of Brett's Beauty, the high-powered piston-engine prop plane set to compete in the upcoming Bayport Unlimited Air Races. But while he's aiming to break the world speed record, someone else has targeted him for terror! The key to the case is the mystery of Brett Cooper himself -- his hidden past, his hidden enemies. For Frank and Joe, the investigation quickly turns into a crash course in danger, as they fly blind into a web of blackmail, sabotage, and murder. They're about to learn that in a world of daredevil pilots and death-defying stunts, risks can be sky-high.
80: Dead Of Night - 10/93 For Sale
Trick or treat has turned to terror for the Hardy boys. Never before have they experienced a more horrific Halloween -- a nightmare come true. First, it was Joe's friend Vanessa Bender.... Then Frank's friend Callie Shaw.... And now their own mother. Frank and Joe are the only witnesses to three shocking murders -- and no one believes them! Strange, unspeakable forces are loose in Bayport. Enemies the boys thought long dead have risen like demons to taunt and terrorize them. Now they stand alone in a titanic battle against an awesome, unknown power -- a chilling army of evil determined to pursue them into the grave...or to the very edge of madness!
81: Sheer Terror - 11/93 For Sale
An urgent call for help from their father's friend, chemist Sam Gentle has drawn Frank and Joe across country to northern Arizona. The cryptic message offers no clue to the danger he's in, and it's one secret he will never reveal. Soon after their arrival, the boys find Sam Gentle lying at the bottom of Wolf's Tooth Canyon -- a victim of murder. The Hardys suspect that Sam's research at Titan Chemical Industries led to a discovery that turned him into a target for terror. But his death was only the beginning. The chemist left behind a deadly hidden legacy, and Frank and Joe are all that stands between the killer and Sam's daughter Tiffany!
82: Poisoned Paradise - 12/93 For Sale
The Hardys have come to an environmental conference in New York City at the invitation of their friend Ed Yanomama, son of a Venezuelan tribal chief. But in his struggle to save the earth, Ed may end up losing his freedom. Businessman Roger O'Neill, a notorious exploiter of the rain forest, has been kidnapped in Venezuela, and the FBI has put the finger on Ed! Convinced that Ed has been framed, Frank and Joe head for the jungles of South America. Even as they face blood-hungry bats, flesh-eating ants, and razor-toothed piranha fish, the boys discover that no animal is more vicious than man. Drawn into conflict with ruthless cattle barons and violent revolutionaries, they cut through a forest of lies toward a truth as shocking as it is deadly!
83: Toxic Revenge - 1/94 For Sale
In an effort to protect the environment, the students of Bayport High have organized a massive recycling campaign -- Project Planet Earth. Even the industrial giant United Plastics has expressed support for the idea. But someone has developed a more sinister plan -- a campaign of sabotage designed to poison the entire project. Frank and Joe's investigation turns urgent when the dirty tricks turn deadly. A United Plastics security guard is crushed in a factory machine, and the Hardys have evidence of blackmail and murder. But they won't be able to prove a thing until they put their own lives at risk...penetrating the company's defenses and uncovering the darkest, dirtiest secret of all!
84: False Alarm - 2/94 For Sale
There's a new brother team in town -- Ed and Peter Mason -- and they've got Frank and Joe's number. Ed has already put Joe down on the wrestling mat, and Peter's robots are sure to put Frank's science project to shame. And now the Masons are putting the moves on Callie and Vanessa. All's fair in love and war, but the Hardys don't even know what's at stake. An even bigger test awaits them. Fenton Hardy has taken charge of a multimillion-dollar jewelry exhibit at the Bayport Museum, and his supersophisticated security system has suddenly gone haywire. Realizing that much more than their reputations are on the line, and Frank and Joe close ranks with their father in the fight of their lives...against a criminal mastermind!
85: Winner Take All - 3/94 For Sale
Frank and Joe's friend Ben Martin has just hit the jackpot in the state lottery. His prize: a cool five million dollars' worth of pure danger! Ben's about to discover that sudden wealth can be a sure ticket to disaster...because there's nothing like cold, hard cash to bring out the cold-hearted schemes of a greedy, criminal mind. The high cost of living is already taking a toll -- Ben's sister, Emily, has been kidnapped for a king's ransom. From small-time hustlers to big-time operators, just about everyone's looking for a piece of the action, and the Hardys have no trouble finding suspects. The trick is getting to Emily and getting her home before she pays the highest price of all!
86: Virtual Villainy - 4/94 For Sale
In San Francisco to attend VidCon, a video game convention, the Hardys uncover a case of high-tech industrial espionage. The Xyrodian Corporation has lost some of its most futuristic designs to the black market. And as Frank and Joe seek to trace the piracy to its source, they discover that the video games have taken on a new -- and dangerous -- dimension! In a world of virtual reality, the games have been programmed for terror. The Hardys match wits and reflexes with gangs of motorcycle marauders, back-alley brawlers, and Ninja warriors. But they know that the ultimate challenge will come at the hands of a computer and criminal mastermind -- an elusive foe who has already demonstrated a real genius for murder!
87: Dead Man In Deadwood - 5/94 For Sale
The excitement, the thrills, the danger of the American frontier ride once again in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Attending the annual Wild West Week in the town of Deadwood, the Hardy boys land smack in the middle of a simmering brushfire -- a feud that is about to burst into a full-blown war. In the land of the Little Bighorn, the battle now pits the Sioux against a local developer. A multimillion-dollar deal is at stake, and the fight has already cost one man his life. The boys aren't sure who fired the fatal shot, but they do know that they could be next. The word is out among a new breed of desperado...Wanted: Frank and Joe Hardy, better dead than alive!
88: Inferno Of Fear - 6/94 For Sale
The Hardys have come to Alaska's Denali National Park to experience the awesome power of America's final wilderness. But in the face of a disastrous series of forest fires, they discover that the true test of survival will pit them not against natural forces -- but against human evil. For the fires have been deliberately set. With crime -- and the flames -- raging out of control, the boys leap into action, joining a crack team of parachuting fire-fighters. They uncover a trail of destruction, greed, and arson for profit, which leads them directly into the line of fire. The sparks are flying, and Frank and Joe are about to descend into the fight of their lives!
89: Darkness Falls - 7/94 For Sale
The Hardys have come to the Hawaiian Islands to join in a scientific research project at the Mauna Kea Observatory. They have won the chance to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event -- a total solar eclipse. But at the very instant day turns to night, the excitement suddenly turns deadly. The boys find the expedition leader...murdered! Frank and Joe begin a research project of their own and make some shocking discoveries: The expedition has long been plagued by personal hatred, professional jealousy, and financial greed. They have plenty of theories but must come up with some hard facts. For evil lurks in the shadows...and more violence could erupt at any moment!
90: Deadly Engagement - 8/94 For Sale
It's August in New York City, and Frank and Joe are feeling the heat. Jeweler Biju Kumar has asked the boys to find his missing son, Sanjay. But Sanjay may not want to be found. He had secretly been planning to elope with the daughter of his father's worst enemy, and not only is he gone, so is $10,000 worth of his father's gold! But even as they are drawn into a century-old blood feud, the Hardys begin to suspect that the real danger lies in the mean streets of the city itself. They discover that Sanjay may have crossed the most notorious criminal in New York's Little India. Nobody knows the criminal's true identity -- nobody, that is, who has lived to tell about it!
91: Hot Wheels - 9/94 For Sale
It's ninety degrees in the shade, and the temperatures and tempers are boiling over. The Hardys are competing in the Suntex Solar Challenge, a race of super-charged, solar-powered cars across the Arizona desert. But for Frank and Joe, the 500-mile concrete speedway is about to turn into a crash course in sabotage! Not only is a $100,000 prize at stake, but so is the inside track on a multimillion-dollar contract for future car design. And someone's determined to win at any cost. Facing flash fires, stun grenades, and deadly electric shocks, the Hardys put the pedal to the metal in their scorching-hot chase after a high-speed, high-tech terrorist!
92: Sabotage At Sea - 10/94 For Sale
The Hardy boys have signed on with the crew of the Sea Spirit II, a perfect replica of a century-old schooner. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test their skill, strength, and resourcefulness at sea. But the stakes suddenly turn dangerously real wen the ocean-bound adventure becomes a true voyage into terror! What is the source of the ghastly apparitions haunting the ship? What treachery lies behind the attempt to set her aflame? What unknown force has risen from the waves, bent on destruction? Frank and Joe are at the eye of the storm, and they alone must find the answers...before the Sea Spirit II plunges to the icy depths of the shark-infested sea.
93: Mission: Mayhem - 11/94 For Sale
The Hardys have taken the ultimate challenge: a rigorous pre-astronaut training program at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. But in a course designed to simulate the actual conditions of space flight, the boys discover that the risks are dangerously real. Someone on the team is out to scuttle the mission...with potentially deadly consequences! Launching their own investigation, Frank and Joe are drawn to the very cutting edge of space-age technology. But time is running out and the stakes are sky-high. They've entered a world where there's zero margin for error, a world where each new act of sabotage puts an explosive new spin on terror!
94: A Taste For Terror - 12/94 For Sale
Former astronaut Perry Housman has invited Frank and Joe to Tunisia for the hundredth anniversary of the International Explorers Guild. There they join some of the most intrepid young men and women in the world -- trailblazers, mountain climbers, deep-sea divers. But of all the challenges the explorers face, none is more deadly than the killer now in their midst! Thor Sonderstrom, who controls the money that can make or break an expedition, has been poisoned. Determined to unmask the murderer, the Hardys soon find that the site of the celebration, an ancient fortress, has turned into a perilous palace of intrigue. In a world of shadowy secrets and venomous hatreds, danger and death lurk in the most unexpected places!
95: Illegal Procedure - 1/95 For Sale
The Hardys have come to the West Coast for Christmas break, and they're about to tackle a case of pro football foul play. Following the suspicious death of their star player, the San Diego Sharks have hit the skids, and their owner is convinced it's a setup. The boys agree o go undercover and are soon mixing it up with some hard and heavy hitters. Talk of contraband in the locker room, of blackmail and bribery, lead Frank and Joe to believe that a crime syndicate has infiltrated the team. Big money is at stake, and there's no telling how far the syndicate will go to protect its interests. The blitz is on, and if the Hardys don't come up with a few trick plays of their own, they could face sudden death!
96: Against All Odds - 2/95 For Sale
Frank and and Joe make a special trip to Bayport Fairgrounds to check out the steeplechase races. They want to catch the champion horse Against All Odds in action. Fast, fit, and powerful, he's a stallion with a million-dollar future ahead of him. But suddenly all bets are off. Soon after the race, the boys discover that Against All Odds has disappeared. The Hardys know this is more than a simple case of horse thievery. Whoever took Against All Odds is a master of deception, diversion...and intimidation. And the stakes in the race to recover the horse couldn't be higher. Frank and Joe are in hot pursuit of a ruthless and desperate criminal -- one willing to kill to cover his tacks!
97: Pure Evil - 3/95 For Sale
Callie's uncle Adam makes maple syrup in New Hampshire, and she's invited Frank and Joe to join her there for spring break. The idea is to go cross-country skiing -- a plan that quickly goes sour. Someone has deliberately tainted the crop, and if the Hardys don't catch the culprit, Uncle Adam will soon be tapped out. But the threat to Uncle Adam's business is only the beginning. A gang has targeted other farmers in the area, and they've added two new names to their list: Frank and Joe Hardy. The boys are in the thick of it, facing bomb-throwing saboteurs and chain saw-wielding thugs in an all-out battle to save reputations...and save lives!
98: Murder By Magic - 4/95 For Sale
The Hardy boys have signed on as stagehands for Legerdemania -- the annual extravaganza showcasing the world's master magicians. But this year's spectacular proves to be a killer. Gideon the Great's assistant, Miranda, was supposed to do a vanishing act. Instead she ends up dead...and the murderer disappears. The competition onstage is fierce, and Frank and Joe soon discover that just about every magician has a motive for murder. And determined to avoid exposure, the real killer is more than willing to perform an encore. The Hardys will have to come up with some hocus-pocus of their own, or they might end up victims of the dirtiest, deadliest trick of all!
99: Frame-Up - 5/95 For Sale
The annual computer Horizons convention has brought the Hardys to New Orleans. Folks call the city the Big Easy, but if the boys aren't careful, they could both go down hard. The trouble begins in a jazz club down on Bourbon Street. Together with their friend Vanessa, they run into Billy Barta, a local guy from the convention, and it's one encounter they'll never forget.... Billy asks Vanessa to dance. Joe gets jealous, then gets into a fight. The next day Joe gets arrested -- for the murder of Billy Barta! Frank bails his brother out, but if they don't find the real killer, Joe's bound to take the fall. Billy Barta was into some serious criminal computer action...and Frank and Joe are about to face some serious southern heat!
100: True Thriller - 6/95 For Sale
Oliver Richards writes action-adventure novels, and he wants to make Frank and Joe the stars of his next thriller. But he's unwittingly drawn them into a real-life tale of intrigue and danger. Thanks to him, the Assassins -- an infamous international gang of professional killers -- are back, and the Hardys are at the top of their hit list! In their long and deadly war against the Assassins, the boys have always relied on the Gray Man, top operative in an ultrasecret government agency. But now he may have turned traitor, and they don't know whom to trust. One thing they know for sure: the terrorists are cold and ruthless...and their latest evil scheme could put seven million lives at risk!
101: Peak Of Danger - 7/95 For Sale
Bayport High's newest soccer player, Carlos Capac, is about to draw the Hardys into a deadly new game. When Carlos is nearly killed in an act of sabotage, the boys learn that his father has been kidnapped and there's only one way to save them both: fly to the Capac's South American homeland...and into the middle of political powder keg! The country is ruled by a corrupt dictator and his ruthless military police, Los Lobos Blancos. Carlos's father challenged the White Wolves, and now both father and son may pay the price. Taking on the power of the White Wolves, Frank and Joe they face some pretty steep odds: eruption of terror that could end in human sacrifice.
102: Wrong Side Of The Law - 8/95 For Sale
Frank and Joe stroll out of the movies straight into a real-life drama in progress: a lightning-quick bank robbery. Guns blazing, bullets flying, the same masked gang has hit a batch of local banks, always pulling off the heist right after the arrival of a new shipment of cash. But now the Hardys are in the hunt, vowing to make the robbers pay. Cutting them down won't be easy, thought. Not only have the crooks crafted near-perfect disguises, they're loaded with firepower and ready to let it fly. But the boys have come up with one lead from a very surprising source: Joe's girlfriend, Vanessa. The clue could turn the case in the Hardy's favor...if the gang doesn't turn on Vanessa first!
103: Campaign Of Crime - 9/95 For Sale
The New York State presidential primary is in full swing, and Nathan Webster, computer scientist turned independent candidate, is offering some exciting new ideas for the future. Frank and Joe are eager to hear his major campaign speech in Bayport. But Webster is also attracting a more sinister kind of attention...a kind that could prove fatal! When a bomb disrupts Webster's Bayport appearance, the Hardys sign on as bodyguards -- determined to insure that the candidate can run for office without running into danger. But in protecting Webster, they too become targets of terror. And if Frank and Joe don't catch up with the stalker soon, they could all end up out of the race for good!
104: Wild Wheels - 10/95 For Sale
Frank and Joe's new classmate Lindsey Nichols is more than drop-dead gorgeous -- she's pure trouble. An expert motorcyclist, she loves to take risks, and wherever she goes, danger is sure to follow. Her father's company is putting a classic bike back on the market, and the plan has led to a high-stakes corporate dispute. When the Hardys take sides, they also find they've taken their lives in their hands. Someone's out to kill the new bike before it hits the market -- and killing may be the only way to do it. Dodging firebombs, bullets, and muscle-bound, chain-wielding bikers, Frank and Joe vow to down the saboteur before the fight spins out of control!
105: Law Of The Jungle - 11/95 For Sale
Frank and Joe Hardy are bound for the jungles of Borneo, and the journey may be one of the most desperate and dangerous of their lives. Following a cryptic map sent to them by their father, the boys head into the heart of darkness, where they make a terrifying discovery: Fenton Hardy is on the brink of death! Someone has injected Fenton with a fatal dose of Anthrax-B, and the Hardys have only seven days to find the cure...or lose their father forever. The news gets worse when they learn who and what they are up against: Assassins. Experts in terror, the Assassins are the epitome of evil -- and international netwok that lives to kill!
106: Shock Jock - 12/95 For Sale
Ron Minkus was one of the hottest radio personalities around. His specialty: being a totally obnoxious, equal opportunity offender who'd make nasty jokes about anyone, anytime. In other words, he made a living making enemies. But he's not making a living anymore. The electrifying personality has been electrocuted! The Hardys' investigation leads them to a gang of skinhead thugs known as the Bootstompers. The gang has had run-ins with Minkus before, and for Frank and Joe it quickly turns into a running battle of fists, fireballs, and firebombs. But the real trouble is beginning -- the boys are closing in on a killer with a cold heart and a deadly plan!
107: Fast Break - 1/96 For Sale
Frank and Joe's friend Davis Johns is one of the hottest high school basketall prospects in the state, and two colleges are going all out to sign him. But the competition between the two programs is getting downright ugly. And now the game has taken and even more sinister turn: The head coach at Bayport U. has suddenly dropped dead! The Hardys are convinced that the death came as a result of foul play, and they're determined to slam-dunk the case. But the killer is running the show, he's still got a few shots left, and he's aiming them right at Frank and Joe. The boys know that the clock is ticking down and that losing this game could be murder!
108: Blown Away - 2/96 For Sale
Frank and Joe's friend Phil Cohen, Bayport High's resident electronics whiz, has landed a job at Futron, a manufacturer of highly classified, high-tech military equipment. But the work is loaded with occupational hazards. The Hardys learn just how hazardous when both Phil andhis boss disappear...leaving only a trail of blood behind. The enormous significance of the case becomes clear when the boys come face-to-face with the Gray Man, a top operative for the ultrasecret Network. The investigation leads Frank and Joe from kidnapping to murder...and ultimately to distant, dangerous shores, where a massive threat to global security is waiting to explode.
109: Moment Of Truth - 3/96 For Sale
Frank and Joe's spring vacation is turning out to be anything but a day the beach. Invited by their new friend, Rosa Galvan, to watch her brother Rigo's bullfighting match, they witness an awesome spectacle. Following his brilliant victory over the bull, a helicopter descends from the sky and plucks Rigo out of the ring! Rigo's family has received a demand for a ransom, and unless it is paid, the kidnappers vow to kill him. Rigo's uncle is a powerful man with powerful enemies, and it's up to the Hardys to walk into the ring of danger, stand tall...and bring them down. Their fate, as well as Rigo's, will be determined in one blistering moment of sun, sand, and blood!
110: Bad Chemistry - 4/96 For Sale
Joe Hardy has a new interest in chemistry, and her name is Yvonne Ziebarth. Having quit her graduate studies at the university, she's just signed on at Bayport High to teach, and she's made up of all the right elements to get a reaction out of Joe: She's young, she's cute...and she's the number one suspect in a murder. Her former supervisor was killed by a deadly chemical, and all the evidence points to one conclusion: Yvonne Ziebarth deliberately mislabeled the poison in order to set her professor up. Convinced that she's the one being set up, the Hardys are doing some research of their own...and if they're not careful, the findings could prove fatal!
111: Competitive Edge - 5/96 For Sale
Frank and Joe have landed a couple of cool jobs at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Acting as volunteers, they'll get to watch some of the world's best athletes go for the gold. But from the very start of the opening ceremonies, they realize they are also witnesses to a serious outbreak of crime. Someone is out to sabotage the entire spectacle -- endangering the athletes and the spectators. The Hardys suspect that a distant war has come to the Olympics, turning the fields of competition into a terrorist battleground. Suddenly the boys are running the most important race of all...knowing this is one game that could turn deadly at any moment!
112: Cliff-Hanger - 6/96 For Sale
The Hardys have come halfway around the world to experience one of the most spectacular and forbidding mountain rangers anywhere: the Himalayas. Their intention was to do some serious climbing, and they've gotten their wish...with one catch. Not only will they have to cope with the ice and snow and sudden drops, but they may also be heading straight into an ambush -- set by a murderer! Two climbers were killed in a recent avalanche, and the leader of the expedition is convinced there was foul play. At the top of the list of suspects is Pasang, the uncle of Frank and Joe's friend. When Pasang suddenly vanishes without a trace, the boys realize that the stakes in their climb have just gone up. They're ascending a mountain of mystery...and their lives are on the ropes.
113: Sky High - 7/96 For Sale
Chet has won a ticket to ride from the International Ballooning Club, and the Hardys have learned that it could also be a ticket to disaster. A series of suspicious accidents have plagued the show, and with the upcoming Lift Challenge offering a $100,000 prize, the organizers of the event have received an anonymous threat: "Pay up or die!" Frank and Joe recognize the gravity of the situation. What goes up must come down. But will anyone get hurt when the fall comes? The boys launch a high-stakes, high-risk investigation in search of the extortionist, knowing that the warning is more than hot air. At these heights, a tiny flame could turn one of the balloons into a ball of fire!
114: Clean Sweep - 8/96 For Sale
The Hardys are off to college, and they're about to get an education in deception, kidnapping, and murder! The boys already have an advanced degree in criminal investigations, so they've come to the right place. Frank and Joe are helping their friend Richie move into a dorm when Richie's roommate, Eli, is snatched by a couple of pistol-wielding thugs. Passions on campus are at fever pitch. Eco-terrorists have vowed to stop construction of a chemical incinerator. Meanwhile, a visiting American diplomat, based in the war-torn country of Gabiz, has been targeted for assassination. Whoever's behind Eli's kidnapping, they're deadly serious...and the Hardys must take some serious action to bring him back alive!
115: Cave Trap - 9/96 For Sale
Frank and Joe are headed out on a Kentucky spelunking expedition -- exploring caves, that is. But on this particular descent, something stinks to high heaven. Joe stumbles onto an uncharted subcavern, and suddenly the entire expedition is under attack. The deeper the boys look into the cave, the more hazardous to their health it becomes. They're attacked by a murderous fellow explorer, snared in an ancient booby trap, and caught in a vicious whirlpool. But the Hardys are not about to back down. They're determined to unearth the deadly secret hidden in the cave...even if it takes them to the very bottom of a chasm of danger!
116: Acting Up - 10/96 For Sale
Frank and Joe have come halfway around the world to investigate sabotage on a movie set. India's culture and customs may be foreign to them, but when it comes to battling terror, neither brother is a stranger to danger. And as soon as they set foot in this land of mystery, it's bombs away over Bombay! The Hardys rush to the movie set, where there are lights, cameras, and nonstop action. Someone's determined to put them out of commission by whatever means necessary: powerful explosives, razor-edged machetes, a cobra's poisonous fangs. The Hardys can't afford to miss their mark...because this is one flick sure to have a killer climax!
117: Blood Sport - 11/96 For Sale
Frank Hardy has joined a Bayport fencing class, and although just a beginner, he's been selected to participate in a major tournament. But the competition is cutthroat -- in more ways than one. He and his brother, Joe, who's coming along for the ride, will have to keep their wits and their swords sharp if they want to stay alive. One of Frank's top rivals vanishes, and the boys suspect kidnapping. Their search leads them to the castle estate of a wealthy industrialist, sponsor of an elite -- and deadly -- fencing team. Doing battle with saber and samurai sword, the Hardys make a sinister discovery that could turn a single grudge match into a fight to the death!
118: The Last Leap - 12/96 For Sale
Frank and Joe witness a daredevil stunt smack in the middle of New York City. A group of parasailors leap off a skyscraper, and one of them ends up crashing to his death. When the Hardys investigate, they discover that the fall was no accident. Murder is on the fly in Manhattan, and when crime flies, no one has a good time. Another series of jumps is on the works, and big money is at stake. So are lives. The Hardys will have to take some heavy-duty leaps of their own to catch the culprits and bring them down for good!
119: The Emperor's Shield - 1/97 For Sale
Frank and Joe have come to Germany to assist archaeologist Dr. John Maxwell in his search for a legendary jewel-encrusted shield. The priceless artifact is rumored to be buried in the lost ruins of an ancient Roman fortress. But the boys discover more than the shield is missing: Maxwell himself has vanished without a trace! Hunting for both Maxwell and the shield, the Hardys make some powerful, ruthless enemies. From vicious attack dogs to armor-clad thugs, they face a new fight at every turn. But as they descend into a labyrinth of lies, Frank and Joe are determined to unearth the truth ... no matter how deep, dark, and dirty it is!
120: Survival of the Fittest - 2/97 For Sale
Frank and Joe have come to the ruggedly beautiful mountains of Utah to test their wilderness skills. But on their very first day out, after a frayed rope nearly sends Joe plummetting to the bottom of a rocky ravine, they discover that the challenge will be far more perilous than they imagined. This will be a test of survival! The Hardys have stumbled upon a deadly scheme of greed and sabotage. But to uncover the secret behind it, they'll have to follow the trail of infamous outlaws -- Butch Cassidy and his Hole in the Wall gang. The gang may be long gone, but a new breed of desperado is on the loose...and they're gunning for Frank and Joe!
121: Absolute Zero - 3/97 For Sale
Irene Weinhardt's father, renowned physicist Kenneth Weinhardt, has been officially declared dead. But his body has never been found. When the Hardys agree to help Irene investigate her father's fate, they discover that his supersecret research into superconductors may have been worth millions...making him a select target for foul play! The search leads Frank and Joe from the famed laboratories at Los Alamos, New Mexico, to the frigid continent of Antarctica to the very frontiers of science. As the evidence mounts, it doesn't take an Einstein to see that this equation adds up to danger. And a shocking discovery in the ice could leave the boys cut in the cold for good!
122: River Rats - 4/97 For Sale
The Hardys have come to Montana to enjoy the challenges of the Big Bison River. Owen runs a river rafting outfit, and Frank and Joe are eager to test their skills. But their first day out on the fierce white waters turns into a life-and-death struggle when Owen falls victim to a sniper's bullet! Finding out who tried to kill Owen won't be easy. Especially wince Joe can't take his eyes off Owen's beautiful daughter. But a wake-up call in the form of a firebomb brings him back to his senses... and back into battle. It's a war over the environment, and the Hardys are sitting on a powder keg that's ready to explode at any moment!
123: High Wire Act - 5/97 For Sale
When Frank's old school friend Freddie Felix landed a job as a circus clown, he thought it was his big break. Now he's landed in big trouble instead. A suspicious fall has put him in the hospital, and the Hardys are determined to get to the bottom of it. They've decided to join the spectacle -- a three-ring circus of crime! Under the big top, Frank and Joe uncover a mix of dirty deals and sinister secrets. And they face a deadly nemesis willing to use any weapon -- from poisonous snakes to man-eating tigers -- to put a quick end to their act. They may be dealing with a bunch of clowns, but this case is no joke...because there's nothing funny about murder!
124: The Viking's Revenge - 7/97 For Sale
The Hardys are visiting their pal Chet Morton, who's taken a job as a Viking -- in a historically authentic village on the Minnesota shores of Lake Superior. The Idea is to re-create the bold spirit of the legendary explorers. But someone's out to put on display a more sinister part of the Viking past: the burning, the looting, the terror. The action in Viking Village begins with a few small acts of sabotage, which soon escalate into a full-blown assault. Frank and Joe are ready to meet the challenge -- even if it means confronting the cold, hard steel of battle-ax and war hammer. And like true Viking warriors, they know that this fight could be a fight to the death!
125: Stress Point - 9/97 For Sale
Frank and Joe have taken summer construction jobs in the Hell's Kitchen section of New York City, and they're feeling the heat. The site has been plagued with mishaps, and it's no accident. The Hardys have found plenty of criminal sleaze mixed in with the concrete, and it threatens to turn the future skyscraper into a forty-story disaster! Millions of dollars and untold lives hang in the balance as the boys seek out the source of corruption. Organized crime and hired thugs have already taken a hand, creating a blueprint for murder. But as the danger builds to a climax and the bullets begin to fly, Frank and Joe find that they could end up taking the biggest fall of all!
126: Fire In The Sky - 11/97 For Sale
The Hardys wanted to show Frank's girlfriend, Callie, how to celebrate her birthday in style. The plan: rent a plane and fly her to Maine for a lobster dinner. But the second they get into the air, the birthday surprise turns into a major blowout. The plane takes a dive and nearly explodes in a deadly fireball! The crash sends Callie to the hospital and the Hardys on a high-stakes, high-altitude investigation. Their discovery: The accident was no accident. The planes -- and bullets -- begin to fly as the boys head from Bayport down to Louisiana, where they uncover a shocking conspiracy of corruption leading to cold-weather murder!
127: Dead In The Water - 1/98 For Sale
During the early years of World War II, the legendary and lethal Nazi U-boats spread terror from beneath the sea. Now, more than fifty years later, on a salvage operation off the coast of Florida, the Hardys plunge into the rusting hull of one of those awesome submarines...and discover that the terror still lives! When Alvin Mann, leader of the salvage operation, vanishes without a trace, Frank and Joe vow to rescue him -- and find out what deadly secret lies hidden on the ocean bottom. But first they'll have to confront a brutal adversary armed with knives, spearguns, and more -- an enemy determined to blow them out of the water!

~~~ Series Discontinued ~~~

Casefiles 3 In 1 Collector's Editions
3 volume series of reprints, now out of print.
Hardy Boys casefile collector's editions
Volume 1 - May 1998 For Sale
Contains Diplomatic Deceit, Flesh And Blood, Fright Wave.
Volume 2 - September 1998 For Sale
Contains Rock 'N' Revenge, Choke Hold, Uncivil War.
Volume 3 - January 1999 For Sale
Contains Beyond The Law, Spiked!, Open Season.

Cover art by Jim Lebbad for all 3 volumes.

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