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Issue # 4       February 1998       Editor: Robert W. Finnan

Bayport Beat

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Bayport Times.
This month's issue has some new collectible discoveries, more news on the end of the Boys, letters and some Hardy reference books are reviewed.
See you next month!

The End Of The Hardy Boys - Part 3

By Bob Nelson - Special Correspondent to the Bayport Times

Hi. I just want to give you the latest information I got from Simon & Schuster today. The Hardy Boys digest books will continue right on schedule, even though Mega-Books will no longer be producing them. As I mentioned previously, the last Hardy Boys title produced by Mega-Books will be volume 150, The Crisscross Crime, which will be released in June. Volume 151, The Rocky Road To Revenge, will come out in August. According to a source I spoke with, who wishes to remain anonymous at the present time, these new books are going to contain more intricate and interesting plots than previous titles. It will be interesting to see how they are different. Further titles will come out every other month. So it looks like there will be no delay in publishing the new titles, as was originally thought.
In case I didn't mention it earlier, the 3-in-1 Hardy Boys Casefiles books will definitely start being published in May. Further 3-in-1 editions will come out every 4 months. The second volume is scheduled for September. Again, these are not new stories, but three previously released titles in each volume. I don't know which titles will be included in each volume, but most likely, they will be titles that are currently out of print. The publishers have hinted, however, that original first time published manuscripts may be included in the 3-in-1 volumes in the future, depending on how sales go. I guess we'll see what happens.

Robert Crawford Rates The Boys

Hardy scholar and author of the The Lost Hardys: A Concordance, Robert Crawford, offers his ratings of the first 38 unrevised stories.
A=Superior B=Good C=Adequate D=Poor F=Failure
1: B   2: A   3: B-   4: B-   5: B-   6: A-   7: C   8: A+   9: B-
10: A   11: B+   12: B   13: A   14: B+   15: B   16: B-   17: C   18: C   19: F
20: C-   21: D+   22: B   23: C-   24: C+   25: B   26: C   27: A   28: C   29: B-
30: B-   31: B-   32: C+   33: A-   34: C   35: C-   36: D   37: D   38: C-

Where Is Bayport?

Where the heck is Bayport anyway? Avid readers know it's on the east coast but just where exactly?
I have my own ideas on this subject but I'd like some feedback from Bayport Times readers. So, if you have anything you'd like to contribute to this ongoing debate, please e-mail it to me. Thanks.

What's Your Favorite Story?

OK Hardyholics, here's your chance to let the world know which Hardy story you like the best and why. Please keep it to 75 words or less. Please e-mail by the end of this month for inclusion in next months issue.

Hardy Boys News

More collectibles found last month:

Hardy Boys Fan Club Ad
Offered on eBay. From a 1978 Archie Comic.

16MM Film of the Filmation Hardy Boys cartoon
Offered on eBay. Title: "Footprints Under the Window"

Rick Kelsey has supplied me with new information and scans on the Filmation animated series, most of which has been posted on the TV section of the Hardy Boys pages. Rick is currently writing an article about the Boys for Bookmans Weekly.

Secret Of Wildcat Swamp
Printed in Hong Kong. Very cheaply made, uses the same cover art as US version but the book is much thinner. The spine has the Hardy Boys symbol at the top, the title is printed length-wise and the author name is at the bottom. Auctioned on eBay.

The latest Clues Brothers opus has hit the book stores.

Hardys In Review

This Month: The Lost Hardys - A Concordance by Robert Crawford

This book provides information on the first 38 unrevised stories. Mr. Crawford provides plot summaries for all and has compiled a cross-reference listing of a named characters, subjects and places. The major characters in the series each rate several paragraphs of description and analysis. There is a chapter of short essays on such subjects as: accidents, ethnic dialogue & sterotypes, expressions & exclamations used, firearms and other subjects. Bayport, it's location and environs and the Hardy house itself rate a full chapter. There's a chapter devoted to an analysis of errors & quality of the stories as well as a bibliography of literature on the Boys.

A great book for every Hardy enthusiast who ever wanted to know more about the Boys. I first got a copy in 1994 and have enjoyed it ever since. Mr. Crawford has informed me that he has revised and updated the book since that time.
Rating: A+

The Hardy Boys Drinking Game

Here are some additions to the infamous game. E-mail me if you have more.
Drink every time the Boys have a clue dropped right in their lap.
Drink every time the Boys have a conversation while racing along on their motorcycles (try it sometime!)
From Bob Nelson
Drink every time the Sleuth is sabotaged and breaks down while at sea. Drink twice if this happens during a storm.
Drink every time Frank and Joe "exchange glances" and know what each other is thinking.
Drink every time the Hardy Boys tackle a prowler in their home, only to find, after the lights are turned on, that it was actually a member of their family, or house guest. Drink twice if they tackle Aunt Gertrude.

Bayport Mail Bag (Ted Magilley) writes:
Your web page still looks great. Thanks for the Bayport Times articles.
Love the reviews and the updates on the current series.
Wanted to let you know about a current collectable that I don't think ever made into stores. A while back Amazon books had the Hardy Boys Who-Dunnit book (isbn #067195721X) for August '97 publication. None of the bookstores around here had any listing for it and then it disappeared from the Amazon page. I thought maybe it tied into the Casefiles and was shelved. Have you heard of this book? (Meredith Jaffe) writes:
You have the info before anyone else! Thanks for making people aware of the latest developments in the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series (as well as the history). (Bob Crawford) writes:
I continue to enjoy your Hardy Boys newsletter, and I appreciate your keeping me on the "mailing" list. I note well your reviews & synopses of the early books, something I tried in my CONCORDANCE [I like to think I see an influence there in yours sometimes]. One thing I did not include there was a subjective A-F grading of the books as you are doing, although I had one prepared; it was just one of too many things to include. Would you be interested in running my assessments sometime to kill some space? For example, I judged Figure in Hiding a B-! Let me know. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the Bayport Times tremendously! Keep up the great work! (Scot Kamins) writes:
Congratulations on your formation of The Bayport Times. I know it will be a valuable asset to the HB-collecting public.
As the designer/Webmaster of the Modern Library Collecting site, I know how much work maintaining such a website can be. I also know the wonderful reward of that occassional letter that comes in from some grateful reader.
Once again, best wishes on the newest addition to your already fine Web site. (Warren L. McFerran) writes:
Please place me on the subscription list to "The Bayport Times." And keep up the good work! (Robert Erickson) writes:
Please let me know when the next Bayport Times is issued. You're doing a great job on your web site. I'm bummed about Simon & Schuster dropping the Hardy Boys. If you can give me any information, that would be great. I'm going to do everything I can to save the series, I would also like to get the Hardy Boys back on T.V. and this time do it right this time. Thanks for everything. (Brian Krieger) writes
I wrote you once before really expressing appreciation for all the work in doing this home page! Since that time I have completed my hard cover collection and am contemplating doing both paperback series. I would love to be kept informed of goings-ons, especially if it looks like Hardy Boys will be published no more (sob! sob! :-( ) Please keep me up to date as to the next issues of the Bayport Times! I look forward to hearing the latest! If I come up with any type of ideas to improve BT, I'll let you know. Thanks again for your work! writes:
As many others, I too am saddened by the end of the Hardy Boy casefiles and supermysteries. I am an avid fan that has all of the casefiles and supermysteries, I have been reading them for ten years. But I do have one question. Is Iola really dead? In #4 the idea came up that she might not be dead, and in #80 her clone came back again but it never was answered whether or not she is really still alive. I don't think that it would be fair for Simon and Schuster to end the series before they answer this question. There must be something that we fans can do to have one more book published with the answer to this question. Also, I am intrigued at the fact that other books were partially written, I absolutely must have a copy of them. Great job on the newsletter I truly enjoy reading it. I guess I just am saddened that Simon and Schuster would end a classic series without even bringing it to a close and wrapping the story up at all. I don't know, but I really feel that we should try all that we can to do something about this. (Vince Forrington) writes:
I wanted to drop a line and say how much I appreciate what you've done here - I actually found you as I was looking up stuff about Nancy Drew, but I have been a fan of both series since I was young. My collections are mostly full of the revised hardcovers (I was a kid in the 70's/early 80's - what can I say?) Now I hunt down the older versions. I've also got a bunch of the paperback British editions of the hardcover editions of both series. Anyways, keep up the good work, I would like to know if would consider guest reviews and/or articles, I would be very interested. Please e-mail me when the new issue comes out.

The Great Hardy Boys Search!

Is there a Hardy Boys item you simply must have for your collection?
Let me know and I'll publish it right here in the very next issue!
One line per reader please! seeks:
#19 - The Disappearing Floor - Original Text in Picture Cover Binding seeks:
#11 - While The Clock Ticked - White Spine DJ in Red Binding seeks:
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Meet The Mad Scientist seeks:
British Collins picture cover Hardy Boys titles #48-56 seeks:
Tony is seeking several different titles to help him with his Hardy Boys research.
Please contact him for more information. seeks:
Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Be A Detective Mysteries Vols. 2-5 seeks:
GAF View-Master - The Hardy Boys

Hardys For Sale

Hey Guys & Gals - I STILL have some Hardy Boys T-Shirts I'm trying to unload! Gimme a break and buy one of these things so I can pay the rent! Get yours today (please!) - Nancy Drew Fans: I still have a couple of the Drew shirts left also.

Hardy Boys T-Shirt - $15.00 postpaid
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Thunder Mountain Game - Super Clean & Bright! - $49.99 postpaid
Scarce Canadian edition. Everything (cover, rules, game cards) is in both French & English!
"Ooo la la, zis is ze find of ze year!" - Iola Morton
A hard-to-find Hardy collectible.

Thunder Mountain Game - Super Clean & Bright! - $18.99 postpaid
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Hardy Boys Thermos - Great Condition! - $19.99 postpaid
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Hardy Boys Phonograph - $24.99 postpaid
Cover has some small stains, missing handle & microphone.
A hard to find Hardy collectible that still looks pretty good!
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NOTE: Postpaid items for parcel post to lower 48 states only.
Other destinations or First Class/Priority Mail require add'l postage.

Click here for my current list of Hardy Boys items for sale.


Pricing Madness

Occasionally someone comes along who's behavior is so detrimental to all fans of the series that I must comment. Such people are the some of the recent bidders in an eBay auction for The Secret Of The Caves(Winning bid: $2025.00!!!!) Was it "auction fever"? Insanity? Who knows? But the price realized is three or four times what the book is really worth. I don't blame the person offering the book for sale, they have no control over what people bid, but I do have a problem with the two high bidders. Here are people who clearly have more dollars than sense. One of them has consistently bid the prices of Hardy items to ludicrous levels. This isn't a case of "sour grapes", I don't spend hours every month creating this for you just so I can blow off steam, I do it because I really love the Hardy Boys and hate it when someone comes along and tries to screw it up for the rest of us. I have no problem when scarce Hardy items sell for hundreds of dollars, they are worth it! BUT... when someone comes along and totally distorts the price structure (yes, AS I SEE IT!), you'd better believe I'm gonna say something about it!
Contact me by e-mail

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