The Hardy Boys Digest Series

Hardy Boys Digest Style 1

After the 1979 court battle in which Grosset & Dunlap lost the rights to publish any new Hardy Boys tales, Simon & Schuster started publishing new Stratemeyer Syndicate stories in paperback format*, first under the Wanderer imprint (volumes 59-85) and then under the Minstrel imprint. Beginning with volume 171, The Test Case, in January 2002, new Digests were released under Simon & Schuster's Alladin imprint, with some older volumes being reprinted under this imprint. The Digest series ended in 2005 and was replaced by The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers

*The 27 Wanderer volumes were also issued in hardcover with a dust jacket using the same basic art as the paperbacks. Each volume used a different color cloth binding. These books (especially the later volumes) are very difficult to locate, particularly those which have not seen library usage.

The stories themselves continued along the same lines as the first 58 tales although the Digests are generally shorter. All the regular characters from the original series show up here also. That this series was meant to be viewed as a continuation of the original series is demonstrated by the fact that the book numbering starts with #59 instead of #1 and that early editions of the last Grosset & Dunlap book, The Sting Of The Scorpion, contained a plug for Night Of The Werewolf as the next volume.

After a slow start in 1979-1980, Simon & Schuster began releasing six new titles every year. This slowed down to three volumes per year in 1984-1985 and stopped all together in 1986. In 1987 Simon & Schuster bought out the Stratemeyer Syndicate and turned to the book producer Mega Books for subsequent titles. In late 1987 the series resumed and from that time (except for 2000), Simon & Schuster continued to release a new volume every other month until the series was discontinued in 2005.

Hardy Boys Digest Style 2

In 1979, Scholastic Books released a paperback edition of volume 59, Night Of The Werewolf, with a slightly modified cover and title page. Years later Scholastic offered several of the later volumes. These have slight modifications, especially notable on the bottom of the spine.

Starting in 1980, several different boxed Gift Sets containing three to five volumes were offered. The art on the gift box was usually taken from one of the books contained therein, however this is not always the case and sealed gift sets using the same art but containing different volumes have been seen.

A spoken version of volume 64, Mystery Of Smugglers Cove, was released in a boxed two tape set by the Cassette Book Company in 1985.

Volume 95, Danger On The Air, was also released in a hardbound picture cover edition as part of the Weekly Reader Just For Boys series in 1989.

Volume 100, The Secret Of The Island Treasure, was in print for a very short period and is a tad more difficult to locate. My research indicates that it went through three printings, the last for inclusion in a boxed gift set with #'s 99, 101 & 102.

Volume 143, The Giant Rat of Sumatra, adopted it's name from an "untold" tale mentioned in several of the famous Sherlock Holmes mysteries by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Hardy Boys Digest Style 3

Hardcover rebindings, primarily for library use, made by Demco and others have been observed.

Many of the Digests in were published in Great Britain in paperback by Armada and in hardbound picture cover editions by Angus & Robertson.

After the demise of the Casefiles series, some unused manuscripts from that series were recycled for use in the Digest series.

Starting with Volume #166 Past And Present Danger, some new Digests released as e-books (downloadable text designed to be read by special software) as well as in the traditional paperback format.

To celebrate the Hardys' 75th anniversary in 2002, Simon & Schuster released a "Collector's Edition" which contains The Caribbean Cruise Caper (#154); DareDevils (#159); Skin And Bones (#164)

Starting in 2005 Grosset & Dunlap began reprinting hardcover editions of the Digests using slightly modified art from the original Wanderer editions.

#80 The Roaring River Mystery was the last book fully edited by the Stratemeyer syndicate & written by their ghost writers.

Hardy Boys Digest Style 4

#83 The Swamp Monster was the last book penned by Stratemeyer ghost writers. The final edits were done by Simon & Schuster.

After producing volumes 84 (Revenge of the Desert Phantom) and 85 (The Skyfire Puzzle) in-house, Simon and Schuster farmed out creation of new stories to Mega-Books. Mega-Books produced volumes 86 (The Mystery of the Silver Star) through volume 153 (Eye On Crime). After that, Simon & Schuster produced the books (volumes 154 to 190) in-house.

Cover Designs
Over the years the basic cover design of the Digests has changed several times. Most of the time, when existing stories were changed to a new cover style, they were given completely new cover art and volumes 59-88 can have up to three different cover art types each. Volumes 59-82 contain internal illustrations.
For Styles 3 & 4, most existing in-print volumes were changed to the new style.
For Style 5 or 6, none of the existing in-print titles were changed to reflect the new cover designs.
Style 1 was used on all Wanderer books from 1979-1985 and Minstrel #69, The Four-Headed Dragon, in 1987.
Style 2 was used only on Wanderer #83, The Swamp Monster, in 1985.
Style 3 was used for some second cover art releases from 1985-1989.
Style 4, which is similar to style 3, was used on Minstrel books from 1987-1995. Hardy Boys Digest Style 5
Style 5 began with volume 136, The Cold Cash Caper, in 1996.
Note: #160, A Game Called Chaos, was reprinted in the new, larger size as seen in Style 6a but under the Minstrel imprint.
Style 6 began with volume 161, Training For Trouble, in 2000. This style breaks with 73 years of tradition in that neither of the Hardy Boys appears on the cover.
Style 6a Starting with #171, The Test Case, the Digests were issued under the Alladin imprint and the books are slightly larger. The cover style remained unchanged.
Style 7 began with volume 173, Speed Times Five, in 2002. Same as Style 6a but with a blue spine. Several older Minstrel titles were rereleased under the Alladin imprint in this new format.

Cover Artists For This Series
Steven Assel: 65a, 66a, 67a, 68a, 69a, 70a, 71a, 72a
Jonathan Carlson: Collectors Edition (3 In 1) #1
Paul Bachem: 59c, 60b, 61b, 62c, 64b, 65c, 67c, 68c, 69b, 70c, 71c, 72c, 73b, 74b, 75c, 76c, 78c, 79c, 80c, 82c, 83b, 84b, 85b, 86b, 88a, 89-112
George Gaadt: 59a, 60a, 61a, 62a, 63a, 64a
Daniel Horne: 66c, 77c, 87b, 88b, 113-123
Derek James: 73a, 74a, 75a, 76a, 77a, 78a, 79a, 80a, 81a, 82a
Brian Kotsky: 124, 134, 135
Gary Lang: 65b, 66b, 71b, 78b, 79b, 80b, 81b, 82b Hardy Boys Digest Style 6
Lee MacLeod: 136-143
Vince Natalie: 125-133
Gary Ruddell: 67b
Bill Schmidt: 158-160
Mark Skolsky: 63b, 72b, 75b, 76b, 77b, 86a, 87a
Broeck Steadman: 155-157
Jeff Walker: 161-190 Hardy Boys Digests by Scholastic
Richard Williams: 59b, 62b, 68b, 70b, 83a, 84a, 85a
John Youssi: 144-154

Known Authors For This Series
Neal Barrett: 83, 85
Vincent Buranelli: 61, 63, 64, 65, 71, 75, 77
Richard Deming: 66
Conrad Fuchs: 68
Karl Herr III: 70, 72, 78, 80
Herr is the great-grandson of Edward Stratemeyer
Chris Lampton: 95, 99, 100, 102, 106, 109, 110, 116, 120
Frances Lantz: 124
Jim Lawrence: 59, 60, 62, 67, 74
George Edward Stanley: 177, 178, 182, 189.
Stephen D. Sullivan: 160, 163, 165, 172, 173, 175, 176, 180, 183, 185, 188, 190.
Laurence Swinburne: 73, 76
Author records for other volumes are not available to researchers at this time.

Digest Art Gallery

Titles In The Digest Series
For Sale items are available from

Night of the Werewolf (#59) For Sale
197919871979 Cover Art: 1979, 1987, 1990
A ferocious, wolf-like creature appears during the night of the full moon in a small Adirondack town, attacking livestock and scaring many of the residents. A young man with a history of werewolves in his family line is suspect. Joe barely escapes a horrible death as the young detectives solve this exciting and hair-raising mystery.

Mystery Of The Samurai Sword (#60) For Sale
19881979 Cover Art: 1979, 1988
Shortly after his arrival in the United States, a Japanese business tycoon mysteriously disappears. Then a valuable samurai sword, said to have belonged to the missing tycoon's family for generations, is stolen from an auction gallery in New York. Danger confronts them constantly as the Hardy Boys search for the solution to the puzzle.

The Pentagon Spy (#61) For Sale
19881979Cover Art: 1980, 1988
First valuable antique weather vanes are stolen in Pennsylvania Dutch Country and Frank and Joe are hired to catch the thieves. Meanwhile, their father is asked to find a missing Navy employee and a top-secret government document. What is the connection between the missing weather vanes and the Pentagon spy? The final chapters of this thrilling mystery uncover a stunning revelation!

The Apeman's Secret (#62) For Sale
198919881980Cover Art: 1980, 1988, 1989
The Hardy Boys investigate the disappearance of an eighteen-year-old girl suspected of joining a sinister religious cult. A few days later the boys get an offbeat assignment from a comic book publisher: The real life double of his character, Apeman, is turning up everywhere and causing considerable damage! Frank and Joe tackle both cases and uncover an intricate scheme by a clever gang of crooks!

The Mummy Case (#63) For Sale
19871980 Cover Art: 1980, 1987
Called in to investigate the theft of some statuettes stolen from the Eygptian Museum in New York, the Hardy brothers become involved in a deepening mystery which includes the possible overthrow of another country's government.

Mystery Of Smugglers Cove (#64) For Sale
19881980 Cover Art: 1980, 1988
A Bayport art-collector, Raymond Wester, suspects Frank and Joe of stealing one of his paintings, but offers them the chance to prove their innocence, so Frank, Joe, Chet & Biff head to Smuggler's Cove in the Florida Keys to track down the painting and the real thieves.

The Stone Idol (#65) For Sale
199019871981 Cover Art: 1981, 1987, 1990
When an ancient stone idol disappears, the Hardy Boys are off on another fast-paced adventure. It's a mystery that takes the boys from a primitive village in the Andes Mountains to Antarctica and finally to Easter Island. By using their fine investigative skills, the Hardy Boys find that the mystery of the stone idol is not what it seems!

The Vanishing Thieves (#66) For Sale
199219871981 Cover Art: 1981, 1987, 1992
Frank, Joe and Chet head to Los Angeles to track down a ring of car thieves and to find a rare, valuable coin stolen from Chet's cousin, Vern

The Outlaw's Silver (#67) For Sale
199119871981 Cover Art: 1981, 1987, 1991
The Hardy Boys are given clues which send them in search of the treasure hidden by the Outlaw of the Pine Barrens.

Submarine Caper (#68) For Sale
Retitled Deadly Chase in 1987 For Sale
198919871981 Cover Art: 1981, 1987, 1989
While in Germany, Frank and Joe investigate a case of sabotage on an inventor's mini-submarine and the theft of valuable medieval paintings which had been lost after being hidden during World War II.

The Four-Headed Dragon (#69) For Sale
19881981 Cover Art: 1981, 1988
The Hardy boys track a criminal who plans to use an invention designed as a peaceful aid to the secret Four-Headed Dragon organization behind the Iron Curtain to harm the free world instead.

The Infinity Clue (#70) For Sale
198919851981 Cover Art: 1981, 1985, 1989
After receiving a mysterious message from their father, Frank and Joe go to Washington, D.C. and become the target of terrorists.

Track Of The Zombie (#71) For Sale
199119861982 Cover Art: 1982, 1986, 1991
A teenage boy asks Frank and Joe to go come to his home in Vermont to investigate a series of forest fires which he believes have been set by a zombie. Also, a circus owner asks Frank and Joe for help when his Big Top is plagued by accidents.

The Voodoo Plot (#72) For Sale
199219871982 Cover Art: 1982, 1987, 1992
Frank, Joe and Chet go to New Orleans to follow up a clue to a series of art gallery robberies in the Bayport area. Also a friend asks them to help his grandfather whose jazz club has been targeted by a voodoo cult.

The Billion Dollar Ransom (#73) For Sale
19881982 Cover Art: 1982, 1988
A magician's convention is being held in Bayport and Frank and Joe are asked to help ensure that everything runs smoothly. Also, the old opera house, which is under renovation, is plagued by a series of accidents which are apparently caused by a ghost.

Tic-Tac-Terror (#74) For Sale
19881982 Cover Art: 1982, 1988
The Hardys solve a mystery involving a top secret government agency and a world-famous spy who wishes to defect to America.

Trapped At Sea (#75) For Sale
199019871982 Cover Art: 1982, 1987, 1990
The Hardy brothers travel from the highways of eastern United States to tropical islands trying to track down truckloads of precious cargo that are being hijacked!

Game Plan for Disaster (#76) For Sale
199019871982 Cover Art: 1982, 1987, 1990
Frank and Joe are drawn into a tangled web of danger when they are called in to investigate mysterious accidents plaguing a college football star.

The Crimson Flame (#77) For Sale
199219871983 Cover Art: 1983, 1987, 1992
Frank and Joe rescue an Arizona rancher who is nearly mugged in a New York subway. The thief is after a giant ruby which the rancher had just purchased at an auction. When strange things begin to happen at the rancher's home, Frank and Joe are on the case!

Cave In (#78) For Sale
Retitled Cave-In! in 1987 For Sale
199019871983 Cover Art: 1983, 1987, 1990
While trying to trace the whereabouts of a kidnapped movie star, Frank and Joe find themselves in dangerous company when they join a film company on location at a ski resorort.

Sky Sabotage (#79) For Sale
199019871983 Cover Art: 1983, 1987, 1990
Frank and Joe go to Florida to help prevent a ruthless communications firm from sabotaging the launch of another firm's satellite and also end up looking for two porpoises stolen an employee of the space center.

The Roaring River Mystery (#80) For Sale
199119871984 Cover Art: 1984, 1987, 1991
Clues in a million-dollar bank robbery in Washington, D.C. lead Frank, Joe and Chet to the Maine wilderness where they join a white-water raft race.

The Demon's Den (#81) For Sale
19871984 Cover Art: 1984, 1987
The Hardy boys, vacationing in Vermont, offer to help the police locate a missing camper and find themselves involved with a doomsday cult, a deadly strain of bacteria, and possibly the devil.

The Blackwing Puzzle (#82) For Sale
199019871984 Cover Art: 1984, 1987, 1990
The Hardy boys set out to investigate strange happenings at the Blackwing Mansion, which appears to be haunted, and in the process help their father uncover a ring of thieves.

The Swamp Monster (#83) For Sale
19891985 Cover Art: 1985, 1989
The Hardy brothers go to Big Thicket, Texas, to investigate attempts on the life of a naturalist trying to preserve the area wildlife in the face of threats from timber and oil interests.

Revenge of the Desert Phantom (#84) For Sale
19891985 Cover Art: 1985, 1989
The Hardy boys help a young woman find her way to her people in Africa in time to lead a revolution against a tyrannical government of rebels.

The Skyfire Puzzle (#85) For Sale
19891985 Cover Art: 1985, 1989
When an important space mission is sabotaged at Cape Canaveral, the Hardy boys are called in to investigate.

No New Titles Released

The Mystery of the Silver Star (#86) For Sale
19911987 Cover Art: 1987, 1991
The Hardy brothers agree to help a bicyclist riding an experimental bicycle--the Silver Star--when Keith starts having too many unexplained accidents. They agree just in time--the Silver Star is stolen . . . and Keith soon disappears!

Program For Destruction (#87) For Sale
19921987 Cover Art: 1987, 1992
Frank and Joe investigate when a string of suspicious accidents and equipment failures threaten to put a company which manufactures computer-operated automobiles out of business.

Tricky Business (#88) For Sale
19921988 Cover Art: 1988, 1992
The Hardy boys infiltrate a business organization called Trusty Teens and discover an explosive secret sideline.

Sky Blue Frame (#89) For Sale
Frank and Joe are framed when they're asked to stage a fake crime at the Sky Blue Inn for a mystery weekend. When the robbery becomes real, the Hardy Boys are the prime suspects.

Danger On The Diamond (#90) For Sale
When Joe leads his fellow baseball campers in a cheer at the day's end, the stands where they all are perched come crashing down. And that's just the first in a sinister chain of events at the camp.

Shield Of Fear (#91) For Sale
Frank and Joe travel to Philadelphia with their father to assist the police commissioner with two difficult cases. When Fenton Hardy is kidnapped, Frank and Joe must go all out against a sinister underworld gangster to rescue their father.

The Shadow Killers (#92) For Sale
Frank and Joe take up karate and are plunged into a deadly mystery of the Orient. Local karate tournaments are being threatened, and the boys connect the cases to an armory robbery investigation their father is conducting.

The Serpent's Tooth Mystery (#93) For Sale
When a rare, deadly snake is found missing from the Bayport Zoo, all the clues point to Phil Cohen, a friend of the Hardys. Frank and Joe believe that Phil is innocent, even though more snakes are found in Phil's basement. The case turns deadly when a black market lab that extracts venom for sale is discovered.

Breakdown in Axeblade (#94) For Sale
When their car breaks down, the Hardys must travel to the small town of Axeblade to get repairs. But something strange is happening. When the brothers go camping in a nearby National Park, they get ambushed!

Danger on the Air (#95) For Sale
Original reels of a popular '50s sitcom could be the gold mine that a financially ailing local television station needs. But a strange villain, calling himself the Masked Marauder, wants the station out of business. If Frank and Joe don't find him, they may just have a real-life crime series on their hands.

Wipeout (#96) For Sale
The international windsurfing competition for the coveted Almanarre Cup is coming up, and someone is trying to do in the top competitors. The Hardys travel to Villa Dombray in the South of France on this dangerous mission.

Cast of Criminals (#97) For Sale
When Frank and Joe take on bit parts in the Bayport community theater production, they get more drama--and mystery--than they bargained for. Now, if they don't stop a desperate thief, it could be curtains for the Bayport Players.

Spark of Suspicion (#98) For Sale
The Hardys get an anonymous tip--someone is out to sabotage Bayport's annual fireworks celebration. Investigating the threat, they go undercover as video filmmakers doing a documentary on the Old Glory fireworks plant.

Dungeon of Doom (#99) For Sale
The Hardys have been invited to take part in an action-packed game of Wizards and Warriors. When one of the players turns up missing, Frank and Joe set out to find him in the Dungeon of Doom, an abandoned mine just outside of town. But the Dungeon of Doom has become an abyss of danger and deceit!

The Secret of the Island Treasure (#100) For Sale
The Hardys go on a treasure hunt using a map found in Tower Mansion.

The Money Hunt (#101) For Sale
Strange things are happening at Steve Johnson's newly inherited hunting lodge, and when Frank and Joe Hardy agree to investigate, they discover a band of bank robbers who are searching for buried loot!

Terminal Shock (#102) For Sale
A crafty crook is determined to steal Jim Lerner's computer disks. If the Hardy Boys don't stop him, their friend could end up dead--and some high-tech secrets could end up in the wrong hands!

The Million-Dollar Nightmare (#103) For Sale
The Hardys track down a man that disappeared three years ago after being accused of stealing a valuable racehorse

Tricks of the Trade (#104) For Sale
When Frank and Joe attend a magic seminar, coins and rabbits aren't the only things vanishing into thin air. Valuable items start disappearing from the hotel safes--and the teen sleuths are in the middle of a magical mystery. If they don't crack this case soon, the Hardy Boys may vanish, too--permanently!

The Smoke Screen Mystery (#105) For Sale
To track down an arsonist, Frank and Joe go undercover as firefighters in this sizzling new mystery. Fires have ravaged three buildings owned by Donald Pierce, and he asks the Hardy to help him find the culprit.

Attack Of The Video Villians (#106) For Sale
Joe, Frank and Chet attend a national Hack Attack tournament in New York City and get involved in a deadly video game mystery!

Panic on Gull Island (#107) For Sale
Terror is sweeping across the peaceful resort community of Gull Island, Florida, and Frank and Joe may be too late to stop it. A rash of robberies and acts of vandalism have sent many residents fleeing, leaving a greedy real estate agent to gobble up their properties at low rates. And when Joe's girlfriend is kidnapped, they know they're up against a dangerous mob of gangsters.

Fear on Wheels (#108) For Sale
The Hardys rev up for a showdown with destruction when they go undercover in the world of monster trucks, hot rods, and motorcycle shows. With the help of a pretty motorcycle stunt rider, Jessica, the Hardys set out to snare an exortionist--before anyone gets hurt . . . or worse.

The Prime-Time Crime (#109) For Sale
Frank's high school trivia team makes the championships and just then the show's host turns up missing.

Secret of Sigma Seven (#110) For Sale
When the only copies of director Simon Devoreaux's latest blockbuster film are stolen, the worlds of science fiction and fantasy become dangerously real to Frank and Joe as they investigate the crime.

Three-Ring Terror (#111) For Sale
Chet has finally found the perfect pastime: a college for clowns. Bayport's Circus University is in session, and Chet's one of the first students in line. But the greatest show on earth may turn out to be a carnival of crime. The case catapults the Hardy boys to the height of danger, and the fireworks are just beginning to fly.

The Demolition Mission (#112) For Sale
Invited to test-drive the prototype of a new world-class sports car, Frank and Joe unwittingly become involved in a lethal game of demolition derby as someone plots to steal the souped-up race car.

Radical Moves (#113) For Sale
With someone trying to harm the star skateboarder at the Thrashathon skateboard competition, Frank and Joe Hardy are determined to beat the skateboarding menace at his own game.

The Case of the Counterfeit Criminals (#114) For Sale
Investigating the manufacture of defective athletic equipment at a local sporting goods store, Frank and Joe Hardy discover that someone is out to make a killing passing off defective sneakers.

Sabotage at Sports City (#115) For Sale
When someone threatens to bring about the deaths of fifty-three people at the upcoming summer Olympics, Frank and Joe Hardy go undercover to protect the athletes from the unknown killer.

Rock N Roll Renegades (#116) For Sale
Bayport's hard rock station, WBBX, has a new disc jockey, and he calls himself Joltin' Joe Hardy. But a pirate broadcaster, Skull and Bones Radio, is jamming the station's signal. The Hardys trace the operation to an offshore ship and discover that the pirate radio crew has a secret stake in sabotaging WBBX.

Baseball Card Conspiracy (#117) For Sale
When the Hardys' friend Biff falls victim to a counterfeit baseball-card scheme, Frank and Joe go undercover at a baseball memorabilia convention in New York City.

Danger in the Fourth Dimension (#118) For Sale
While helping their father on an investigation at a sci-fi theme park, Frank and Joe Hardy are horrified when their father is kidnapped, and soon they are drawn into the fight of their lives.

Trouble At Coyote Canyon (#119) For Sale
When the Hardys sign up with a program called Teen Trails West, their journey through the wilderness outside Durango, Colorado, turns into a showdown with a gang of crooked outlaws.

The Case Of The Cosmic Kidnapping (#120) For Sale
Chet lands a job flipping burgers at a local fast-food joint, but comes smack up against a mystery, when a UFO swoops down and snatches his boss right out of the parking lot! Naturally, he turns to Frank and Joe for help…but the mystery gets weirder by the minute!

The Mystery in the Old Mine (#121) For Sale
Frank and Joe Hardy travel to the coal mining town of Ridge City, Pennsylvania, where they try to find the reason for the kidnapping of Liz Trimmer, a woman working to protect the city from underground fires.

Carnival Of Crime (#122) For Sale
With a saboteur at large on the fairgrounds, Frank and Joe must stop him from turning the funhouse into a house of horrors, the tunnel of love into a tunnel of fire, and the Ferris wheel from spinning out of control.

The Robot's Revenge (#123) For Sale
While attending the Teen Inventors Club competition in Chicago, Frank and Joe Hardy discover that someone is trying to sabotage Roger the Lobber, an automatic tennis ball retrieval and return unit.

Mystery With a Dangerous Beat (#124) For Sale
While on vacation in L.A., Frank and Joe Hardy get jobs as bodyguards for Brian Beat, the lead singer of a popular dance band, and find themselves protecting Brian from a killer.

Mystery On Makatunk Island (#125) For Sale
While vacationing on Makatunk Island off the coast of Maine, the peaceful resort suddenly becomes a hot spot for battle between fisherman, environmentalists, and developers. The HArdys are caught in the middle, and now they may beome the catch of the day!

Racing to Disaster (#126) For Sale
Frank and Joe brave gunfire, rock slides, water rapids and brush fires as they pedal their mountain bikes in pursuit of a reckless cycler determined to win a Southern California race at any cost.

Reel Thrills (#127) For Sale
Investigating incidents of sabotage on location in Bayport, where producer Mort Tannenberg is finding scenes from his own scripts coming true, Frank and Joe take on the starring roles in an all-too-real thriller.

Day of the Dinosaur (#128) For Sale
When the Hardy Boys sign on to help prepare for opening day of the new Bayport museum's dinosaur park, the teenage sleuths discover that a deadly, high-tech saboteur is out to put the museum out of business, forever.

The Treasure At Dolphin Bay (#129) For Sale
The Hardys' Christmas in paradise, Hawaii-style, could turn out to be one big wipeout. Checking out the world-famous dolphin research center at Nai'a Bay, the Boys discover that one of the dolphins has suffered a suspicious injury...and that one of the researchers has vanished without a trace. All the evidence points to kidnapping! The Hardys are headed for treacherous waters--stirring up trouble and swimming with the sharks!

Sidetracked To Danger (#130) For Sale
Indiana's Hamilton Harte invites the Hardy's to see his multimillion-dollar complex of model trains, but soon after their arrival, the trains are discovered missing.

Crusade of the Flaming Sword (#131) For Sale
Avalon, a medieval fair, has come to Bayport, promising fun and excitement for all. But mysterious incidents begin to occur which threaten to ruin the fair.

Maximum Challenge (#132) For Sale
When a game show comes to Bayport, the Hardys put together a team to take on the champions. But then a string of burglaries hit Bayport and the Hardys see a link between the show and the burglaries.

Crime in the Kennel (#133) For Sale
A series of dognapping incidents in Bayport has Frank and Joe investigating the disappearing dogs.

Cross-Country Crime (#134) For Sale
Frank and Joe travel to the Canadian Rockies for a ski trip. But their ski adventure turns deadly when they look into a bank robbery in the tiny town of Evergreen.

The Hypersonic Secret (#135) For Sale
Frank and Joe investigate the disappearance of a British-born entrepreneur after his plane goes down.

The Cold Cash Caper (#136) For Sale
The Hardys look to put a gang of armed robbers on ice! Frank and Joe have volunteered to do undercover security work at the Bayport winter festival. Their main assignment is to act as bodyguards for the star performer, Olympic gold medal figure skater David Kennedy. Although put on for a good cause -- charity -- the festival is soon plagued by bad vibes. Money intended for the local children's hospital is ending up in the hands of masked, gun-wielding thugs, and the Hardys are committed to stopping the robbers cold. But the gunmen are just as determined to pocket the cash. Even if it means making a donation of their own to the local hospital...or morgue: Frank and Joe Hardy.

High-Speed Showdown (#137) For Sale
Someone's rigging the boats at Bayport's offshore races and putting every racer's life at risk.

The Alaskan Adventure (#138) For Sale
Frank and Joe head north to watch a friend race in the Iditarod dogsled race, but find instead the whole town of Glitter under siege by a firebombing saboteur.

The Search for the Snow Leopard (#139) For Sale
The hunt is on...and the Hardy Boys could end up being dead meat! Frank and Joe's latest case could give new meaning to the words "eat hardy"! A rare and beautiful snow leopard, a gift from Princess Salamaji of Rashipah, has disappeared from the Bayport Zoo, and the boys suspect foul play. Their suspicions are confirmed when the Princess herself vanishes...a victim of kidnapping! Their investigation leads them into a sinister world of jaws and claws, lions and tigers and snakes. But the most dangerous animal of all is the human kind, and the Hardys are headed straight into an ambush. The only way to save the Princess -- and themselves -- is to observe the law of the jungle: beat the hunter at his own game!

Slam Dunk Sabotage (#140) For Sale
The Hardys and their high school basketball team, the Bayport Bombers, are getting ready to play for their championship. One more victory will put them on top. But somebody's got a different game plan. Blast the bombers out of contention by knocking Frank and Joe out of the way--for good.

The Desert Thieves (#141) For Sale
The Hardys have joined their father on a trip to Arizona's magnificent Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. But their journey into the desert takes a sharp and sudden detour into danger. Someone is ripping up and ripping off the rare cacti and turning them into cold hard cash on the black market.

Lost in Gator Swamp (#142) For Sale
Frank and Joe have come to the Everglades to experience the thrills of the Swampland Rodeo. But the thrills turn to chills when they land in a swamp full of trouble. From sabotaged boats to quicksand traps to man-eating alligators. Someone's out to drown the Hardys in danger!

The Giant Rat of Sumatra (#143) For Sale
The Hardy Boys collaborating on a case with Sherlock Holmes? Well. Almost. A new musical play based on the legendary detective is coming to Bayport. It's called "The Giant Rat of Sumatra," and Joe has joined the cast. There's singing! There's dancing! And there's sabotage!

The Secret of Skeleton Reef (#144) For Sale
Frank and Joe have landed in heaven-miles of sun, sand, and deep blue sea on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. But when they find a young woman, barely alive, washed up on the beach, the boys realize that there's trouble in paradise. Because beneath the surface of these calm waters lurk hidden tides of turmoil and terror!

Terror at High Tide (#145) For Sale
The "Ebony Pearl", shipwrecked some 40 years ago, has risen from the bottom of the sea to haunt Nantucket. For the Hardys, it's full speed ahead as they search for the dark secret of the "Ebony Pearl" before it claims another victim.

The Mark of the Blue Tattoo (#146) For Sale
Chet Morton's very first day on the job-driving a Freddy Frost Ice Cream truck - sends him straight into the deep freeze. Two thugs in ski masks hijack the truck and kidnap Chet! When Frank and Joe find him tied up in an empty garage. The only clue to the identity of his kidnappers is the blue star tattooed on their wrists - the mark of the starz. A local street gang.

Trial and Terror (#147) For Sale
In Manhattan to observe a criminal justice case, the Hardys believe the accused is being railroaded. From the upper floors of the Empire State Building to the tunnels beneath Grand Central Station, the Hardys throw themselves on the fast track to justice--fighting for both an innocent man and their lives.

The Ice-Cold Case (#148) For Sale
At Pineview Lake, it's a perfect time of year for some serious ice fishing, some hard-hitting hockey...and some chilling criminal activity. The Hardy's have learned that the area has been struck by a rash of break-ins, with dozens of homes ransacked and piles of valuable stolen. And it's been going on, unchecked, for years!

The Chase for the Mystery Twister (#149) For Sale
Frank and Joe encounter a bizarre phenomenon: the aftermath of a fierce twister that defies scientific explanation. To get at the truth, the Hardys will have to put themselves in the path of destruction--and face the explosive fury of a criminal mastermind!

The Crisscross Crime (#150) For Sale
Bank alarms are going off all over Bayport, but the robberies are actually happening at banks on the other side of town. The Hardys realize that the crooks are using a crisscross plan as a diversion, but what they don't realize is that the heist is much bigger than they had imagined.

The Rocky Road to Revenge (#151) For Sale
Joe and Frank are vacationing in a Rocky Mountain resort when suddenly a strange green light brightens up the sky. Three kidnappings follow. Are they alien abductions or the work of down-to-earth criminals?

Danger In The Extreme (#152) For Sale
A version of ESPN's X-treme Games comes to Bayport -- and the event really brings out the celebrities, including the President's teenage son. But after a couple of days of competition, the President's son is kidnapped and the Hardys must launch an all-out search for America's first son.

Eye On Crime (#153) For Sale
After the Hardys' girlfriends are hypnotized at the taping of a daily TV variety show, all seems fine -- until they are arrested the next day for robbing a jewelry store. Even more suspicious: this is the second store robbery committed by teens in just two days! Can the boys crack the case and clear their girlfriends' names?

The Caribbean Cruise Caper (#154) For Sale
Frank and Joe have the ultimate case on their hands: to judge the sleuthing skills of five teen dtectives in a contest sponsored by Teenway magazine. Even more cool -- the contest takes place on a caribbean cruise ship! But it's not long before suspicious pranks threaten to ruin the contest: one of the Teenway interns nearly falls overboard, the "mystery scene" the contestants studied gets tampered with, and someone may have poisened the food! How can the Hardys solve this titanic mystery? With the help of five teen detectives, of course -- along with their own expert investigating skills. But they's better move fast, because a culprit lurks beneath the caribbean sun -- and it's sink or swim for Frank and Joe.

The Hunt For the Four Brothers (#155) For Sale
Summer is starting off swimmingly for Frank, Joe, and Chet as they land jobs at the Konawa Lake Inn. But sure enough, trouble finds its way to the inn -- and the boys must solve an intricate case involving thievery and international jewel smuggling.

A Will To Survive (#156) For Sale
The shorewood Nature Center is a beautiful place -- to learn about local ecology...or to fall off a cliff. The Hardys learn that the hard way when they go undercover to investigate strange happenings on the grounds. In no time at all, they get jumped, smoked out, and booby-trapped. The Hardys have never run from a challenge, and they're not about to start now. Someone will do anything to shut the center down. Frank and Joe have a clue why: there's a secret buried somewhere on the center's grounds -- a very valuable secret that's worth a lot more than the lives of two young detectives!

The Lure Of The Italian Treasure (#157) For Sale
Frank and Joe are spending the summer on an archaeological dig on an Italian count's property, and they get to stay in the count's villa--along with Francesca, his attractive teenage daughter. But no sooner does Joe unearth a fabulous cache of jewelry than it vanishes.

The London Deception (#158) For Sale
While on a student-exchange program in England, Frank and Joe help out with the dress rehersal for a new murder-mystery play. But suddenly Joe is nearly cooked by exploding stage lights! An accident? Maybe. But when "accidents" start happening all over the production, a real mystery is in the air. Rumors are flying about the spirit of an actress who died in the theater one hundred years ago. Could the culprit be a vengeful gost? Or is this the work of something -- or someone -- a little too close to this world for comfort?

Daredevils (#159) For Sale
Stunt work is dangerous enough, but someone is looking to really push stuntman McCauley over the edge. So when Mr. Hardy agrees to look into Terrence's odd string of accidents, Frank and Joe decide to make it a family affair. Things get really interesting when Joe poses as Terrence to protect him -- and when the culprit captures the Hardy boys' parents to use as bait.

A Game Called Chaos (#160) For Sale
The Hardys get a call for help from their friend Phil Cohen: seems his cousin, a project manager at a software company, can't find Steven Royal, the eccentric designer of the company's popular Chaos games. Is his disappearance a move in a deadly real-life game?

Training For Trouble (#161) For Sale
The combat sports training facility has just opened in Bayport, and the Hardys are on hand to check it out. They can practice judo, fencing, archery, and biathlon, and meet aspiring athletes from all over. But good times turn to bad sportsmanship when Joe's girlfriend, Iola, gets a nasty electrical shock during a fencing workout. Then someone decides to use Frank for target practice on the archery range. Now the Hardys are wondering if the events are more than accidents. How far will world-class competitors go to win?

The End Of The Trail (#162) For Sale
Hiking the Appalachian Trail with their friends, Chet, Phil, and Biff, the Hardys hit a snag when daredevil Biff gets hurt. The old mining town of Morgan's Quarry is the nearest place for help. But even the run-down, isolated town turns menacing when two tough locals drop a bag full of money in front of the brothers! Joe and Frank are stonewalled when they ask about the money. The roads are washed out, the phones are down, and a crumbling mansion hides a gold mine of secrets. Every fork in the road leads to more danger...and everyone in Morgan's Quarry seems bent on makng sure the boys don't make it out alive!

The Spy That Never Lies (#163) For Sale
College student Jake Martins is in trouble, and the Hardys volunteer to help out. Securitech, the firm where Jake works, is wiring the city to catch wrongdoers. But to pass one of his courses, Jake may have to reveal some secret information, and now he's in a bind. When security cameras keep going off-line and more criminal activity gets city officials up in arms, Jake is the main suspect. Someone's cracking the codes in the system -- and it's up to the Hardys to get the criminals in focus.

Skin And Bones (#164) For Sale
Cody Chang's San Francisco store could be considered creepy -- Skin & Bones sells animal skulls, fish skeletons, reptile skins, and more. Business is booming, but when Frank and Joe visit the shop, Cody tells them he's been the victim of a string of burglaries, computer thefts, and threatening messages. The Hardys immediately pinpoint a suspect -- a criminal who was once caught in a sting by Cody's father, a policeman. Now there's danger everywhere for Frank and Joe -- from a cable car accident to the dense redwood forests of Muir Woods to the foggy, ice-cold waters off Alcatraz. The brothers are running hard and thinking fast -- up against a smart, desperate enemy ready to skin them alive!

Crime In The Cards (#165) For Sale
Creature Cards are hot -- and banned from Bayport High. But the Hardys' friend Chet is really upset when his confiscated deck is stolen from a teacher's locked desk. With the big tournament coming up, Joe and Frank do their best to catch the thief, and uncover a web of Internet action, trading, selling, and a criminal scheme to net giant profits along the way

Past And Present Danger (#166) For Sale
Frank and Joe's Aunt Gertrude leads a pretty quiet life -- until an old high school friend turns up in Bayport. Clayton Silvers once had a distinguished career as an investigative reporter. Then he was accused of falsifying some of his articles and even taking money to expose his subjects. Now he's in town, working on the explosive story that he says will be his comeback. Aunt Gertrude staunchly maintains her friend's innocence, but the Hardys aren't so sure that Silvers is a sterling character. Since he's been around, the danger level has escalated.

Trouble Times Two (#167) For Sale
A social studies project brings newcomer Tom Gilliam into the Hardys' group. But Tom doesn't cooperate with the others on the project, gets into fights, and is even suspended. Fenton Hardy thinks Tom's father may be disposing of stolen goods in Bayport! Then Tom disappears, and the Hardys discover suspicious activities at the shipping company where his father works. Searching for Tom, the boys unearth a network of thieves who mean business.

The Castle Conundrum (#168) For Sale
Frank and Joe Hardy travel to the south of France to help Teen Village International rebuild a deserted town as a center for refugee children. But local legend has it that the castle nearby is haunted by the centuries-old ghost of its lord, who his a fortune in diamonds within its thick stone walls. Strange doings are afoot, and the Hardys are convinced that someone is out to sabotage the project -- but every road to solving this case is leading to a dead end.

Ghost Of A Chance (#169) For Sale
Years ago Jake "Jumper" Herman bailed out of a plane in the Great Smoky Mountains and disappeared -- with a fortune in treasure. Now Frank and Joe are helping out on a movie about the escape, working with the animal wranglers, who handle trained mountain lions and bears for the film. But the set seems jinxed. A pretty young star's stunt leads to a hair-raising accident, a Bigfoot menaces the crew and cast, and the ghost of Jumper Herman seems to haunt the woods. From a strange abandoned shack to a wild mountain lion, the boys are busy trying to bail out of big trouble

Kickoff To Danger (#170) For Sale
At Bayport High, Frank has left the football team to focus on a computer course, and Joe is trailing behind the team's newest star, Terry Golden. College recruiters are after Terry, and all the jocks are eager to join his clique, called the Golden Boys. But getting in means hazing, and soon the pranks are spinning into the danger zone. When the Hardys' friend Biff is seriously injured, the brothers start investigating. But Terry's future is at stake, and a surprise suspect is out to clip the boys -- at any cost!

The Test Case (#171) For Sale
A new statewide test has all the students at Bayport High on edge. Then Joe and his friend Tony find one of the tests in Tony's books bag. Joe knows Tony didn't steal it, but the assistant principal isn't so understanding -- he suspends them both!

Trouble In Warp Space (#172) For Sale
A week on the set of a TV show should be a week of fun, but accidents keep on coming, and they're not special effects. The Hardys are there just to watch, but it isn't long before they're part of the action.

Speed Times Five (#173) For Sale
Making it to the finish line of the high-endurance Fire Creek Mountain Race is going to be a real challenge for the Hardys. The five demanding events include downhill mountain biking, kayaking, cross-country hiking and climbing, biking through the city streets of Montreal, and a high-speed SeaZoom race on Lake Champlain. But when dangerous accidents begin to interfere with the events, the stakes get higher. The Hardys, along with their friends and crew, Chet Morton and Jamal Watkins, learn that they have a secret competitor -- one who's using the race for a very unsporting purpose and who will do whatever it takes to win!

Hide And Sneak (#174) For Sale
The Hardys' friend Chet answers an ad in the paper for a role in a student film. There's just one catch: all participants must have a boat, so Chet persuades Frank and Joe to get their motorboat, the SLEUTH, out of mothballs. Soon the Hardys and the other actors are chasing one another at high speed across the bay, running afoul of the harbor patrol. But the moviemakers aren't the only ones providing the drama.

Trick Or Trouble (#175) For Sale
Bayport citizens are wild about the Merchant Association's new Halloween mystery contest. The prizes for winning include DVD players, a classic motorcycle, a boat, and even flying lessons! It's sure to be the biggest social event of the fall season. When big prizes are up for grabs, though, some people will do anything to win -- and it's up to the Hardys to keep the competition honest.

In Plane Sight (#176) For Sale
Attending an air show to help out their friend, Jamal Hawkins and his dad's air taxi service should be a nice break from the normal grind for Frank and Joe Hardy. But when one of the Hawkinses' planes is mysteriously stolen - starting a whole wave of crime at the event - the vacation ends, and the hunt for clues begins!

The Case Of The Psychic's Vision (#177) For Sale
There's a new family in Bayport: psychics with visions of the past, present and future. While lots of people are curious about the psychics, Frank and Joe are skeptical; is this psychic family for real? When Colin, one member of the family, starts "seeing" truths buried in a classmate's past, Frank and Joe find themselves hunting for clues.

The Mystery Of The Black Rhino (#178) For Sale
Frank and Joe Hardy follow their father on a trip to Nairobi for an incredible vacation. Intrigue has a way of finding the Hardys, though, and in a short time they become involved in a dangerous case. Someone's hunting wild animals for prize skins and tusks, angering the area's animal rights activists. When Frank and Joe see some of the horrific work of the hunters while on safari, they become determined to help put an end to it. This criminal hunt is fierce. The Hardy boys find themselves getting closer to danger than ever before. And after a treacherous hunt for the culprit, imagine their surprise when the Hardys learn that they were never far from the true criminals behind the vicious acts in Kenya.

Passport To Danger (#179) For Sale
Frank and Joe Hardy can't resist an invitation to volunteer with the crew for a soccer match in Paris. They will be working at the same stadium where the World Cup was held a few years ago! From the moment the Hardys arrive, though, strange things start happening. Bleachers collapse during practice, fireworks are tampered with, and the stadium lighting system is sabotaged. The stadium -- and soon most of Paris -- is under attack. Despite the extreme danger that lies directly in their path, the Hardys are hot on the case. Using spy gear like night-vision goggles and digital voice changers, can Frank and Joe trap the mastermind behind these crimes?

Typhoon Island (#180) For Sale
Visiting San Esteban is supposed to be a vacation for Frank and Joe Hardy and their friends, but it doesn't take long for them to realize that the island is no paradise. Some of the local inhabitants aren't very friendly to tourists, and the island itself is crawling with dangerous wild animals -- some of which take up residence in the Hardys' bungalow. As if this isn't enough to worry about, someone starts dogging the Hardys every step of the way. Is this person responsible for most of the "bad luck" they've had? Not even the worst villain, though, could arrange the typhoon that turns all of San Esteban into a death trap. Can the Hardys solve the mystery of Typhoon Island before they're wiped off the map?

Double Jeopardy (#181) For Sale
Frank and Joe Hardy can't believe their good luck: The Bayport Herald has given them press passes to cover the Formula One championship in Indianapolis. They soon realize, though, that the competition between the top two racers has gone into overdrive. After one of the racers lands in the hospital and the other's garage is burned, Frank and Joe step in to help find the culprit. The race is on to solve the mystery, but soon the brothers find themselves under attack too. Will Frank and Joe be left in the dust by a criminal mastermind? Or will they manage to crack the case before there's more trouble on the tracks?

The Secret Of The Soldier's Gold (#182) For Sale
The police in Portugal have asked Fenton Hardy to come help them solve a crime, and Frank and Joe are tagging along. Before they even get on the plane, they're given a mission of their own: Mrs. Rilke, a friend of the grandmother of one of Frank and Joe's classmates, is sending the boys on a treasure hunt! After World War II, a defecting German soldier buried a fortune in gold bars in Mrs. Rilke's childhood backyard. She asks the Hardys to recover the treasure so she can donate it to charity. The problem is that another woman now knows about the gold, and she and her sons are looking for it too. Can Frank and Joe find the loot before it falls into the wrong hands?

Warehouse Rumble (#183) For Sale
A reality-based game show called Warehouse Rumble has come to Bayport, and Frank and Joe Hardy are hoping to be among the first contestants. But when someone finds a skeleton on the set, production comes to a screeching halt. Once filming can begin again, the show is plagued with problems -- and the Hardys and their friends are doing so well that jealous competitors start to blame them for all the trouble. Frank and Joe are suddenly on double duty. They have to convince their fellow contestants that they're playing a clean game, and solve the mystery so the show can go on!

The Dangerous Transmission (#184) For Sale
While on holiday in London, Frank and Joe Hardy learn that a new invention -- a voice transmitter that can be implanted in a tooth -- has been stolen. The prime suspect is a notorious spy who has recently been spotted in London, but shortly after the Molar Mike is stolen, the Hardys catch a trespasser in the lab where the transmitter originated. The suspect list is growing, and there's little time to spare. To catch this wily criminal, Frank and Joe need to hunt all over London -- from back alleys to the Tower of London. With new suspects popping up at every turn, and disaster threatening the teens, can they manage to sink their teeth into the crook before it's too late?

Wreck And Roll (#185) For Sale
Vette Smash, one of the hottest new rock bands in Bayport, is playing a gig -- and thanks to their friend Phil's backstage passes, Frank and Joe are in the center of the action! But within minutes of meeting the band members, the stage lights short-circuit and a threatening message is left on the band's answering machine. Soon it's clear that someone is trying to crash Vette Smash. Frank and Joe start hunting down suspects. Is it Vette Smash's rival band, Green Machine? Could it be the jealous agents competing for the band's attention? Or is a member of Vette Smash behind the mess? One thing's certain: Time's running out. The band's threatening to break up. Can the Hardys root out the culprit before the final number?

Hidden Mountain (#186) For Sale
Frank and Joe have gone hunting -- but instead of sniffing out wildlife, they're out to find the Wilkersons. Darren Wilkerson, the Hardys' classmate, and his family were living in Bayport under the safety of the Witness Protection Program -- until someone found them out. Unable to get in touch with the government, the Wilkersons were forced to flee without its assistance. Now Darren and his family have made it to Canada, but they're not yet out of the woods. The Hardys quickly arrive on the scene to help. But just when they're hot on the Wilkersons' trail, they get caught in a trap. Can Frank and Joe escape in time to save the Wilkersons from their predators?

No Way Out (#187) For Sale
Frank and Joe are thrilled to be taking part in the grand opening celebration of a new maze in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. By solving puzzles -- their specialty -- they could win a valuable prize! But once they arrive, the teens soon have a new puzzle to solve: The owner and designer of the maze, Chezleigh Alan Horton, suddenly disappears. As the boys make their way through a labyrinth of suspects, they face a new twist. Can Frank and Joe unravel a decade-old riddle to save the renowned mazemaster?

Farming Fear (#188) For Sale
It’s winter in Bayport, but things are heating up at the Morton family farm. It looks like someone is wreaking havoc with the property, and Chet and Iola Morton are worried that their grandparents are in danger of losing it! With their parents out of reach, the Mortons call on Frank and Joe Hardy for help. They need to figure out who's behind the trouble—and fast. The Hardys are hot on the trail, but the Mortons’ grandparents do something unexpected—and the boys are stopped in their tracks. Can Frank and Joe plow through this mystery before the farm is snowed under?

One False Step (#189) For Sale
Frank, Joe, and their friends head to Philadelphia to catch a performance of Aerocirque, an amazing circus act with a twist: The acrobats swing and flip from helicopters high in the air! But all is not well in the City of Brotherly Love. The other show in town is a series of robberies, and no one knows how they’re being pulled off. Frank and Joe are soon jumping through hoops to find the clues they need to catch the culprits. But will they be too late? It looks like this mystery may come right down to the wire!

Motocross Madness (#190) For Sale
The Hardy boys and their friend Jamal are thrilled to be participating in a motorcycle exhibition. It's going to be an exciting weekend, with many talented cyclists heating up the competition and a valuable prize for the winner -- a classic motorcycle! But when burglaries and suspicious accidents send the benefit skidding out of control, Frank and Joe find themselves racing to crack another case. As the Hardys make their way through the long list of possible saboteurs, danger gains on them. Can they cut the criminal off before the finish line, or is this race speeding toward disaster?

~~ Series Discontinued ~~

Special Editions
Collectors Edition 2002 - Collector's Edition #1
For Sale
Contains The Caribbean Cruise Caper; DareDevils; Skin And Bones

Hardcover Reprints By Grosset & Dunlap
Night of the Werewolf (#59) For Sale
Mystery Of The Samurai Sword (#60) For Sale
The Pentagon Spy (#61) For Sale
The Apeman's Secret (#62) For Sale
The Mummy Case (#63) For Sale
Mystery Of Smugglers Cove (#64) For Sale
The Stone Idol (#65) For Sale
The Vanishing Thieves (#66) For Sale

Misterios De Los Hardy Boys
Spanish editions printed by Fernandez Editores in Mexico in 1993.
Hardy Boys Paperback Spanish Edition

La Noche Del Hombre Lobo For Sale
Night Of The Werewolf (#59)

La Espada Del Samurai For Sale
Mystery Of The Samurai Sword (#60)

El Espia Del Pentagono For Sale
The Pentagon Spy (#61)

El Secreto Del Hombre Mono For Sale
The Apeman's Secret (#62)

El Caso De La Momia For Sale
The Mummy Case (#63)

La Guarida Del Contrabandista For Sale


When Simon & Schuster took over the publishing of all new Hardy Boys stories in 1979, all new books were released under their Wanderer Books imprint. Starting in late 1986 all books then being produced under the Wanderer imprint were reissued under the Minstrel Books imprint. All the Digests then in print received new cover art and volume 68 The Submarine Caper was retitled Deadly Chase.

Wanderer published Digest volumes 59 Night Of The Werewolf through 85 The Skyfire Puzzle and A Hardy Boys Handbook: Seven Stories Of Survival in paperback as well as in hardcover with dustjackets. The hardcover books, especially the later volumes, are difficult to locate and Seven Stories Of Survival is almost impossible to find. Most were sold to be library copies and pristine copies are scarce.

Wanderer released the only editions of Camp Fire Stories and Super Sleuths and the early editions of Ghost Stories. Since they produced hardcover editions until 1985, it's possible that these volumes may have been issued in that format although I have not seen any examples.



Hardy Boys Paperback Gift Set Hardy Boys Paperback Gift Set Hardy Boys Paperback Gift Set
Hardy Boys Paperback Gift Set Hardy Boys Paperback Gift Set Hardy Boys Paperback Gift Set
Hardy Boys Paperback Gift Set Hardy Boys Paperback Gift Set
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