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A Guide To The Major Articles & Reviews
#1While The Clock Ticked
#2The Year Edward Stratemeyer and his Daughter "Nancy" Met Young Indiana Jones by Karen Plunkett-Powell
The Disappearing Floor
#3End of the Hardy Boys Pt 2
A Figure In Hiding
#4End of the Hardy Boys Pt 3
The Lost Hardys: A Concordance
#5Boxed Sets
The House On The Cliff
The Ice-Cold Case
Drinking Game
#6Outline for Casefile #35
The Chase for the Mystery Twister
#7Super Saturday Club by Rick Kelsey
Who Took The Book?
#8Scarce PC Editions
The Mystery of the Substitute Hardys By Dave Hallemann
Slam Dunk Sabotage
#9Hardy Boys Ghostwriter Speaks by Anonymous
The Crisscross Crime
#10Building A Hardy Boys Collection
Hardy Boys Gift Set Update
The Tower Treasure
#11The Rocky Road to Revenge
The Hardy Boys - The Final Chapter By Gene Weingarten
#12How A Boy In The 90's Looks at the Hardys by Jake Brownell
The Hardy Boys: Why We Love Them In Spite Of The Fact They Drove Leslie McFarlane To Drink by Robert C. Neul
The Mysterious Case Of Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys
Book-A-Minute Bedtime Stories
#13The Call Of Chethulhu
Ghost Story by Tex W. Dixon
#14The Mystery Of Cabin Island
#15The Bayport-Sudbury Connection By Kennedy Gordon
The Secret Panel
#16The Hardy Boys - In Books and an Animated TV Series by Rick Kelsey
The Mystery Of The Flying Express
#17The Story Behind My AB Bookman's Weekly Hardy Boys Article by Rick Kelsey
Over The Ocean To Paris
#18The Great Hardy Boys Quiz (Plots)
Review of The Secret of the Old Queen By KEVIN P. MURPHY
#19Dead on Target
The Great Hardy Boys Quiz (Friends & Enemies)
#20Hardy Boys Take On New Mystery: How To Save A Small Town by Rob O'Flanagan
Bayport PD Blue
The Great Airport Mystery
The Great Hardy Boys Quiz (The Eclectic Mr. Morton)
#21What Happened At Midnight
The Great Hardy Boys Quiz (Frank & Joe To The Rescue)
#22The Mysterious Case Of The Masked Monkey
The Haunted Fort
The Great Hardy Boys Quiz (Test Your Cover Art IQ!)
#23The Deadliest Dare
The Great Hardy Boys Quiz (The Great Casefiles Quiz!)
#24The Bike Race Ruckus
The Great Clues Brothers Quiz!
Pilgrimage to Haileybury Leslie McFarlaneTribute By Norm Knott & Rob Chicorli
Favorite Story Poll Results
Bayport map
#25Overview Of The Original Stratemeyer Syndicate Outlines
Original Stratemeyer Syndicate Outline For The Tower Treasure
#26The 10 Rarest Hardy Boys Books
The Hardy Geezers
#27Enduring Detective Stories by Russ Pulliam
The Hardys Boys by James Hall
Remembering The Hardys by L. Wayne Hicks
Favorite Cover Artist Poll Results
#28THE DISAPPEARING FLOOR (and why, after 60 years, it still won't disappear) by Mike Humbert
Original The Disappearing Floor Plot Outline
#29Hunting For Hidden Gold Plot Outline
Hunting For Hidden Gold
#30Kenner Hardy Boys Dolls Used As Prototypes For Star Wars Figures
The Hardy Men - The Motion Picture That May Be
#31The Mark On The Door
THE SECRET WARNING (or at least how I remember it, having read it very late at night) by Mike Humbert
Hardy Boys Titles That Never Were
#32The House On The Cliff
The Secret Of Wildcat Swamp
#33The Haunted Fort
How It All Started (maybe)... by Stephen W. Austen
#34The Clue Of The Screeching Owl
A Hardy Boys Prose Poem Consisting Entirely of First Lines From Their Books by Chris McGee
#35The Mystery Of Cabin Island - A Case Study in Dixonian Ethical Re-Formation
The Mystery Of The Spiral Bridge
#36The Chet Morton Series by Bob Nelson
Investigating "Hardy & Hardy Investigations" by Paul Mular
#37The Missing Chums (revised) by Stephen L. Williams
Cover Art Review by Steve Servello
#38The Tower Treasure (original & revised) by Steve Servello
The Hardy Boys Guide To Life
#39The Tower Treasure Artwork Review by Steve Servello
Mapping Bayport using The Tower Treasure
The Franklin W. Dixon Truths #48: Power Corrupts (Arctic Patrol Mystery) by Dr. Matt Waln
The Great Hardy Boys Quiz (themes)
#40The Franklin W. Dixon Truths, #46: Modern culture has become completely devoid of imagination. by Matthew H. Waln
The Secret Agent on Flight 101: A Dixonian Treatise on Fantastic Normalcy. by Brian Porick
Leslie McFarlane’s Other Sibling Sleuths - The Dana Girls. by Richard M. Moritz
#41 Gordon McAlpine's Mystery Box
The Hardy Boys as Data Gatherers (The Missing Chums) by Brandon Booth
Crime and Criminals As Seen in the Original Hardy Boys Series by Glenn Lockhart
#42 Interview with British artist David Brown
A Last Talk With Leslie McFarlane by David Palmer
#43 Original outline to The House On The Cliff
The House on the Cliff: Franklin W. Dixon's Examination into the Life of Crime by Brian Porick
The Hardys Search for a Father Figure: A Case from the Illustrations in The House on the Cliff by Mark Bartlebaugh
The Franklin W. Dixon Truths #2: Secure Borders Must Take Priority Over the Right to Privacy by Matt Waln
#44 Upcoming Hardy Boys releases
The Secret of the Caves: Flawed Believability and the Need for Speed by Brian Porick
The Franklin W. Dixon Truths, #185: There’s A Chet Shaped Hole In All Of Us by Matt Waln
#45 While the Clock Ticked: A Dixonian Portrayal of the Great Depression
Table of Contents’ Contents: An Analysis of Hardy Boys #11
An Examination into the Authenticity of Hardy Boys #185: Wreck and Roll
A pediatric view of suburban life (based on "Wreck and Roll")