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Issue # 5       March 1998       Editor: Robert W. Finnan

Bayport Beat

Welcome to the Bayport Times.
This month's issue has some new reader features, some new collectible discoveries & auction news, letters, an article on boxed sets and The House On The Cliff is reviewed.

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Hardy Boys News

Hardy Boys Jigsaw Puzzle Canadian edition, offered on eBay.

The Shaun Cassidy Scrapbook A 1978 paperback by Tempo. Contains tons of photos, biographical info and a whole chapter on Parker Stevenson too! Found in a church thriftshop.

eBay prices for the Boys have gone through the roof! Common wrap-spine books were sold for $100! And they weren't even 1st editions! A 1st edition "Tower Treasure" in DJ went for $1025! Suddenly the Boys are a hot commodity!

Hardy Boys Boxed Sets

Over the years, the Hardy Boys have been released in several boxed, starter or gift sets. Some of these sets are extremely rare and are very seldom seen on the market. I'm still doing research on this topic, so if anyone has additional information, I'd be glad to hear it.

1990's - Casefiles: I've found 2 Archway sets, both labeled "Gift Set I" and both in a dark blue box.
The first set shows the Boys running from an exploding car and contains volumes 26, 28, 29, 30, 31.
The second set shows the Boys running from a torch-carrying mob (Frank is also carrying a torch) and contains volumes 1-4 and the Supermystery "Shock Waves".
1997 - Grosset & Dunlap starter set of the first six revised hardcover books sealed in plastic with an orange-red paper band, "Hardy Boys Starter Set".
1996 - Grosset & Dunlap starter set of the first six revised hardcover books in a black box with shining yellow flashlight.
1994 - Grosset & Dunlap starter set of the first three revised hardcover books sealed in plastic with a red paper band, "Starter Set Includes Free Book".
1994 - Minstrel set containing volumes 107-110. Blue box uses art from "Secret Of Sigma Seven"
1991 - Minstrel set containing volumes 103-106. Blue box uses art from "Smoke Screen Mystery".
1988 - Minstrel set containing volumes 95-98. Orange box uses art from "Shadow Killers"
1981 - Wanderer set containing volumes 59-61. Green box uses art from "Mystery Of The Samurai Sword"
1980 - Wanderer set containing volumes 59-61. Gold/bronze box uses art from "Mystery Of The Samurai Sword"
1978 - Grosset & Dunlap released the 6 small activity books in a boxed set. The box top is green with color photos of Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson. The bottom of the box has B&W pictures of the books contained inside. This is a full 2 piece box, not a slipcover.
1978 - Grosset & Dunlap released the first three revised hardcover books in a purple box with a picture of a haunted house.
1978 - Grosset & Dunlap released the three large Adventure Activity Books in a boxed set.
1959 - Grosset & Dunlap offered a set of the first 2 revised books in dustjackets. The cover of volume 2 was overprinted "This Volume FREE with the purchase of Hardy Boys #1"

Where Is Bayport?

From: Teal Adams
I've always thought that Bayport was in the state of New York. If you look on the map, there is a town called Bayport on the coast of Long Island. Since the Boys seem to jaunt down to New York City frequently, I've assumed this must be it. If not, I know Bayport cannot be located in the South. There is one casefiles (I can't remember which one right off) in which the Boys eat hush puppies for the first time (a true southern creation).

From: Mike Williams
Where is Bayport? That's simple. It is a hop, skip and a jump south of New York City! This is THE one question that has always bugged me. On the one hand, since it has a harbor, I lean towards North Baltimore. On the other, since it has cliffs and rocky shoreline, I also wonder about possibly New England. I wish I really knew!

Hey Readers! If you have an opinion on the location of Bayport, let me know!

What's Your Favorite Story?

From: Mike Williams
In regards to favorite story: mine is Mystery of Cabin Island. It has everything in it. Danger, suspense, intrigue, humor, and more. This story provoked such an imagination in me as a young boy. After reading this story for the first time at the age of 10, my friend and I went into the woods near our home with ax in hand and proceeded to chop trees and build our own cabin! What trouble we were in!

From: Kermit Hobbs
My favorite Hardy Boys book, by far, is #8, The Mystery of Cabin Island. I was given a copy of this for Christmas back in the '50's, and it has become almost a tradition for me to read it each year around Christmas time.

Readers are invited to contribute their addition to the "Favorite Story" list.

Hardys In Review

This Month: The House On The Cliff

# 2 in the series.
Published in 1927 - text by Leslie McFarlane
The Plot: One day shortly before summer vacation, the Boys, along with Chet, Biff and Jerry, are out motorcycling along the Shore Road and decide to investigate the spooky old abandoned Polucca house, high on the cliffs overlooking Barmet Bay. Once inside, they hear a shriek which scares all but Frank and Joe out. The Boys investigate but find nothing. They leave but a storm forces them all back to the house. They hear more shrieks, get locked in and part of the house starts to collapse! They finally get out but have problems with their motorcycles and find their tool kits stolen.
They are distracted by a boat chase out on the bay. There are shots from one boat and the other boat explodes! The Boys row out to save the pilot of the boat. Finding him injured, they bring him to a nearby farmhouse to recuperate. The man gives his name as "Jones" and claims "Snackley got me - the rat!" The Boys return home and Fenton tells them that Snackley is an infamous smuggler.
The next day, the Boys return to the farmhouse only to find the farmer and his wife bound and gagged. "Jones" is missing and the Boys give chase but lose him. Returning home, they find that Fenton has disappeared and a forged note left behind. They start a search and a truck driver reports he saw Fenton walking out by the Polucca place.
The next day, the Boys, accompanied by Chet, Biff, Tony and Phil, go out to the old home but find it's now occupied by some seedy characters. The occupants claim ignorance but Franks spots Fenton bloodied cap hanging inside the house!
They report their findings to Chief Collig, the fat, pompous leader of the Bayport PD, and his moronic sidekick, Det. Smuff. The cops dither and the Boys have to shame them into making an investigation. Reluctantly, the Chief agrees to go the next day and, of course, discovers nothing.
Fed up, the Boys take matters into their own hands and go out with Tony on his boat, "The Napoli", to explore the cliffs by the Polucca place. They find a hidden cove but are chased away at gunpoint by Snackley. Hanging around nearby till after dark, they overhear the smugglers. Frank and Joe go ashore and find a hidden cave entrance. They discover that it leads all the way to the cliff top and the smugglers are stashing their booty there.
Overhearing Snackley threatening Fenton, they attempt a rescue and are captured. Snackley threatens to send the Boys out to a watery grave with his partner-in-crime, Li Chang.
Later, Fenton overpowers the guard and they escape, only to be spotted and chased into the Polucca house. There's a running gun battle and Fenton and the Boys are recaptured. Suddenly, the state police show up and everything is thrown into turmoil. Fenton and Snackley have a life-and-death struggle and the gang is finally rounded up.
The Boys and Fenton split a $5,000 reward, we find out that Snackley was Polucca's nephew and that he had murdered the old man. With some of that 5 grand, the Boys throw a big dinner party for their pals in the barn behind the Hardy home.
Comments: The best story in the canon! A dark, violent tale of smuggling, drugs, kidnapping and murder! None of the other stories can match this one for sheer exciting adventure! I've always thought this tale would make a great Hardy Boys movie. The Boys show plenty of guts and good detective ability in this one. Fenton plays a major role here and he works well with his sons. The gun battle and fight at the climax is the most thrill-packed prose in any Hardy story. If you read only one Hardy Boys book, it should be this one.
Rating: Original: A+
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Five Star Reviews
by Ted Magilley

Here's a new feature by noted bon vivant and Hardyholic, Ted Magilley.
Ted promises to keep us informed on all the new Hardy Boys mysteries.

This Month: The Ice-Cold Case

#148 - published Feb 1998 by Minstrel Books
The Plot: The Hardys and their friends (Chet, Phil Cohen, Callie, and Iola Morton) are driving to Pineview Lake for a classmate's birthday party. As soon as they unload at Susan Kwon's house, her father pulls the Hardy Boys aside. Hearing that they are detectives, he hopes they will look into the rash of house thefts that occur every winter. They are interested (of course) when the stage is set on the icy lake. Two groups use the lake, on one end we have the ice fishermen and on the other we have the Bayport High dropouts who happen to like tackle hockey - all over the lake. To make matters worse cantankerous Ernie Tuttle and his two no-good grandsons, who run the bait shop on shore, have to butt in and cause problems. An out of hand hockey match gets close to the ice shanties and the Hardy boys rush out to ease tensions. The police also come, headed up by Con Riley and Chief Collig. Local drop-out and troublemaker Ray Nelson is fingered as the instigator... and yes Ernie Tuttle saw him casing some of the houses on the lake. Ray pleads his innocence as he is dragged away and wants Joe Hardy to help him clear his already muddied name. Good luck! The story unfolds as motives are discovered, threats are made, and every chapter ends in a cliff-hanger. The Hardy's van window is smashed with a warning note tied around a rock and everyone who tries to help is also warned. But the Hardy boys solve the case with Phil Cohen's help out on the icy lake.
Comments: The writing of The Ice-Cold Case is a choppy for the first chapters but it gets better and the plot is pretty good. The dialog between the brothers is not as funny as it has been and seems a little flat at times. Phil Cohen is the only chum who gets any plot action and that comes at the end. The Phil of today is a computer dude and electronics wizard. He doesn't care for detective work on a frozen lake in the middle of the night, though. At least he isn't chasing girls - the current digest series has none of that. Callie and Iola are strictly window dressing. Not a bad entry into the series but not as good as #141 The Desert Thieves, #142 Lost in Gator Swamp or #144 The Secret of Skeleton Reef.
Grade: *** out of 5
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The Hardy Boys Drinking Game

Here are some additions to the infamous game. E-mail me if you have more.
Drink every time the story comes to it's climax in a howling storm.
Drink every time Frank has to restrain Joe from rushing into trouble, only to be drawn into it in the very next paragraph!
Drink every time the Hardy Boys' house is being spied on, forcing the boys or Fenton to wear disguises in order to leave their house. Drink twice every time Aunt Gertrude is fooled by their disguises.
Drink every time a reference is made to something the Hardy Boys did on another case, but was never related in any of the books.
Drink every time the Hardy Boys are just starting summer vacation.
Drink every time Frank and Joe almost get run over by a subway train.
Drink every time Fenton writes a note to the school principal, so that Frank and Joe can be excused from their classes to help out on a case. Drink twice if the note is written after they already missed class.

Bayport Mail Bag (Dave Hallemann) writes:
In Search of the Hardy Boys
I read the Hardy Boys in the 1960s as a youth. My mother saved "Eagle stamps" and put them into a book that I redeemed at J. C. Pennys. The first thing I would buy was the newest issue of the Hardy Boys in PC. If memory serves me right they were issued at one a year. I purchased older versions and traded for the one I didn't have. This went on until about 1967 or issue # 46 (my last purchased), and I had amassed a complete set, up to that point, along with other books. Then I ceased reading about my friends, (found out about cars and girls). Along about 1970 my mother was cleaning out the basement were all my books were in boxes. She wanted me to get rid of them as we had no room to store them. As I had lost interest in them she order me, (much like Aunt Gertrude), to take them to the local flea market and "get rid of them". Being 18 and stupid I sold them all for $5.00. For the last 27 years (I'm 46) I have regretted this move a thousand times over. In the summer of 1997 I decided to again purchase HB's and reread them. I started going to Antique Malls, flea markets, and the Internet. At present I have again a complete set of PCs, with some rare issues, and through the Internet and sites like yours, I have learned facts unknown to me that make the search for HB's more exciting and rewarding. So I would personally like to thank you and all the HBs fan out there for making my personal dream a reality. Two thing I have learned the last year is your never too old to enjoy the Hardy Boys and never, never, sell a complete set of HB's for $5.00. (Dean Barker) writes:
Today I was at a friend's house and noticed a shelf full of blue hardcover books. I went over for a closer look and was immediately filled with nostalgia. He had the entire series of Hardy Boys books. It brought me back to my youth in a rush with thoughts of the Detective Handbook, my first Daisy Red Ryder BB gun, and building tree forts.
On the way home I stopped at a used book store and bought four of the 50's printing and decided to start my collection again. (My original library has long since been gone)
So, tonight I hopped on the web and came across your page. It was exactly what I was hoping to find. Thanks for putting it together. It is very well (Kermit Hobbs) writes:
Good job on your website! Please add me to your mailing list.
Here is a note that might be of interest to you or your readers. Some of my old Hardy's are missing dust jackets. However, I have developed a technique for making new ones. I have a hand scanner that will "autostitch" multiple scans to make large areas. I can scan a borrowed dj, touch it up, i.e. cover tears, wrinkles, fading, etc, with graphic software, and print them out on my color printer. 200 dots/inch is the minimum scanned resolution that looks good, and I have to do the fronts and backs separately. It must be printed at 720 dpi. Each dust jacket is made up of two files, front and back, approximately 20 megabytes total. The finished dj is obviously not an original because the paper is not glossy. However, when I put a mylar cover over it, it is almost as good as an original.
Here is a question. Is there a copy of the Mystery of Applegate Treasure from the Mickey Mouse Club series available on video anywhere?
Editor's note: This series is shown on the Disney Channel from time to time. I taped my copy from there.

The Great Hardy Boys Search!

Is there a Hardy Boys item you simply must have for your collection?
Let me know and I'll publish it right here in the very next issue!
One line per reader please! seeks:
2 in 1 PC books: Sinister Signpost/Figure In Hiding and Secret Warning/Twisted Claw
TRADE: My "Here Come The Hardy Boys" album for your Hardy Boys "Wheels" album. seeks:
#11 - While The Clock Ticked - White Spine DJ in Red Binding seeks:
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Meet The Mad Scientist seeks:
British Collins picture cover Hardy Boys titles #48-56 seeks:
Tony is seeking several different titles to help him with his Hardy Boys research.
Please contact him for more information.

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